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card review Gluttony, Big Fists

Card Review
Gluttony, Big Fists: click to enlarge
Gluttony, Big Fists

  • Collector #: 31-110
  • Rarity: R
  • Card type: Ally
Gluttony, Big Fists
written by redlotus
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General description:
One of the more sought after Gluttony allies, Gluttony: Big Fists combines Gluttony strength-heavy approach to battling with a very useful ability. The strength equivalent of Envy: Copycat, Gluttony allows pulling previously used strength events from the discard pile for a final hurrah. It is important to note that under the rules change, only battle and search events may be targeted by Gluttony’s ability, limiting somewhat the pool of cards available to him.

Like many other Gluttony allies, the primary strategy in using this card is to smash things in strength battles. At seven strength, he is perfectly suited to dealing with a wide swath of opponents in a strength battle. He should largely be left out of wits battles without some form of supporting combo. In using his ability, it is important to remember that only Gluttony can play the resurrected card, so only use it at locations in which Gluttony can realistically compete.

As Lust, Shou Tucker, and Sloth play well with strength as a solid secondary attribute, all three are well served by being paired with Gluttony. As a word of caution, Lust: Woman With a Dream is not recommended as a stage three if Gluttony is to factor heavily into your strategy due to her removing any new cards you discard from play. While this does not affect the fate of the cards Gluttony uses, it does severely restrict the available pool of cards from which he can draw. Envy: Copycat is a good choice as an ally to run alongside Gluttony since, between the two of them, you will be able to replay most search and battle events common to a homunculus deck. Finally, if you really want Gluttony to be serviceable in wits battles, consider running him with Envy: Vicious as a leader and Lust: Handmaiden as an ally. Their passive abilities will push Gluttony’s wits up to five which, with an attachment, increases Gluttony’s flexibility in a traditionally wits-heavy homunculus deck.

Gluttony’s high strength is the primary thing that he brings to a deck, along with a handy ability. Though seven strength is not enough to take on the hardest hitting military or rebel cards, it is more than enough to clear out Elrics or low to mid level allies in any faction. Furthermore, at seven command, he can be recruited at level two by any homunculus leader.

Two main problems plague Gluttony. The first is, like all Gluttony cards, his low wits. Through three is the second highest wits total of any Gluttony ally, it is far from competitive in a faction in which five wits is average for a low level ally. Second, due to the typical wits bias of homunculi decks, it is unlikely that Gluttony will have many strength events to recover from the discard pile unless one is willing to add events exclusively for Gluttony’s use.

This card was released as a rare ally in Artificial Human, as well as a chase foil in Alchemists’ Brotherhood.

Artwork and aesthetics:
In my opinion, this is some of the weaker artwork for a Gluttony ally. It features Gluttony charging Scar with very little detail on either character, and an expansive, blank background.

Overall rating:
Overall, I give this card a solid 6 out of 10. While a very useful ability and high strength almost pushed this card to a seven, its lack of synergy with your “average” homunculi deck ended up holding it back. Though several decks can – and should – utilize this card to great effect, it simply cannot mesh with the high-wits decks that many would wish to play it in.


Modified on January 28, 2013 03:05 pm

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