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card review Lust, Torturer

Card Review
Lust, Torturer: click to enlarge
Lust, Torturer

  • Collector #: 32-110
  • Rarity: R
  • Card type: Ally
Lust, Torturer
written by LV15
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General description:
Lust: Torturer emphasizes the control aspect of the homunculi faction. Though not that powerful on her own, played in the right deck, she can help win locations without even lifting a finger. Her ability allows you to prevent a character with wits equal to or lower than Lust’s own from assigning to a search party which, depending on the opponent, can block out some of their most powerful cards.

Character control is the name of the game with Lust. Though more specific strategies will be discussed in the “combos” section, this card is not designed to run in beat-down fighting decks. Rather, the best deck for this Lust is one that emphasizes control above fighting, and preventing your opponent from winning rather than actively defeating them. Furthermore, if possible Lust should target your opponent’s leader, as some other control cards apply only to allies, while Lust can target anything.

Several cards are a must for an effective homunculi control deck. Envy: Father Cornello is an excellent stage three leader to pair with Lust, as he too can block allies during the main phase from assigning. If a different leader is used, Envy: Causing a Fuhrer is recommended as a way to prevent your opponent from using Join the Fray or an ability to sneak around Lust. Furthermore, Abandon Your Friends and Run, You Coward! are useful events to dispose of characters that you were unable to block during the main phase. For maximum control, Yoki: Corrupt Lieutenant and Karin Doll: Unstable Creation are good choices. Finally, wits boosting attachments are highly recommended to open the pool of possible targets for Lust.

In the right deck, Lust’s main strength is her ability to keep some of your opponent’s characters out of the fight, allowing you to win a location goal without serious fighting. Her somewhat high recruit cost is a blessing here as well, as it allows for easy use of the more expensive attachments, like Mark of the Ouroboros or Lab Gear. The fact that her ability is a main phase ability is also nice, as she can be hid at home away from danger.

Lust has two problems, neither of which are as serious as they would be on some other cards. First, loyalty requirements are an irritating handicap, but it is not that serious due to her cost being high enough that it is unlikely that you will not be able to meet it by the time you have enough command. Second, her attributes are mediocre for a seven cost ally at 4/5/0, but it is somewhat understandable, as she would be broken with a very high wits count.

This card was released as a rare ally in Artificial Human, as well as a chase foil in Alchemist’s Brotherhood.

Artwork and aesthetics:
This card depicts Lust in that odd fur coat of hers, threatening someone with her Ultimate Lance (or, as Havoc calls them in Brotherhood, her “freaky fingers”). Overall, it is not bad, though the brown blob that is her victim in the corner is a bit distracting.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a solid 6 out of 10. It is only really useful in control decks, though it is very good when played properly in such a deck. Furthermore, low attributes mean that piling attachments on Lust is the only way to make her useful against high level leaders or late game allies. In the right scenario, a highly useful card, but not appropriate for every deck and time.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:09 pm

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