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card review The GodStarEmperor Strike-Apollodragon

Card Review
The GodStarEmperor Strike-Apollodragon: click to enlarge
The GodStarEmperor Strike-Apollodragon

Card text:

[When Braved][LV1][LV2][LV3] (During Opponent's Attack Step) If the brave is Green, White or Yellow, when an opposing spirit attacks, refresh this spirit. [When Braved][LV2][LV3] (When This Spirit Brave Attacks) If the brave is Red, Purple, or Blue, destroy 1 opposing spirit with 10000BP or less.

  • Number: 33X
  • Rarity: Promo X
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red/White
  • Spirit Type: Astral Deity
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: RRDD
  • Gems: 2
The GodStarEmperor Strike-Apollodragon
written by LV12
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General description:
The fusion between the MoonDragon and the SunDragon is resulted into this. Here it is, a Cost 8- Holy jeez it's scary-looking! Nah.

Strike-Apollodragon has 2 When Braved effects that can be activated on all 3 levels, but the only catch is that the When Braved effects differ depending on the color of the Brave it's currently combined with. If the Brave it's combined with is White, Green, or Yellow, when an opposing Spirit attacks, it's able to be refreshed. If the Brave is Red, Blue, or Purple, when the Brave Spirit attacks, then it is able to destroy 1 opposing spirit whose BP is less than 10000.

Strategies and game play:
This would help IMMENSELY in a Brave deck. If you wanna intimidate your foes with Strike-Apollo, then I suggest you use Braves that help you with the Refresh effect. If you're all for destroying your opponent's refreshed spirits, then Braves that help with destroying or perhaps destroying MORE of your opponent's spirits would be helpful. Plus... the Dark Sacred Sword wouldn't help in the case of the refresh effect.

Combos with other cards:
For the Refresh effect (the ONLY effect I've used), it would have to be the StarSwordShuttle Polar-Caliber, because of Polar-Caliber's effect when blocked, if and only if your opponent's spirit is destroyed by comparing BP, you get to return an opposing spirit, brave or Nexus. This is only helpful to get rid of a Spirit with a high BP count that you know Strike-Apollo can't win.
For probably the destroying effect, I suggest anything that can destroy more. I COULD suggest Bal-Gunner or The StarDragon Stardust-Caliburn, but their BP destruction limit is a bit low.

Ways to counteract it:
Some ways you can protect yourself against it would be (but not limited to) The BlackHeavenFox Nega-Ninetail with The MidnightSunTreasuredSword Midnight-Sun, The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova at level 3, Brave Break, or Double Blaster... Or just win with a really high BP count. Sieg-Susano-Fried can fill that void. Just because a fusion of the 2 dragons is powerful doesn't mean that it can ensure victory.

-Refresh effect helps if you don't have enough spirits to protect your Life.
-Double Symbol. It can destroy 2 of your opponent's lives. Add that to a Brave with a symbol and you get instant Triple Symbol.
-It's a Red and White Spirit, and since it has a Double Symbol, you can reduce the cost to summon a White or Red Brave.

-If the Brave is destroyed/separated by an effect, then Strike-Apollo's effects are completely useless.
-You must use Braves wisely when centering your deck around Strike-Apollo.
-Other than the When Braved effects, you can't get much from this Spirit. It's a Brave-Heavy Spirit. I call it that because it needs a Brave. It LIVES for a Brave.

Artwork and aesthetics:
I like this. This is a Fusion between The MoonDragon Strike-Siegwurm and The SunDragon Sieg-Apollodragon. It looks like a dragon-esque cyborg. Also, it's begging you "GIVE ME A THING ALREADY."

Overall rating:
I give this card an 8/10.


Modified on June 25, 2013 06:36 am

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