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card review The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova

Card Review
The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova: click to enlarge
The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova

Card text:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] This spirit cannot be braved. [LV1][LV2][LV3] (When this spirit attacks) You can choose one opposing brave spirit and attack it. [LV2][LV3] (When Battles) While battling an opponent's brave spirit, this spirit gets +10000 BP. [LV3] Opposing braves cannot be in spirit form.

  • Number: X02
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Purple
  • Spirit Type: Astral Dragon, Nightling
  • Cost: 7
  • Reduction: AAAA
  • Gems: 2
The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova
written by granddragon
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This is the main villain card for Battle Spirits Brave,the infamous brave killer.It is a very balance spirit and a vital key card for every brave killer deck.It has a cost of 7,but it balance out with a reduction of 4.At LV 1,it posses 5000 BP,a number thats can be easy to destroy,starting at LV 2,it had 8000BP,still slightly better,finally,at LV 3,13000 BP. Its main use is for and only for killing a brave spirit.Its secondary use its for taking life,as it is also a double symbol type spirits,a direct attack from this dragon will ensure 2 lives destroy,making it more of a threat to the opponent.

It cant be brave due to it being a brave killer,this effect is ever-lasting for all 3 LV.At LV1, LV 2 and LV 3,when it attack,it can target any opposing brave spirit,which allow it to kill all weak brave spirit.At LV 2 and LV 3,when it target attacks a brave spirit,it automatically gains a additional 10K power boost,which brings it up to a total of 18K at LV 2,and a total of 23K at LV 3.Its final LV,provides it with a effect that lives up to its name,The Brave Killer,any opposing braves cannot be in spirit form.

You might be thinking,whats the use of its LV3 effect,its not much of a chance to use,that maybe true,but here the fun part,when you have this spirit in LV 3,all opposing braves in spirit form is automatically destroy.And in this case,cards or burst effect that states when this spirit is destroy,cant be activate,the braves just leave the field,like a delpete situation,and this LV3 effect,no form of invincibility of the purple colour can negate it.Also,when a new brave is summoned in spirit form,it is also destroy,furthermore,when a brave is separated from its brave spirit,that brave is also destroy.Even moving the brave on one brave spirit to another spirit,also will be destroy.

There are 2 types of nexus that goes well with this dragon will be The Dark Sacred Sword,its LV2 effect cause the moment a spirit start to brave,exhaust it immediately,the next one will be The Pentagram Castle,when it is at LV2,during the start of the opponent attack step,separate one of your opponent's brave spirit, your opponent will decide how the cores will be moved for the separation.You cant brave this spirit,so braves will not be needed.Any kind of bursts can work well with this spirit,so just add in some bursts you think that can really hit the opponent.There are 2 types of spirit combo for setting up with this nova,the first one will be using a immortality/brave killer deck,with the extra Brave Hunter, The PlutoSacredBeast Inferd-Hades,since its immortality cost is 4/5,that gives you another reason to put The Dark Sacred Sword,and its all LV effects help this dragon when it is at LV3,removing a brave from the field instantly.The next combo with be a famous one,the Double Nova combo,you must ensure your life is at 1,activate Big Bang Energy,to have all "Astral Dragon" Attribute Spirits in your hand have the same Core Cost as the number of Life Cores you have remaining,then summon a spirit with siegwurm in its name,tribute that siegwurm to summon out The SupernovaDragon Siegwurm-Nova,cause if the Spirit you sacrificed to Tribute Summon this Spirit has "Siegwurm" in its name, add Cores from the Void to your Life until you have 5 Life Cores,what a great way to gain free lifes,then summon out this Darkwurm Nova.If the opponent blocks,activate Meteor Storm,when your Novas win,your opponent automatically lose 2 life points.If Bp prove to be a problem,get some cheap and easy magic to boost it up.

To counter this spirit,try spirit with extremly high BP,like The KnightHero Swordius-Arthur,or quickly finish off then user before it can be summon.A nova does not always ensure victory,but it can bring a major turnabout in the battle if you use it right.

Its artwork shows it coming out from a black abyss,destroying everything in its path.A truly frightening dragon.I give it a 10/10.

(PS,if you think this is good,pls rate it a 5,if you rate it a 4 or below,pls tell me how to improve,all suggestions are welcome,TQ.)


Modified on September 26, 2014 08:19 pm

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LV34 Canada send message

Avatar for neopaladin28
Member since
August 23, 2012
Subject:    Posted: November 14, 2013 07:49 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

just maybe edit on how darkwurm can be used now, what can make it amazingly good. Not just it's strengths from the anime but also how it can be used practically against ultimates and such.
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