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card review The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried

Card Review
The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried: click to enlarge
The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried

Card text:

[Burst(After Your Life is Decreased)] If your life is 3 or less, for each red spirit you control, destroy 1 opposing spirit with 6000BP or less. After this effect resolves, summon this spirit. [LV2][LV3][LV4] (When Attacks) This spirit gets +10000BP. [LV3][LV4] While you have a burst set, this spirit gets 1 more red symbol.

  • Number: X01
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit/Burst
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: Supreme Hero, Ancient Dragon
  • Cost: 9
  • Reduction: RRR
  • Gems: 1
The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried
written by granddragon
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Bursts have become one of the most powerful aspect in battle spirits,the timing and choice of cards can have a major effect in the entire battle.This card,The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried,have long been approve of being 1 of the most dangerous spirits in BS.But what makes it so good?Here the reason,Susano is one of the rare spirits that posses 4 LV,at first look,this is a spirits with a cost of 9,and only 3 reduction,a condition that makes it hard to summon it directly,but due to this card being a burst,you can summon it at no cost when you set it,life is decrease,plus your life is at 3 or less.It also have a another effect when this burst effect is activate, for each Red Spirit you control, destroy 1 opposing Spirit with 6000BP or less. After that, you can summon this Spirit.The best part about this is even if you have no spirits,you can still summon it.

At LV1,it start off with 6000,which may not be hugely powerful, but it’s good for only the first level.For 3 core,it can rise up to LV2,with a BP of 10000.At LV3, for 5 core, it has a grand amount of 15000BP.Finally,with 7 core,it can fight with a devastating BP of 20000 at LV4.As for its effect,beside the initial burst effect,it got 2 others.At LV2,3,4,when it attacks, this Spirit gets +10000BP.At LV3,4,while you have a burst set,this Spirit gains a additional red symbol.

This burst spirit is best use in a red deck to maximize its full potential,pair it up with a red charge and its burst effect to wipe out high bp spirits of your opponents,and finish them off.Signature card for susanno would include Yasakani-Wing,whch when summoned,can destroy any opposing spirits you like with a combine total of 4k bp,but with susanoo on the field,it can destroy up to 7kbp,add that with a charge and it will go higher,plus it have a red symbol,so all the more deadlier,the next card would be The FlameDragonDevil Ma-Gwo,it possess 2 effect to give a boost to susanoo,at all LV,during your attack step,it can give all of your "Ancient Dragons/Dragons" a 3k bp boost,at LV2 and 3,all "Ancient dragon" spirits gain a red symbol,if the hit connect,this can finish off your opponent in 1 go.This 2 cards are the most widely known cards to combo best with susanoo.Nexus can be add in according to the strategy player use,The Divine Flame Takamagahara,at LV1 during your attack step,when the first attack of your turn is from one of your "Supreme Hero" spirits, you can target 1 opposing spirit to attack,since susanoo have a high bp and a bp boost effect,for its LV2 effect,when your opponent destroys one of your red "Supreme Hero" spirits, by moving 1 core from your life to the void, that spirit remains on your field, refreshed.The second nexus,The HeroEmperor DeitySword,is also a great card to place in a burst deck,when you set a burst you can draw one card,however you can only use this effect once per turn.At LV2,during your attack step,all "Supreme Hero" no brave spirits gain +3000BP. While you have a set burst all "Supreme Hero" non-braves spirits gain +5000BP.There are a lot of different colours,Aroundizar,Horus-Jeter and Shifgator that can be pair up with susanoo,but all are just suggestions,the best would still be Yasakani-Wing.Finally,the type of magic that would enhance susanoo is Explosion Sword,its flash effect give one of your spirits in the "Supreme Hero" family the following effect: "(When Attacks) When only the opposing spirit is destroyed by comparing BP, send a core from the opponent's life to their reserve equal to the number of symbols on this spirit",for 1 turn only,the second one is Transmigration Flame,is susanoo is defeat and you have this burst set,you can instantly revive him back,and by paying for its flash effects,Choose 1 family. During this turn, all your non-brave spirits in the chosen family get +4000BP.

The 2 types of colours that can finish off susanoo is white and purple,for white,by having Hawk Breaker on the field,it can give your white spirits armor for red,which protect it from susanoo burst effect.Use core depletion tacties and send it to the grave before it can be a threat to you.

Its artwork shows it wielding a sword of black flame scorching the very air around it,a spirit that can have the overkill title.I give this card a 9/10.

(PS,if you think this is good,pls rate it a 5,if you rate it a 4 or below,pls tell me how to improve,all suggestions are welcome,TQ.)


Modified on January 23, 2014 06:22 am

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really helpful review! thanks!
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