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card review Shiden Galaxy, Super Champ: I'll Finish All Of YOU In Two Slashes!!!

Card Review
Shiden Galaxy, Super Champ: click to enlarge
Shiden Galaxy, Super Champ

Card text:

* (This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

* Vortex evolution - Put on top of 2 of your Angel Commands and/or creatures that have Dragon in their race.

* Meteorburn - Whenever this creature attacks for the first time this turn, you may put up to 2 cards under this creature into your graveyard. If you put a Dragon into your graveyard this way, untap this card. If you put an Angel Command into your graveyard this way, whenever this creature would be destroyed this turn, it stays in the battle zone instead.

* Triple breaker

  • Collector Number: S4
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Angel Command/Armored Dragon/Samurai
  • Power: 15000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 5
  • Civilization: Light/Fire
  • Artist: Toshiaki Takayama
Shiden Galaxy, Super Champ
I'll Finish All Of YOU In Two Slashes!!!

written by LV20
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Fusion Summon!!

Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon


Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality



Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ

Hi! My name is chungwu (well it's my chinese name). This is my first review about a card in TCO and please rate and comment this review in order to improve my following reviews (thx). Now I'm going to discuss about one of my favourite card and is currently the one that i'm using the most, Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ!! I've been a fan of dragons for a long time since the first season 'till now and this is the best dragon "EVO" card.
OK! Now let's get going!!

About The Card
This is one of the best Armored Dragon and Angel Command evolutions. At cost JUST 5 and power soaring to 15000 and it's triple breaker, it could finish your opponents in a blink of an eye. However, this card is not used so often as most players find it hard to raise the mana needed, summoning and keeping the 'evo' baits in the battle zone to summon it quickly. Moreover, the 'evo' baits for this card are expensive.

The thing that makes this card hard to summon is it's vortex evolution, and the problem of keeping the Armored Dragon and/or the Angel command in the battle zone. However, there are plenty of supports to summon this card quickly. Additionally the meteorburn effect (I'll just say MB for short), you MB an Angel Command, you're immortal for a turn. You MB an Armored Dragon, you can attack TWICE a turn!! So what you need to do is summon this monster, attack, MB and BAM!! 5 shields gone!! Game, Set, Match!! You can also MB 2 cards to trigger the 2 effects. Your opponents won't stand a chance once you summoned this epic, game-finisher monster.

To unleash the full potential of this card you need to have a lot of cards that supports this card and include it in decks that utilizes the ability to make a quick workout of your opponent in a few turns. Decks that have the ability as said before are mainly 'Dragon' decks that utilizes their ability to make massive attacks in a few turns. Considering the card itself as a multicolored card that is made up of Fire and Light civilization, so your deck need at least two civilizations of Fire and Light. So you can include Angel Commands in your deck, but also keep in mind that most Angel Commands are defensive and can be slow in summoning and unleashing the full ability of this 'Trump Card'.

Combos with other Cards
There are plenty of cards that went well with this card and create combos that can stun your opponent.
My favourite combo is this:
Step 1:Summon Cocco Lupia.
Step 2:Summon Bolshack NEX.
Step 3:Get Valkyrie Lupia, Sky Lord Dragonmech into the battle zone, evolve it on Cocco Lupia.
Step 4:Get Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ to your hand from your deck.
Step 5:Summon Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ and finish all your opponent's shield.
BAM!! 5 easy steps to finish all your opponent's shields.

OK, now let's discuss the cards involved in the combo:

1. Cocco Lupia- this is the most well-known 'Fire Bird' card that really support 'Dragons'. The cost reducing effect helps players to summon massive 'Dragons' in early turns.

2. Bolshack NEX- this is a well-known dragon that is included in almost all 'Dragon' decks after its release. It can put 'Lupia's into the battle zone and thus, adding more support.

3. Valkyrie Lupia, Sky Lord Dragonmech- this card allows players to a 'Dragon' from their deck into their hand. This allows you to have more options on your next move.

Want to trigger both effects without wasting MB and you don't want to include those slow Angel Commands ? You can use cards such as these:

"Dragons who are also Angels"

1. Asylum, the Dragon Paladin- this card is pretty easy to summon with the cost-reducing effect from Cocco Lupia. Additionally, the 'sympathy' effect can reduce the card's cost on its own and additionally make it easier to summon this card.

2. Saint Bolshack, Spiritual Dragon- even though this card cost a lot, with a little help from Cocco Lupia you can summon this card easier. Don't forget that this card has an effect that is similar to 'sympathy' that can further reduce this card's cost as this is a good card and can do a massive damage.

3. Stardust NEX, Spiritual Dragon Knight- this is a pretty cheap'Dragon' and can be summoned in early turns using Cocco Lupia. You can also tap an opponent's creature when you put this 'Dragon' or a 'Lupia' into the battle zone.

Other Cards:

The Searching Family

Genji Double Cross, Blastdragon- you can use this 'Dragon' to clear the way to achieve victory with the help of this card's 'Blocker'-destroying effect (No more annoying 'ants that keep standing in your way to finish off your opponent).

Jack Raidou, Battle Dragon- this card can also search for Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ from your deck and put it into your hand. Not to forget that this card can also be a cheap 'evo' bait for Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ to evolve.

Spear Lupia- this little 'Lupia' can also search for Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ to your hand or give extra power to one of your other creatures when it is destroyed.

Velyrika Dragon- want to search as well as delivering a massive damage too? This is your card!(Well, next turn, unless you have a card that makes this into a speed attacker)

Spiritual Star Dragon- this card is a stronger version of "Jack Raidou, Battle Dragon".

The Charging Clan
As you know that Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ needs MB to make its effects to happen. So if the MB supply is finished, Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ is now vulnerable might even have to say "Bye-Bye" to your 'Trump card' and your opponent.....will probably be like this

But not to worry, there are cards that can replenish your MBs:

Now, Discussion Time!!
Timeless Garden- a classic mana accel spell for some but to those who uses 'EVO' creatures that utilizes MB, this a good 'charge' card.

Crest EVO Charger - this card is pretty good as it can search for Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ just in case if the one in the battle zone is destroyed or it is discarded, and it can also 'charge' your 'EVO' creatures' MB.

Bind EVO Charger - OMG! I can't even believe that this card is for real! Just look at the effect: "Choose 1 of your creatures. Then, your opponent chooses 1 of their creatures. This turn or next turn, all creatures except the chosen creatures can't attack." This card will be so good for defense against rush and decks like 'Miramisu'. What's more, this card can also 'charge' your 'EVO' creatures' MB.

Critical EVO Charger - Similar to Genji Double Cross, Blastdragon, this card destroys one of your opponent's annoying blockers and so less tiny annoying ants (blockers) that stand in your way to beating your opponent to pieces. Of course, this card can also 'charge' your 'EVO' creatures' MB.

Ways to Counteract
Of course the most obvious way to get rid an offensive card is to use shield triggers such as:

-Terror pit-Classic shield trigger for destroying annoying creatures.

-Death Gate, Gate of Hell-(Super Champ untaps immediately after MB). Not only it destroys Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ, it can also reanimate opponent's creatures that have a cost that is lower than the destroyed creature (Basically low-cost creatures since Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ's cost is already low but.., damned 'Rush' decks).

-Deadly Love-Can you believe it? This shield trigger can easily destroy your almighty Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ just by sacrificing one tiny creature! One Tiny Creature!! Oops, got carried away.

-Magic Shot - Arcadia Egg-(Super Champ untaps immediately after MB). At first glance, this might be a usual creature-destroying card. Just cast it, destroy the creature, jumping with joy and then pretend as if nothing happens. Usual stuff. However, beware fellow 'Duelists', if your opponent is using a 'Knight' deck. As this spell not only destroys your Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ, but also summons the infamous, Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor. (Click here for more info about Nero Gryphis, Mystic Light Emperor)

-Grudge Gathering-Facing againts this card that is in a deck that utilizes the graveyard, such as'Romanoff Reborn' can be a problem, as Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ is a pretty low cost creature and it is too easy for those decks to pile their graveyard to 5 cards or more. *Silent FFFFFFUUUUUUU*

However, mind if the player MB an Angel Command as it makes Super Champ immortal for that turn and can't be destroyed.

'Blockers', even the smallest ones, can also stop Super Champ from making damages to your opponents. (I don't think I need to mention each of them)

Also 'Shinobis' with 'Ninja Strike' can disturb the plannings of your next move such as:

-Falconer, Lightfang Ninja- this is one of many cards that is and ALWAYS be hated by 'Rush' and 'Beatdown' deck users. This little creature can stop you from finishing your opponent as it makes one of their creatures into a 'blocker' (Nooo! More annoying 'ants').

-Hanzou, Menacing Phantom- this card is a real pain! It decreases your creature by 6000!! It's a massive number. This card can makeSword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ into as if it was a little creature and can be get rid off easily by not-so-strong blockers (Nooo! The 'ants' suddenly became huge!).

-Senpoon, Invoked by the Hidden Earth- this is a not-so-good card and is randomly used by players. If it's not-so-good, then why bother to put it here in the list? It's because your opponent can choose one of their 'blockers' that is strong enough to stop Super Champ in it's track and even kill it! It became not-so-good as it can only choose one blocker and it's pretty hard to summon a big 'blocker' strong enough to kill Super Champ (So, it's a rare circumstance).

-Orochi, of the Hidden Blade- this is another 'Pain-in-the-butt' card. look at the effect: "When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose 1 other creature in the battle zone and put it on the bottom of its owner's deck. That creature's owner reveals cards from the top of their deck until they reach a non-evolution creature, puts that creature into the battle zone, and then puts the rest of the revealed cards on the bottom of their deck in any order." This card can switch your Super Champ with another non-'EVO' creature and your 'Trump card' will be stuck at the bottom of the deck (Can't.. get.. it.. out!).

-Sonic, Lightfang Ninja- this card is similar to Senpoon, Invoked by the Hidden Earth but more annoying. This creature can effectively delay your victory by untapping one of your opponent's 'blocker' (Just imagine what will it be like if your opponent untaps a GIGANTIC 'ant' to stop your assault).

-Low cost
-Huge power
-Massive damage
-Amazing MB
-Lots of support

-Vortex evo (hard to summon)
-Expensive evo baits
-Stopped on the track easily
-Needs MB to make the effects happen
-Can't get support as much as Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon

These are the variations:
DM-31 Greatest Champion (秘1/秘1/Y7 — Secret Rare)

DM-31 Greatest Champion (S4/S5 — Super Rare)

DMC-55 CoroCoro Legend 7

DMC-66 Duel Masters: Super Best

Artwork and Aesthetics
I like the artwork so much, the dragon holding four swords, two at each side, where two of the is trying to slash out of the card. The artwork really show the combination of Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon and Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality and it is like 'Yin And Yang' where one side of the dragon is red and the other side is white. The four swords also resembles the ability of this card to be able to strike twice, two at a time like the card shows. If you look closely at both the left and right side of the card you will be able to see 2 pairs of wings that are shaped like a fan which two of them are red and the other two are white with sky-blue motives (another characteristic that shows the resemblance with 'Yin and Yang'). It also has four tails if you look at the bottom of the artwork, which two of them are red and the other two are almost fully sky-blue (Another characteristic that shows the resemblance with 'Yin and Yang').

Overall Rating
I'll give this card 9/10. It's because the cost is very cheap for a creature with such massive power and damage. Also the MB effect makes this creature able to finish all your opponent's shield in a turn. This card also has a lot of supports that helped this creature to unleash the card's full potential. I gave it a 9 instead of 10 because it can be stopped in the track so easily by blockers, even the smallest ones, and shield triggers and disturbed your next move when this card is removed from its action. It also had lost most of the supports that Bolbalzak "Sword Flash" Dragon can get such as Borkov Shion , Balrun Shizou and Whitecrane Zack, Lord of the Skies . One more downgrade is that Sword-Flash Galaxy, Super Champ needs MB to make its effect to happen unlike its predecessors that can activate their effects by themselves.

Here's a link to a deck that i tried to make to unleash this card's full potential

This is the end of my first review and I hope you guys all like it. I'll try to improve in my next review. Thanks a lot!!


Modified on March 29, 2014 07:52 pm

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