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card review Wailord Lv.43: The Pokemon with the highest HP

Card Review
Wailord Lv.43: click to enlarge
Wailord Lv.43

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Water
  • Weakness: L x2
  • Poke#: 321
  • Number: 30
  • Hit Points: 200
  • Retreat Cost: 4
Energy Symbols:
C = Colorless = colorless energy
D = Darkness = dark energy
Fr = Fire = fire energy
Ft = Fighting = fighting energy
G = Grass = grass energy
L = Lightning = lightning energy
M = Metal = metal energy
P = Psychic = psychic energy
W = Water = water energy
Wailord Lv.43
The Pokemon with the highest HP

written by  Premium Member LV31
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Edit: Thisis a review from 3-4 years ago, so it's pointless to compare it with the recent EX cards. If you're going to read this review, read it as if you are from that time and moment.

Wailord is the biggest Pokemon in the anime. It's also the pokemon with the highest HP in Pokemon TCG. It was the first Pokemon I have seen in my memories.

Wailord has the highest HP with 200. It has a Poke-Power Sleeping Pulse, and an 60-damage attack Sink Deep. Sleeping Pulse removes 10 damage between turns if Wailord is asleep. Sink Deep said that if Wailord has any damages on it, it is asleep.

Wailord needs to evolved from Wailmer. So the first thing to do is to put a Wailmer on your bench. Then evolve it next turn. Wailord can be active in a very long time because it has a high HP.

If combo, hmm.... Maybe Darkrai EX (from Dark Explorers). Attach a Darkness Energy to Wailord, with Darkrai EX's Ability, Wailord has no retreat cost.

The only way is to use a Lightning Type Pokemon, as it is Wailord's weakness.

The advantage is that Wailord isn't that easy to be KOed, as it has a high HP. And it can remove damages between turns if it's asleep.

The disadvantage is that Wailord has a weakness to Lightning Type x2. It can be easy to be one-hit KOed like when your opponent is using Electivire.

I didn't own this card, but still it is important to me, as it made me like Pokemon. If you get a foil one, you're lucky. It's from Diamond and Pearl, Great Encounter.

I quite like its art because it can show you how big it is in the sea, swallowing the water into its mouth. With little imagination, it looks like that it just woke up in the sea.

i give 10 points out of 10. I really like this card. It is my top 1 Pokemon card. If it has any evolution, that will be very cool!


Modified on April 15, 2017 08:29 pm

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