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card review The TimeControllerDragonDeity Amaterasu: 'master of time'

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Card Review
The TimeControllerDragonDeity Amaterasu: click to enlarge
The TimeControllerDragonDeity Amaterasu

Card text:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] (When Summoned) Destroy 1 opposing spirit. [LV3] (When Attacks) When only the opposing spirit is destroyed by comparing BP, at the end of your turn, refresh all your red spirits. Then, carry out your attack step and end step once more. This effect can only be used once per turn.

  • Number: 52X
  • Rarity: Promo X
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: Crystalline Deity
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: RRR
  • Gems: 1
The TimeControllerDragonDeity Amaterasu
"master of time"

written by LV15
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Amaterasu-a name mostly known to fans because of the appearance of The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon which is known as one of the strongest and most rare cards in existence of battle spirits(only 2 actual copies of this card exist).

this spirit starts at lv1 with 8000bp, a pretty powerful start which could be quite useful against weaker spirits and later on with 12000bp at lv2 & 15000bp at lv3

it's first effect activates when summoned:

"[LV1][LV2][LV3] (When Summoned) Destroy 1 opposing spirit." while this may not be such a powerful effect it has the potential to be extremely useful as it does not specify a certain cost, lv or BP which might allow to get rid of at least 1 powerful spirit your opponent controls before even attacking

this spirits second effect is the one which gave this spirit it's title "the time controller":

"[LV3] (When Attacks) When only the opposing spirit is destroyed by comparing BP, at the end of your turn, refresh all your red spirits. Then, carry out your attack step and end step once more. This effect can only be used once per turn."

truly this effect actually controls time and could allow you to deal some serious damage to your opponent's field or life if activated successfully. however, if you want to use this effect efficiently make sure this spirit is your last attacker on the attack step to get the maximum impact to your opponent's field or life

Combos with other cards:

Combo with Nexus

To fully maximize his strength, the nexus "The Star Creation Place" is probably your best choice at lv1 this nexus would give all of your spirits with 8000bp or more clash which could be very useful if you want to activate his "time control" effect as for the nexus lv2 effect i'll get to that a bit later

Combo with Brave

There are a great number of brave that match pretty well with him:
the first one would be "The DarknessDemonSword Dark-Blade" which with it's "when summoned" effect you could get rid of any nexus that might defend your opponents spirits and later when braved he can target attack which will allow you to get rid of your opponents weaker spirits and activate his "time control" effect

the second is "The LightAndDarkSacredSword Shining-of-dark" which allow you to clear 1 spirit from you opponents spirit with it's effect and then target attack which would lead the the same result as dark-blade's

the third would be "The SkyLightSword Crown-Solar":after you activate his "time control" effect use this brave to refresh the rest of your spirits and launch a third attack on your opponent

the fourth would be "The FantasyHeavenBlade Twilight-Fantasia" which when combined with "The Star Creation Place" clash giving effect would allow you to constantly refresh this spirit or boost your life

the final brave that could be used with this is "The Sword of Judgment Re-Genesis", while not adding any effect it gives amaterasu a massive bp boost which combined with "The Star Creation Place" clash giving effect would allow you to activate his "time control effect very easily

Combo with other cards

ok while card may not be a "astral dragon" this card in my opinion goes best with a "astral dragon" deck because it would give you access to some very powerful spirits that can be refreshed by the "time control" effect and if amaterasu gets destroyed by any chance use the lv2 effect of "The Star Creation Place" and use one of your "astral dragon" spirits to bring him back to your hand

how to counter this spirit:

though this spirit has and can reach some quite high bp they are many ways to counter him
1. since he has no way to protect himself from other effect make sure you use any kind of deplete/exhaust/return hand or destroy effects ready in your deck

2. in order to counter his "time control" effect use white spells like "burst wall" or "wind wall" in order to end your opponent's attack step or you could use a yellow spells like "Battle Cancel", "Burst Snap", "Nefer Uarbe" or "Symphonic Burst" which would allow to either end the attack step, prevent amaterasu form attacking or make amaterasu lose all of his effects

-it's "time control" effect is extremely useful
-can destroy 1 spirit of your choice when summoned

-high cost
-need an amount of cores
-the "time control" effect can only be used once per turn

It strongly resembles it's older brother The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon

Overall rating:
if i have to rate this card i would rate it a 8 out of 10


Modified on February 9, 2014 11:19 pm

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