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card review Lust, Homunculus

Card Review
Lust, Homunculus: click to enlarge
Lust, Homunculus

  • Collector #: 35-140
  • Rarity: R
  • Card type: Ally
Lust, Homunculus
written by LV15
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General description:
We come to the end of this series of Lust allies with Lust: Homunculus. While the other main sin allies had an ally subtitled “homunculus” in the Premiere expansion, Lust’s was not released until Hero’s Passing, three expansions later. With a focus on revealing your opponent’s secrets, Lust can be a powerful tool to disrupt your opponent’s strategy if used properly.

The main goal of Lust is to lock up your opponent’s allies in his home by setting them during the main phase. Unfortunately, as her ability requires setting Lust to use, this power must be used judiciously to prevent taking Lust out of the fight. There are two main strategies here, which will be explored in the combos as well. The first is to use other cards to search your opponent’s hand, and only use Lust when she will do the most possible damage and losing her for a turn is worth it. The other is to pack your deck with cards to reset characters during the main phase, allowing her to use her ability and jump back into battle.

For a deck which relies on strategy one, cards that expose your opponent’s hand are a must. Peek, Exposed, and Rose Thomas: Blind Follower are three fairly common cards which do just that. If you plan to use Lust’s ability, but also wish to put her in a search party the same turn, cards like Plan B, Swimsuit Edition, and Utility Automotive are all good options. Unfortunately, each have major weaknesses, as both Swimsuit Edition and Plan B are one time use only, and Utility Automotive is quite expensive to use at Lust’s strength. Finally, for both strategies, including some attachments to boost wits will help by making her ability free to use.

Lust’s strength is two-fold. First, her raw attributes are not bad at all for a six cost ally with a base six wits. While her strength is not as good as some other Lust allies, it is also not horrible. Secondly, her ability is useful, if only to peek at your opponent’s hand. If he has duplicates of any of his allies, however, the ability becomes quite helpful indeed.

The main weakness of this Lust is that her ability is simply not quite the game changer that it desperately wants to be. In order for it to really hurt your opponent, he must have duplicates of some of the allies he already has in play. While certainly possible, it relies largely on chance. While looking at your opponent’s hand is always nice, setting a fairly powerful wits fighter for something that several events already do might not be worth the trouble.

This card was released only as a rare ally in Hero's Passing.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Like a great many of the cards in Hero’s Passing, this card depicts a scene from Hughes’s assassination. The art is not bad, though using flavor text from Gluttony when Gluttony is not even visible in the picture is a little questionable.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a low end 7 out of 10. The ability is nice, even just for the sake of being able to look at your opponent’s hand. Due to its heavy reliance on luck to work, it should not be counted on to save the day, but if used with the knowledge of what is already in your opponent’s hand, it can be wielded with some precision. The fact that it has decent wits, and not an event-only ally, is the principal reason for its high ranking.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:08 pm

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