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card review Fighter Dual Fang: King of Acceleration

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Card Review
Fighter Dual Fang: click to enlarge
Fighter Dual Fang

Card text:

Evolution - Put on one of your Beast Folk.
When you put this creature into the battle zone, put the top 2 cards of your deck into your mana zone.
Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

  • Collector Number: 24
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Beast Folk
  • Power: 8000
  • Cost: 6
  • Civilization: Nature
  • Artist: Ryoya Yuki
Fighter Dual Fang
King of Acceleration

written by LV32
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Savage Fury
Hey readers, Shuriken6 here back with another card review. Felt that it was about time I got back to doing these, but with college and other projects to work on, I had to put card reviewing to the side. But for the time being, I have a window of opportunity and I'm gonna jump right into it. So to start off 2013, I'm gonna do a review of one of my personal favorite cards and a important part in some of my recent decks: Fighter Dual Fang.

Speaking of projects, if you guys know about my Duel Masters: Kaijudo Generation fanfiction series, you should definitely know how important this card is to me. It's used by my Main Character CJ! Being his trump card in the first two stories, Tsume (his Fighter Dual Fang's avatar) is CJ's wise, logical, and half the time "Trolling" sidekick, as well as serving as the current ruler of the creature realm. But enough about that, let's get started with the real reason you came to read.

Old is Gold
Right now you're probably wondering: Why is he reviewing a card that no one uses anymore, especially since we have better cards than this (Quatro Fang).

Well to answer that, it's actually for a few reasons. For one thing, it's been a key card in the early days of the DM's Metagame. To my surprise, Dual Fang, my favorite card, was a major factor in WFN Beatdown decks during the Reincarnation Saga, Phoenix Saga and the God Apex Sagas (Or in other words: DM-14 to DM-27) when WFN Beatdown was competitive. Looking for a metadeck that hasn't been overused recently, i disovered Marco Beat, which is a deck featuring Emperor Marco. And doing research on it, I discovered it's variant: Marco Fang, which used Quatro Fang. But I figured: Dual Fang is just as useful nowadays as it was years prior.

At 6 mana and having a power of 8000, Fighter Dual Fang is a real force to be reckoned with, like all of Nature's Powerhouses. He's also a Double Breaker and sends the top two cards of your deck into your mana zone when put into the battle zone, serving as a great way to Mana Accel. This of couse, is why he played a major part in WFN Beatdown decks. Mana Accel, Draw power from Water and big beatdown creatures from fire.

Since it's an evolution creature, it needs to evolve from a Beast Folk raced creature. That doesn't seem too challenging since there are quite a few Beast Folk to choose from. Beast Folk have been around since Base Set, and they remain to be one of the most populated races in the game, also being the most populated in the Nature Civilization itself. Yeah, summoning Dual Fang's a real challenge.

Running Wild for Dummies
OK; Now that we have a general idea on what he can do, we can go over briefly decks that depend on it. I can honestly say that Fighter Dual Fang, in my opinion, is a straight offensive card (On it's own). Mana Acceleration for the most part is used for decks that focus on either Spamming the field w/ creatures, or summoning big power houses or very destructive creatures fast. Nature's specialty is mana manipulation and this is a good sign of it.

  • Marco Beat- Marco Beat is most of a time a WFN deck, sometimes having a Darkness Variant: Marco Black. Marco Beat gained the alternative nickname: Marco Fang from the mana accel from Dual/Quatro Fang. As the name suggests, its a Emperor Marco deck. Nature's Mana acceleration, Water's smooth draw power added with Fire's big bad beatsticks. Simple, powerful, and so much fun to use :3

  • Sapphire Fang: A Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon/Dual Fang deck. Of course like the title suggests, It was a Fire/Nature deck based around Mana Acceleration into summoning Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon while it was still legal to use.

There are other decks that Fighter Dual Fang could've made a impact in, especially control decks with huge finishers, but the two decks mentioned above were metadecks featured in the early metagame. Technically, Marco Black, since it's darkness portion focused on hand destruction, can be considered as the Control Counterpart of the WFN Beatdown deck.

Ready to Run Wild?
okie dokie, Since Fighter Dual Fang is an evo creature, let's focus on bait for it first off.

The Accelerators:What Nature has been doing and always does best: Mana Accelerate!

The Metallic Quartet

  • Bronze-Arm Tribe: Classic card from his days from base set. Adds the top card of your deck into your mana zone.

  • Iron-Arm Tribe: Hunter Counterpart; Adds the top card from your deck into your mana zone, with the additional ability to turn into mana itself when it's destroyed.

  • Geo Bronze-Arm Tribe: Alien Counterpart. Rather than send the top card of your deck into your mana zone, it searches your deck for a non-nature card to put into your mana zone.

  • Bronze-Chain Sickle: Like the first two cards, Sickle adds the top card of your deck to mana, and also has a Shield Plus ability, which adds the top card of your deck under one of your shields. That stack is considered one shield and when it breaks, you get both cards or however many are part of that stack. this also hightens the chances of hitting a shield trigger.

Other Notable Accelerators

  • Mighty Shouter is basically the same as Iron-Arm tribe, minus the "top card to mana" effect. When shouter's destroyed, he's sent into your mana zone.

  • Dreaming Moon Knife adds a card from your hand into mana when it's summoned. Accelerates your mana zone, and when combined with Water, you can replenish the missing card(s) easily.

  • Hustle Ball tribe is similar to the other Tribes as if there's a copy of it in your grave, he will add the top card of your deck into your mana zone, so all things considered, he's a cheaper Bronze-Arm Tribe.

  • Tangle Fist allows you to add up to 3 cards from your hand into your mana zone via. tap ability. Each provide their own method of mana acceleration and all four are Beast Folk, making them easy bait for Dual Fang.

The Defenders: These guys I'll call "Defenders" because they tend to be the main evo bait/main fighters that can defend you long enough to bring our dual fang.

The Guardsmen

  • Chotto Ippuku is a Hunter Creature who has the Hunting ability, which gives him +1000 power for each hunter you have in the battle zone.

  • Raid Ikuzou While not having hunter, he does gain +2000 for each Beast Folk in your battle zone.

Chotto Ippuku and Raid Ikuzou both have the Guardman Ability, which is a psudeo-blocker for the Fire and Nature Civilizations. Whenever any of your creatures are attacked, you can tap a creature with Guardman and they'll block the attack.

The Sky Beasts

  • Sanfist, the Savage Vizier is an actual blocker, with an anti-discard ability, so it's great for the LN decks.

  • Skysword, the Savage Vizier, while he is an accelerator, by sending the top card of your deck into mana, I put him in this group because he also sends the next top card of your deck into your shield zone, as a sort of Life recovery/Defense tactic.

The Blaze Beasts

  • Gonta, the Warrior Savage I added because of it's cost/power ratio. For 2 mana you're getting a 4000-powered creature that can stop most early creatures easily, saving you from rush.

  • Wind Axe, the Warrior Savage may have a high cost but he's cool in his own right. Once again, he's also an Accelerator, but he's a defender because he removes a blocker the second he hits the field.

  • Taiga, the Warrior Savage is a 2 for 2000 Speed Attacker so he's great for early rush for sure.

  • And then Byakko, the Warrior Savage, which is essentially a Grown-up Taiga, is 5 for 5000+ who gains Speed Attacker if you have a Fire Creature in the battle zone, and also +2000 and 2x Breaker if you have a Nature Creature.

The Decaying Beasts

  • Animabelgis, Fuuma Savage is a 2 for 1000 creature that gives any one of your creatures the ability to break an extra shield for the duration of the turn.

  • Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage, Like Skysword and Wind Axe, adds the top card of your deck to your mana zone. It's Darkness trait, discards a card from your opponent's hand as well.

The Cyber Beasts

  • Skell Eye is literally the love-child between Cavern Raider and Osmosis Bullet Soul Skull Hunter. It can't be attacked or blocked, nor can it attack creatures. That's what it got from Daddy Osmosis. Mommy Raider gives it her Search ability. Since it can't be blocked, it'd be redudnant to add that part to the text. You can use this ability to search your deck for Dual fang and evolve it next turn.

  • Splash Axe is the same as the other Four. Adds a card to mana from the top of the deck, and he gives you a free peek at one of your opponent's shields from his Water Civ trait.

OK Then, I guess that's enough for the Defenders. Let's move on.

The Trigger Quartet: Four Beast Folk with Shield Trigger. Not much else to say about that.

  • Torcon's a classic from all the way back to Shadowclash of Blinding Night (DM-04), serving as easy evo bait despite it's 1000 power.

  • Bukkomi Hedgehog is essentially a "Universal Saver" card, if you wanna call it that. Whenever one of your opponent's creatures attack, Bukkomi sacrifices itself to stop the attack immediately. This keeps shields intact, Creatures safe, and your opponent's "when this creature attacks" ability: negated.

  • Idaten Kid lets you look at the top five cards of your deck, select one to add to your hand, and move the rest to the bottom of your deck. Doing so will allow you to possibly pull Dual Fang out a few turns earlier if he's one of those five cards.

  • Lion Knuckle may look like he's not a good idea, since he moves two cards from your mana zone back to the top of your deck, but think of it this way: 3 cost for 6000, it has Double Breaker, and if by the off chance, you end up Accelerating Dual Fang into the Mana Zone accidentally, you can return it to the top of your deck, and draw it next turn, recovering it. Perfect example of Mana Recovery.

Moving on now, is the support for the Nature Civilization itself, as well as some Beast Folk support that might've been lost in time.

Supporting Cast: Because our Furry Friends need all the help they can get.

  • Starting off we have Vreemah, that creepy monkey-totem thing... *shivers* anyway, Vreemah, Freaky Mojo Totem gives Beast Folk +2000 power and Double Breaker whenever you put another creature into the battle zone.

  • Soldarios Holy Emperor's Meteorburn lets you pull one non-evolution Arc Seraphim or Beast Folk into the battle zone from mana.

  • Assault Champion gives Arc Seraphim and Beast Folk +3000 and Double Breaker until the end of the turn when it's summoned,

  • Tsukimi Deippai gives one of your battling Beast Folk +2000 for the duration of the battle.

  • Mighty Bandit, a personal favorite of mine from back in the Junior High days, has a tap ability that gives one of your creatures +5000 power for the duration of the turn.

  • Mighty Arms, an ideal card for decks that use 2-3 civs at the minimum. When you put him into the battle zone, you reveal your hand. for each Fire, Water, Light and/or Darkness card in your hand, all of your creatures gets a boosted +1000 power. With Water's draw power, you can boost your creatures to the point that they can take down any opposition staring you down.

  • Cavern Raider allows you to search your deck for a creature if she's not blocked. Using Water or a creature that prevents blocking (because nature can do that stuff) you can get Cavern Raider to maneuver her way around them and give you a shiny Dual Fang for her to evolve into.

  • Inaba Summoner, another great card w/ synergy. Whenever you summon an Evolution Creature, Inaba allows you to summon a cost 3 or less creature without cost. So you summon an evo, and you get the opportunity to get more evo bait. Nice!

The Hyper Crew: Cuz Someone's gonna bring this up -_-

  • Geo Crashing Miranda is actually a Beast Folk so it serves as evo bait, while also being able to pull evo bait out of the HP Zone.

  • Dimension Horn pulls two Nature Psychics into the battle zone via. Tap ability, if their total cost is equal to or less than the number of cards in your mana zone.

We're gonna look at the Beast Folk Psychics.

  • Koshirou, Temporal Ogre is a 6 for 4000 Psychic Creature who awakens if there are 8 or more cards in your mana zone. He awakens into:

Danjuro, the awakened Battle Ogre, who pulls a cost 8 or less non-evolution creature from your mana zone whenever it attacks. It's not evo bait anymore since it becomes a Gaia Command, but it's still a nice sidekick for Fighter Dual Fang.

  • Kaiman, Temporal Flower is 5 for 5000 and when it attacks and is not blocked, he adds a mana from the top of your deck and awakens into:

Alligator, the Awakened Flower Beast, who not only has 2x Breaker, but also adds a mana every time it attacks. And he's actually still a beast folk so he can still serve as evo bait if necessary.

  • Kachikomi Tribe, aside from Hunting, isn't so special. He does serve as viable Evo Bait so I gotta give him credit for that.

  • Quatro Fang, Soul Gang Leader on the other hand, is a Double Breaker and at the start of your turn, you may add the top card of your deck to your mana zone. This Dynamic duo, with the addition of their Victory Partner:

Jin, the Ogre Blade: Crimson Rage over here, Psychic Link into:

Chopping Ruzou, Rude Mincing Gang Leader. Big guy... Big Smashy guy... RUZOU SMASH!!

  • Bishamon Kid is also meh. He's evo bait on his own. Nothing special about him aside from linking with:

Immortal Boost, Crimson Lord, to become:

Explosive Dash! Crimson Sabre. Don't see a reason why it's necessary to evolve it into Dual Fang, but since its a Beast Folk, I'll just point that fact out.

  • Last but not least is Geo Hyde, Temporal Macho. Gain's +1000 for every creature in your graveyard, plus he's a Beast Folk. He has a Loop Awaken with:

Zabi Jekyll, Temporal Gunman which he turns into when he attacks and isn't blocked. When Zabi Jekyll blocks or is attack, he turns back into Hyde, but not before sending the top two cards of the deck into the grave, possibly boosting Hyde's power.

Well then, now we're at the two parts I've been dying to get to. Let's get started shall we?

Evo Brothers in Arms: More Evos, More Fun

Fighter Dual Fang definitely has some support from his fellow Evos. And some of them, as we can see, aren't even from Nature.

  • Aldebaran, the Earth Breaker is a walking Natural Snare with it's space charge ability which will send any of your opponent's creatures to mana thanks to it's Space Charge ability. By evolving a creature into Dual Fang while Aldebaran's on the field, and if the two cards sent are Nature cards, Aldebaran's taking down two of your opponent's creatures without breaking a sweat.

  • Bishamon, the Great Enigma's a mana evolution, so despite the fact that you'll lose mana by summoning him, the fact that he makes all of your nature creatures cost two less to summon makes up for it.

  • Emperor Marco, the reason why WFN Beatdown decks were so great :3. A 5 cost evo that lets you draw three cards when summoned. Combining him with Dual Fang's Mana Accel and you'll end up with both a Hand and Mana advantage over your opponent. this will allow you to get the cards you need faster, and the resources to play them quickly.

  • Can't forget Super Dragon Valkyrias. He's an oldie, but Old is Gold :3. With the right amount of mana acceleration, Valkyrias will make his way into the battle zone, and on top of that will be able to bring out one non-evolution dragon from your mana zone along with him. And considering we have Thirteen types of dragons (Seventeen if you count the Psychic-exclusive Shining Command, White Command, Devil Command and Sumo-Wrestler Command creatures) there's a TON to bring out. I'd choose wisely if I were you

  • Ballom, Master of Death is a great way to finish the game after accelerating your way up to 8 mana. Ballom decimates all non-darkness creatures, and despite the fact you're sacrificing dual fang, his death won't be in vain.

  • Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits is Ballom's Light counterpart and I had to add him here. for 6 mana he puts a lock on all non-light spells. This would help by accelerating to that point and allowing Alcadeias and Dual Fang break shields without worrying about destructive ST Spells.

  • Uberdragon Bajula was a nice idea in my head. It's kinda like reap and sow. You burn your opponent's mana while you gain mana. Bajula takes two mana, Dual Fang gives you two mana. Neat little evo combo there.

  • Sarutahiko is a great card for evo-based decks as after he's summoned, you search your deck for two Ultimate Evo or Ultimate Evo MAX creatures. With the boosted Mana Acceleration, Dual Fang can take it to the next level and evolve into one of fifteen Ultimate Evolution Creatures (18 including Ultimate Evo MAX)

The Game Breakers: Ending Games one duel at a time

Yes, one of the main reasons why Mana Acceleration is so awesome. Just enough can unleash one of these massive titans and it will feel amazing.

  • Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon; Speed Attacking Triple Breaking Shield Burner. It's banned so unless you play Hybrid or M7, don't worry about facing this card or using it cuz he's illegal.

  • Alphadios, King of Light. He locks the game but forbidding the summoning and casting of non-light creatures and spells. Of course, there's ways to get around that, but this isn't an Alphadios review

  • Dorballom (Or Dorby as my bro Kokujo_the_Fma likes to call him) is an evil troll of a finisher. Not only does he incincerate non-darkness creatures, but he does the same to the mana zone as well. And let me tell you: It blows so much!

  • Mugen Ingmar is one of my favs. Speed Attacking 2x Breaker, with a fist of forever ability. Got an army of creatures staring you down? *Throws super spark* Mugen goes in and begins to tap n' bash until they're all gone. Now you see why his name is Mugen. It means Infinite in Japanese, as in: infinite attacks

  • Ballom Hunter is unique because instead of evolving on a D.Command like his other counterparts, he evolves on a Hunter. On top of that fact, he destroys all Non-Hunter creatures, so not fellow Darkness Creatures can stand up to his might.

  • THE FINAL Kaiser is a Black Command Dragon based on:

Galaxy Blade THE FINAL, the Cross Gear that grants the most powerful breaker ability in the game: Galaxy Breaker. Like the Gear, THE FINAL Kaiser has Galaxy Breaker, breaking your opponent's shields and then yours. He's literally a finishing creature as it's the end for one of you.

  • GILL Supergalatic Dragon is THE FINAL Kaiser's counterpart, based on the Knight Spell:

Galaxy Shot: HELL, the deadly Knight Spell that destroys creatures with a total power of 9000 or less, and then burns a shield for each one destroyed. GILL's not as powerful as that however. Sure it still takes down 9000 power worth of creatures, but it only burns one shield. Oh well, 9000-power worth is a few blockers or some annoying pest of a creature so he's still a neat finisher.

  • Heavy Death Metal, End of the Century is definitely in need of Mana Acceleration. Based on the classic Tri-Link God:

Heavy Death Metal, EotC is a Speed Attacking World Breaker. Only way to keep him in the battle zone is by summoning it, so... you'll need a whole lot of mana acceleration. Or you know, go the easy way and Marshal Queen/Memories of Planetary Dragon or even Lionel, Zenith of Ore to make it a shield trigger, since that does technically count as summoning.

  • Onimaru "Head" Victory Rush... Man Katta, you just had to get an OP Dragon >.>. Well I shouldn't have to go into detail with this guy since practically every dragon deck has this card. (No kidding, he's becoming the new Genji XX). Mana Accelerate to him, and Gachinko Judge your way into extra turns until you finally win. That simple.

  • Jin, the Ogre Blade ~Young Leader~ is one of my favorite Nature card. Mana Acceleration to him= you spamming Nature Hunters from your mana zone into the battle zone tapped. Not bad for a first timer.

  • Codename Sherlock is another deadly finisher, putting a complete lock on psychics, destroying them and making sure that they don't come back as long as he's around. And then he smashes your opponent's 4 shields cuz he can do that.

  • Codename 13 is just simply a World Breaker. And most of us know, World Breaker Doesn't Equal Quintuple Breaker (5 Shields). World Breaker breaks everything, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Finally the Final Creature Section. We've arrived at:

Descent of the Zeniths

  • Battle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory" is personally my favorite Zenith. 11 cost, when he's summoned, he's essentially Mugen Ingmar in a Dragon Body, with Triple Breaker.

  • Greatest Great, Zenith of Life is ideal for Mana Accel. When he's summoned you can put creatures with a total of 7 or less from your mana zone or Grave into the Battle zone.

  • Maximum the Max, Zenith of Military is just a gigantic Beatstick, boasting 12000 power to start and doubling that with Power Attacker. Did I mention he has World Breaker too?

  • Radio Roses, Zenith of Intelligence is a controlling Zenith. You can definitely tell he has background in both Water and Darkness. When He's summoned, you can draw up to five cards, while your opponent discards five of his cards.

  • Suspense, Zenith of Curse lets you choose from your opponent's hands or shields 2 cards. and from those two cards, you can cast a spell from either of them. Afterward the revealed cards are sent to the grave. Great way to free up your opponent's hand, shield burn them, or troll Emeral :3

  • Wedding, Zenith of Celebration is another Shield Burner, forcing four of your opponent's cards in his hand into their shield zone. afterward, whenever wedding attacks, it burns the cards, sending them to the grave. Doesn't help that it's a Triple Breaker, does it?

  • Zeta-File, A destructive card that ressurects all of your fallen Demon Command from your grave. (Despite what the TCO Text says, DM-Dash demonstrated this card and it revealed that you don't have to destroy your creatures if you don't have any aside from zeta-file)

  • Zenith Symphony, Secret Zenith. While not a creature, I had to fill that last spot up. 12 costing spell that grants one of your creatures +50000 power and World Breaker, along with the ability to untap when it wins battles. You can always Mana Accelerate if you can't get a Zenith to activate it's Attack Chance.

The Zero Victory Trio: So awesome they deserve their own section

  • Beethoven, Zenith of Horror sends 3 dragons and/or zero spells from either your mana or grave back to your hand, the top 3 cards of your deck into your mana zone, and it taps itself, forcing your opponent to attack it. To make matters worse for them, he gives your dragons and command creatures Eternal Omega. Mana Acceleration and the ability to beat creatures just by forcing them to attack you? Well played Beethoven, Well played.

  • Lionel, Zenith of Ore adds the top card of your deck into your shields, and then your opponent breaks a shield. Lionel turns all of your shields into triggers so your opponent better make the right choice.

  • Onimaru "Ogre" Golden Dragon pulls a "Ballom" on your opponent, destroying all of your opponent's non-colorless creatures with less power than he has. In addtion to having speed attacker and Triple Breaker, he gives your Hunters and Aliens Eternal Omega as well.

  • Phew... That was a ton of creatures. Not counting the Cross gear, spells or the Awakened versions of the psychics, that's 74 cards that can coincide with Dual Fang in some kind of way, wether it's by Race, Civilization or just Mana Acceleration. Now then... Still have a few spells to cover too; and to be honest, after all of that, I kinda don't wanna go over it, but it's necessary.


  • Sanctuary of Mother is, thankfully not one of the banned mana swapping cards. (Soulswap/Mother Earth and crest of mother being them). Trade a creature from your battle zone w/ an evo in your mana zone. In case you lose Dual fang, you can get him back for the cheap price of 3 mana .

  • Evolution Egg is a Evo-specified Dimension Gate. Search your deck for an Evolution Creature.

  • Miraculous rebirth. God I love this card. Destroy one of your opponent's creatures w/ power 5000 or less, then search your deck w/ the exact same cost and put it into the battle zone. what makes this card so great that it works on evolution creatures as well. So, kill a cost 6, 5000 powered creature, search your deck, take Dual Fang and evolve one of your evo baits on it.

Evolution Burst: Perks of being an Evo

Evolution Burst cards are spells with two effects. You can only activate one of them. Unless... You have an Evolution creature. Then you can use both of them. That little feature is called: Double Evolution Burst.

  • Laser Net: Allows you to Choose two of your creatures to make them unblockable for the turn and/or lets you be able to untap two of your creatures at the end of it.

  • Energy Spiral: Allows you to draw 2 cards and/or bounce one of your opponent's creatures back.

  • Gabra Hand: Forces your opponent to destroy one of their creatures and/or discard a card.

  • Mega Burst: Destroys one of your opponent's creatures with 6000 or less and/or up to three with 2000 power each. And no, you can't combine both effects into destroying one creature with 12000 power.

  • Into the Wild: Adds the top 3 cards of your deck into your mana zone and/or allows you to choose a non-evo creature in your opponent's battle zone and turns it into mana.

  • Death and Reverse: Destroys one of your opponent's creatures with 5000 or less and/or brings back one cost 3 or less creature from your grave.

While useful when it comes to Evolution creatures in general, I wasn't initially gonna cover the Evo Charger spells because Fighter Dual Fang doesn't have Meteorburn, so adding creatures under him, unless you use a card like:

Royal Durian would be sort of redundant and a bit of a waste. Glad I decided to add them though; actually learned about them more in detail

Well then, That's all I got for cards that will work with Fighter Dual Fang. FINALLY!!

Burn Mana Burn!!

Since it's a Mana Accelerator, De-Accelerate it! Cards like Reap and Sow, Bolzard Dragon, Dolmarks, Quatro Fang, Burning Soul Bajula and his son, Bajula the 2nd, their pet robo-bug: Nemonex, and their Cross gear Variant: Bajula's Soul are just some examples of cards that burn away mana. Besides, I'm pretty sure Bolzard wants revenge for being the target of Miraculous Rebirth.

King of the Jungle
Great Mana Acceleration, easy enough to summon and powerful when he's out there.

Forced to let the new Generation take over
Plenty of cards that counter Evolution creatures, cards that can burn gained mana, and even stronger variants of him that force him to be lost with the times.

Final Verdict
Fighter Dual Fang gets an 8/10. He's been my favorite card for nearly 10 years (started playing when I was 11) and he is a decent and powerful card, supporting the Mana Zone, as well as the Battle Zone. Unfortunately, newer cards nowadays can trump him if not careful. Quatro Fang just to name one. Despite that, Fighter Dual Fang is a card close to my heart, and no Panda's going to change that for me.


Modified on November 1, 2013 08:10 pm

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if dawriterman's review on wedding is an utter waste of words due to over commitments on certain parts, u have utterly over done urs.

Fight dual fang? Really? Defenders with animegas? Really? Chopping Ruzou that does nothing to Fighting Dual Fang...really? Why did you include stuff like that? I don't get it, and even though i have to say this is the best card review in terms of setting up the format and the alignments of pictures (awesome efforts :3 ), i fail to recognize the point of the review. Where you want someone to be inspired, you ended up just telling others a bunch of terms you came up with, and then...there is no and then.

What kind of brilliant decks can people come up with after reading this? What kind of combination does it go with in a deck without just telling us a bunch of cards it can be used with? Of course i know it is good with draw, but what card is suited best for it? Of course i know it evols on beatsfolks, but what r the best choice? You left us with so many options it is not even funny. HDM with fight dual fang? Great, go make us an example deck, don't just tell us it works because fdf gives mana accel.

Fight Dual Fang does not deserve that big of an attention unless it is tcg, but you included ocg as well. In other words, Quatro Fang is more deserving of this review than Fight ever will...even if you dedicated a part of ur review for him.

This is a prime example of including everything to destroy a potentially most epic review ever. Good job >.>
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Great review. I was always hooked into your reviews after reading the avatar reviews. This may be an old card but i know how valuable it is to you since i read your fanfic.
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I really like reading your reviews but sometimes, you should understand that your reviews should be of on the point were at the starting you wrote about your college projects and all that which is not needed, what do we have to do with them?
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quote from ruiner:

I really like reading your reviews but sometimes, you should understand that your reviews should be of on the point were at the starting you wrote about your college projects and all that which is not needed, what do we have to do with them?

Not gonna lie, I found it really hard to reply to this because of how... Look point is that I try to make my reviews as lively as possible. at the time I was dying to write a review on something but College and Work got in the way of that, and people were looking forward to my next review, which is why I mentioned it. How you find that to be a major issue is beyond me because its literally something so trivial that it doesn't effect the quality of the review at all
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