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card review Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: there is a reason this guy is on the limited list.

Card Review
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: click to enlarge
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Card text:

This card can be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 Dragon-Type monster you control. Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster except "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" from your hand or Graveyard.

  • Number: LE11-JP001
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Dragon
  • Attack Points: 2800
  • Defense Points: 2400
  • Level / Rank: 10
  • Attribute: Dark
  • Password: 88264978
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
there is a reason this guy is on the limited list.

written by dmsie
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General description:
This Dragon is an absolute must for any dragon deck. Once he is on the field he can special summon any dragon from your hand or graveyard. This is absolutely incredible for maintaining field control, and gives you a big +1 once every single turn.

First of all, he is a powerful monster with 2800 ATK and 2400 DEF, making him strong enough without his effect. The you can use him to special summon dragons each turn and this makes him even more powerful.

Strategies and game play:
Strategies: to control the field quick - he is great to use in a deck with Blue-Eyes monsters such as Ultimate Dragon and Shining Dragon to get your cards on the field quick, and with Elemental Dragon decks just to add more monsters to the field for xyz or just to have one of them out on the field.

Combos with other cards:
I like to use Future Fusion and send this card and 2-3 Red Eyes Wyverns to the graveyard to Fusion summon a Five Headed Dragon. Then during your end phase you can use the Wyverns to special summon the Darkness Dragon (and have 2 more in the graveyard for later). Then your next turn you have him and the turn after you have a 5-H-D.

I also love to run Red-Eyes Darkness dragon in an elemental deck. You can use Eclipse Wyvern to get him into your hand pretty fast and you can special summon him by banishing a level 7 E-Dragon (which just adds another E-Dragon to your hand) and he can special summon those E-Dragons each turn without you needing to banish monsters.

Ways to counteract it:
Red-Eyes is pretty much a big target for staple traps such as bottomless trap-hole, solemn judgment, torrential tribute, or mirror force. He has no protection from card effects and his attack is only 2800, which is a lot, but not enough to be destroyed in battle fairly easily by a good synchro or fusion summon.

High stats, works well in dragon decks, maintains fantastic field control while he is on the field.

Weak to all card effects.

LE11 LE11-JP001 (Japanese)
DT08-JP DT08-JP010 (Japanese)
SD22-JP SD22-JP013 (Japanese)
DT04-EN DT04-EN060

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork looks incredible. This dragon is one of the best looking dragons they have made in my opinion. It looks just like the red-eyes mosnters (black dragons and red eyes), and he does looks like his skin has metal scales and edges.

Overall rating:
9/10 for incredible field control, easy summoning of itself and other dragons, and its ability to work well in many dragon decks.


Modified on October 17, 2014 07:55 pm

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