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card review Gluttony, Simpleton

Card Review
Gluttony, Simpleton: click to enlarge
Gluttony, Simpleton

  • Collector #: 75-240
  • Rarity: C
  • Card type: Ally
Gluttony, Simpleton
written by LV15
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Our next homunculus, Gluttony, represents a radical shift in focus and strategy from the homunculi considered thus far. While Envy and Lust focus on wits and finesse to win the day, Gluttony, much like his anime and manga counterpart, is brute strength.

General description:
One of two Gluttony allies released in the Premiere expansion, Gluttony: Simpleton is pure strength. As befitting his name, he is not going to be winning too many wits battles, but by activating his ability to boost him to eight strength, few low or mid-level opponents from any faction can resist him in strength.

Gluttony is not a complicated card to play; he smashes things. He is an excellent starting ally if you are confident that your opponent is playing a rebel or military leader, particularly since most homunculi leaders do not start off strong in strength. Unless you have a few Test of Might cards at the ready, Gluttony should be reserved for strength battles only, as he lacks any form of defense mechanism against other battle types.

What card you choose to discard to activate Gluttony’s ability does not matter, so including cards like Congratulations or Reflections can be beneficial as a means of recycling cards. Stray Kitten is another option, particularly if it is used by Gluttony early in the game to be rediscovered by Father Cornello: Lust’s Ringbearer later on. Due to his fairly low cost, Gluttony can run fairly well in multiple deck types. Lust, who tends to have a strong strength component to her leaders, is a fine choice, as is Sloth. Gluttony can run with Envy, but generally needs some support to consider strength as a true secondary attribute. Furthermore, rebel decks, particularly Greed, can use Gluttony’s high strength/low wits combination very effectively.

High strength is Gluttony’s calling card. Eight strength is a lot for any opponent to handle, even with a rebel deck. Also, as noted above, a five cost is cheap enough that many out of faction leaders in need of a little strength have little trouble recruiting him. Though not fancy, Gluttony has the ability to get the job done consistently in a strength-on-strength situation.

All but nonexistent wits is the biggest problem with Gluttony, as it severely curtails the number of events he can play, particularly when being run in a wits-heavy homunculi deck. He is also fairly predictable, making it easy for your opponents to drop an Antique Armor or Bribe to make Gluttony go away once you have been forced to burn his ability.

This card was released only as a common ally in Premiere.

Artwork and aesthetics:
For a card subtitled Simpleton, this art was a great choice with Gluttony simply standing there, sucking his finger. It showcases well the childlike side of Gluttony that dominated his personality through most of his appearances.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a solid 8 out of 10. Its low cost, usefulness in strength decks of several factions, and great strength attribute make it highly playable and a force to be reckoned with. Its practically non-existent wits and the need to discard cards to use its ability hold it back from an even higher rating. All things considered, though, a must for any villain deck that plans on running strength locations.


Modified on January 14, 2013 05:49 pm

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