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card review The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru: Finish your opponent with a swift blow!

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Card Review
The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru: click to enlarge
The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru

Card text:

"[LV1][LV2][LV3] Bunshin - 2: (When Summoned) Place up to two cards from the top of your deck face down on your field and by adding 1 or more cores from your reserve onto them, during the game, those cards become spirits ""Cost 0, Family: Bunshin, <1>LV1 BP3000, Green"" Bunshin spirits. (Bunshin spirits can't be braved. They're discarded if sent back to the hand or deck) [LV2][LV3] Charge - Increase the number of opposing cards exhausted due to your effects by 1. [LV3] (When Attacks) Exhaust 1 opposing spirit."

  • Number: 87
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit Type: Winged Beast
  • Cost: 7
  • Reduction: EEE
  • Gems: 1
The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuumaru
Finish your opponent with a swift blow!

written by dragonlance
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Green is one of my favourite color in Battle Spirit cardfight. Strike fast! And could atruck your opponent swiftly! Combined with the core boost ability and swift summon! It's just great when you already keep the hard pressure upon your opponent at the early game!

After trying the BS22 Green X-Rare The LightFangPhoenix Rekkuamru, he quickly become one of my favourite green spirit. He is simpily powerful when combined with nexus / charge / spell. Let us examine why this spirit is so amazing.

He is cost 7 spirit and have 3 green cost reduction only, but pretty easy to level up!

Though at level 1, he only have 5000 BP (quite low indeed). However, his summoned effect (lv 1 - 3) - Enable you to summon 2 "Bunshin" spirit at no cost! Increase the number of spirits on your field so that you have more attackers / blockers! A nice ability. What make them frightening is you have nexus "The Hidden Village of Lightfang" and the spell "Shining Shadow" as powerful backup! What kind of combo they're? Let me explain.

"The Hidden Village of Lightfang" - His lv 1 effect give both your "Bunshin" spirits and "Winged Beast" (of course include Rekkumaru) BP +2000 at each players' attack step. A nice backup to strengthen your attack and defense. And lv 2 effect, when you have bunshin spirit, the opponent's spirit and nexus eff cannot affect your "Winged Beast" spirits, give you strong protection against many aggressive spirits excelling at destroy / return hand / deplete....

"Shining Shadow" - At the flash step, exhaust 1 opponent spirit, then if you have Rekkumaru on the field, you could even summon 2 Bunshin spirits! If you use his summon eff already, then you might bring 4 bunshins to the field at once! At early-mid game, suddenly bring up such number of spirits to overwhelm your opponents is quite frightening! Especially when your opponent is lack of any useful spell / spirits to counter such swarm.

Then Rekkumaru’s level 2-3 ability is nice as well. Already have charge at lv 2, require 3 cores, you already have 9000 BP, not bad. And lv 3 only require 1 more core! 11000 BP, added the attack eff to exhaust your opponent’s spirit as well! Of course, his full strength came when combined with the “destined” sword brave – Hurricane TwinBlade Kamui-Kayate. (Charge + refresh when exhaust 3 or more)

Such devastating combo is enough to struck an overwhelming victory, just like the anime shown.

With satisfied amount of charge, you easily wipe off all your opponent's blocker at once and then finish your opponent with full-attack.

Some may said such combo still have one weakness (excluding armor) – When you cann’t exhaust 3 or more of his spirits, then you cannot refresh. This is just a trivia problem - since green have some “refresh” spell – Remarkably “Storm Attack” is one of them. Exhaust opponent’s spirit while refresh 1 of yours! Or you might try “Toughness Recovery” (BP +2000 to 1 of your spirit, and refresh when that spirit have 10000 BP or more!). They provide you the incessant attack, while strengthen your defense, definitely a nice spell!

Another nice way to use Rekkamaru is using green burst “Descend Burst”! When opponent diminish your life, and you have 2 or less life, you could summon him from your hand! With flash eff, BP +2000! If you still have core at reserve, you could even summon 2 Bunshin at once! Wisely use this combo, you might turn the table decisively.

Though Rekkamaru is awesome when combined with the spell / nexus / charge / sword brave as combo, he have many obvious weaknesses :

-Without nexus, bunshin is just a weak attacker or blocker, cannot protect anything against effect (destroy , deplete….eg); Even you have, it still cannot protect you against the burst effect, and spell card, though 5000 BP (with nexus eff, BP +2000 to Bunshin) is quite nice. Quantity still hardly cover the weakness in strength.

-Require many useful spell / nexus/ spirit / brave to wield the full potential of this card. (Without enough backup, this card is not strong enough to counter other powerful X-Rare definitely)

-Powerless before armor and counter-spell

Anyway, this card is simpily one of my favourite. Increase your allies on the field while devastate your opponent with “charge”! I rated him 9 since this spirit really fit my appetite.

I have to admit that I’m still inexperienced in BS comparing with other skilled players, but I put a lot of effort to my Lightfang deck. Please rate and comment after you read this review. If you have rated this 3 or less, please explain why. Thanks.


Modified on January 5, 2014 06:35 am

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jurassickaiser Premium Member
LV23 Israel send message

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April 9, 2013
Subject:    Posted: June 26, 2013 03:44 am Reply with quote Report content icon

this is the first spirit with bunshin that came out right?
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