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card review Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit/Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit: Shield manipulation has never been funner.

Card Review
Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit/Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit: click to enlarge
Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit/Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit

Card text:

* Awaken—At the start of each player's turn, if you have 2 Angel Commands or Demon Commands with a cost of 6 or more in your battle zone, flip this creature.

(At the start of your game, separate your psychic creatures from your deck and put them in the hyperspatial zone. If a psychic creature would leave the battle zone, return it to the hyperspatial zone instead.)

file:holysoul.gif Holy Soul
file:evilsoul.gif Evil Soul

* Whenever your opponent puts a creature into their battle zone, you may put the top card of your deck into your shields face down.

* Whenever your opponent casts a spell, this creature breaks 1 of your opponent's shields.

* Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

file:holysoul.gif Holy Soul
file:evilsoul.gif Evil Soul

  • Collector Number: 33
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Type: Psychic Creature
  • Race: Angel Command/Demon Command
  • Power: 4500/6500
  • Cost: 5/12
  • Civilization: Light/Darkness
  • Artist: Yoichi Ito
Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit/Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit
Shield manipulation has never been funner.

written by  Premium Member LV83
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General description:
Hailing from the beginnings of the Psychic Creature era, this little guy known as Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit appeared in DM-38 Angelic Wars when the combinations of Light and Darkness creatures were bigger than ever.
According to the lore, in this set the expansion of the Zeta clan continues, after having successfully conquered the Darkness civilization, they now take over the Light civilization, thus giving birth of this sweet hybrid between Angel Command and Demon Command. But that's enough history lessons for today, class.

The main point is that of awakening Cheval and then abusing its shield adding and shield breaking effects. In other words, all that you really need to do is try and fulfill his awakening requirement, after which you are good to go. Also, Cheval is mostly used in control decks to add more to its defense. You'll also might see him in combo decks that are race based.
Bottom line is, he is NOT suited for beatdown, so if you're planning on a treva hyperspatial beatdown or a Saint Chan-Merrie beatdown deck, go look for some better options from the Light civilization, or if you got an Emperor Hole in a beatdown deck with Darkness, just use Black Ganveet, Victorious Gaial Kaiser and Thunder Tiger. >.>

Strategies and game play:
In order to awaken Cheuxvelt, you'll need any combination of two Angel Command or Demon Command with cost 6 or more. They can be either some fatty Commands dropped out by Heaven's Gate, Wedding Gate or Christie Gate, or they can be psychic creatures that are constantly spammed.

Combos with other cards:
There aren't any specific 'combos' which you can make with Cheval, just cards that can bring it out and maybe also aid with its awakening. I'll list the suitable options, from the worst to the best.

Hyperspatial White Blue Hole

"That was a rather... wet experience" -Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit upon coming out of White Blue Hole

Can bring Cheval out and add a shield. This is only suited in Christie Gate decks due to the fact that Christie Gate can bring out fatty Light Demon Commands to aid its awakening and White Blue Hole can supply said Demon Commands in the shields. Also, Cheuxvelt has strong synergy with Codefight Agatha Hercule.

Zabi Epsilon, Lord of Demons

"All psychic creatures subdue to my might!" -Zabi Epsilon, Lord of Demons

Can bring out Cheval and supply half of its awakening requirement. Also, he is a solid double breaker.

Hyperspatial Raiden Hole

"No Volg Tiger out? That's rather... unexpected." -Thunder Blade, Wolf Tiger

Volg + Cheval combo. Volg Thunder will mill the opponent's deck and get rid of some nasty cards, all while supplying half of Cheval's awakening requirement. Also, this combo is a break from the classic Volg Tiger who is pretty much useless, so if you don't have to fear the opponent's weenies, go for Cheval instead of Thunder Tiger when you use Raiden Hole.

Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God

"With the new power of Zero, we have taken spell casting to a whole new level that the Knights would have never dreamt of!" -Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God

Can search your deck for a Hyperspatial Emperor Hole, Hyperspatial Raiden Hole, Hyperspatial Revive Hole, Hyperspatial Guard Hole, you name it, and can bring out your desired Cheval. Though I think that when playing stuff like Guard Hole, you'd go for something bigger, like Diabolos Zeta, Temporal Ruler.

Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman

"Your time to rise has come! Cause havoc, Gallows Devil Dra... Wait a minute, what are these Volg Thunders doing here? Err..." -Zabi Mira, the Reviving Shaman

By far the best way of awakening Cheval. Zabi Mira can sacrifice any number of creatures to bring out the same number of psychic creatures with cost 6 or less. This tactic is mainly used in Volg Thunder deckout decks to spam Volg Thunder in order to mill the opponent, but who says that you can't also bring a little Cheval around? Even if you sacrifice just two creatures, you can bring a Volg and a Cheval out. That way you'll have one Zabi Mira and one Volg Thunder that will help you awaken the little beast known as Cheuxvelt.

Speaking of Volg Thunder deckout decks, if you manage to awaken Cheuxvelt but your Volg Thunders go away because of a certain creature, you can always make the opponent pay by casting a useful Emperor Hole and doing some math. Here, let me help you: 12+8=20 and then you can spam all the Volgs you like. Isn't math fun?

For fun, if you're playing hyperspatial control decks based on Demon Commands and you've got Cheuxvelt along with the two Demons that helped awaken him, this supplies the Gravity Zero requirement of a certain guy. Now this is what I call building a battle zone while recycling cards.

Also, it should be noted that Cheval features both Holy Soul and Evil Soul. While these are not really important, what is interesting is that he can become evo bait for this guy: Shinran, the Awakener, who if destroyed can bring a certain big baddie early in the battle zone. But meh, that's just me. For more info on the Soul mechanics, check this and this.

Being a multicolored creature, Cheval is great bait for Queen Alcadeias, who is an amazing creature in hyperspatial control, able to stop most hyperspatial spells as well as being a solid double breaker. Also, due to his races, he can be great evo bait for nice control finishers like: him, he, oh and this guy.

Ways to counteract it:
The only effective ways people can use to defend themselves from Cheval is either if they use a quick beatdown deck that can swarm the opponent before they can bring their psychic creatures out, or if they use another control that can discard the spells and creatures that the opponent intends to use to bring him out. Also, cards like Gaga Packun, Io Enforcer and Fuuma Gorgonshack can hinder the spells that can bring Cheval out.
But by far the biggest problem with him is the fact that he lacks release. :/ That means that even the quickest removal such as The Strong Spiral will mean bye bye. Another annoying thing that Cheval users might encounter is when the opponent casts a spell that does not target him, then by his effect they are obligated to choose and break one of the opponent's shields and then... BAM! Aqua Surfer/Intense Vacuuming Twist on your Cheval. Yes, it blows so much when that happens. >.<

* Provides good defense against beatdowns once awakened.
* If the opponent gets greedy with casting spells, you can clean his shield zone pretty easily and then get ready to swarm him, but you need a solid battle zone before that.
* Great races.

* Lacks release and can be easily targeted by most removal.
* Can accidentally activate the opponent's shield triggers.
* Can mill your own deck if you get too greedy with the shield adding.

So far its only version is the one from DM-38.

Artwork and aesthetics:

"Look at me, I'm a weird thing-a-majig!" -Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit

When in Temporal form, he looks like a rather small creature with an angelic head, two demonic skulls , all made of gold. Also, I think it has a laser firing mouth on its chest. It's really strange in my opinion, totally not eyecandy for me.

"At last, I have received the power of Awakening, and now I am... still a thing-a-majig... But hey, I got a new head and a sword, guys!" -Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit

When in Awakened form, it seems that the Temporal form has gained a new upper part with dark purple wings, a horned golden skull for a head and that also wields a reddish purple blade. Either way, I prefer the Awakened form better, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks rather odd in my opinion. Auzesu and Ballcadeias had better artworks than this guy. I'll give the Temporal form a 5/10 and the Awakened form a 9/10. Guess that on average, this guy's artwork is 7/10.

Overall rating:
All in all, Cheval is an amazing control card, able to switch the tides depending on what your opponent does, and all that it requires is for you to fill your battle zone with either Angel Commands or Demon Commands. Sure, its lack of Release is a weakness, but I think that this is what makes the card balanced. I'll give him a 10/10. Now get out there and add him in your control decks!


Modified on November 12, 2013 12:25 am

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