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card review Watthopper: The Ulitmate Paradox!

Card Review
Watthopper: click to enlarge

Card text:

Your opponent cannot select another face-up "Watt" monster on the field as an attack target, or target them with card effects.

  • Number: STBL-EN027
  • Rarity: Common
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Thunder
  • Attack Points: 0
  • Defense Points: 0
  • Level / Rank: 1
  • Attribute: Light
  • Password: 61380658
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
The Ulitmate Paradox!

written by hayazaki
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General description:

Watthopper is one hell of a card with a strong effect. Well, it gets even more powerful when you have another one on the field! Basically, like the old school Maruading Captain lock, this "lock" prevents the opponents' monsters from attacking "Watt" Monsters as well as targeting them with card effects. Wow!


Basically, you want to get two of them on the field as fast as possible. This is possible with general level one support cards like One for One or searchers like "Wattdragonfly" (If destroyed by opponent's card effect or battle, SP summon a "watt" monster from the deck) or "Shining Angel."

Strategies and game play:

As stated before, there are many ways to summon out one of these suckers.

You can drop a monster and special summon one from the deck with the use of "One for One."
You can also set a Wattdragonfly and let your opponent crash into it, then summon a Watthopper. Generally, you would run three copies of Wattdragonfly as to "cushion" the many attacks of several monsters they could have gotten out (hopefully only three MAX).
Pro Plays also include attacking the opponents monster with said Wattdragonfly to forcefully summon a Watthopper from the deck.
You can also use unorthodox methods like "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" to summon the Watthopper or "Where Arf Thou" to search for additional copies. These are up to the player, but do note that they require that you take appropriate damage.
Combos with other cards:

When you set up the "Hopperlock" you want to maintain or keep them on the field right? Their effects only protect them from "targeting" effects and they fall prey to Black Rose Dragon, Torrential, and Dark Hole plays. To prevent this, you can use a combination, or a preference of, Starlight Road and Huge Revolution is Over for heavy destruction plays and Effect Veiler for Black Rose Dragon or Thunder Spark Dragon plays. (Also for Abyssgaios as well :-) Generally a good "Watt" deck is back row heavy and usually has "outs" to heavy destruction cards as well as "Monster Hate" like Bottomless Trap Hole, Comp Evac., etc.
Some players also paired Watthopper with "Safe Zone" to "mimic" the control of two Watthoppers. The player only needs to worry about scarring MST's and Heavy Storm (MST's being at three make this idea more "ill-advised"). This can however, be combated with Dark Bribe which also protects the Watthopper Duo from wailing Torries or Dark Holes.

Ways to counteract it:

General heavy destruction will kill this card. But please advise that the opponent will most likely have their "outs." Also cards that do not "target." Such cards include:
Dark Hole
Torrential Tribute
Black Rose Dragon
Fissures (Even smashing ground if you only have "just" the hoppers'.)
Chain Destruction (when the first one comes out)
Herald of Perfection will destroy any "Watt" monster that has an effect that activates. This card will often kill Wattdragonflies before you can even summon out a Watthopper. This card's effect can also be activated even with two Watthopper's on the field. It wont "kill" your lock, (because their effects are continuous) But it will kill your "Wattcobras" when the 2nd effect to add Wattmonsters to your hand "activates." Hopefully you attacked with "Wattgiraffe" first.

Note that Wattmonsters that can attack directly, their effect to attack does not "activate." But their effects that activate after they "attack directly" will activate. Also, Watthopper effect, aforementioned, is continuous. So SHOCKMASTER will NOT WORK and "Light Imprisoning Mirror" is only used to "slow down" the lock as it will stop the "Watthopper" summoning from the Wattdragonfly.

Basically you want to prevent the second one from coming out or getting rid of the 1st one as soon as it comes out. You can evac. compulse. the first one as well as fiendish chaining the first one. When the second one comes out, you can negate the summon with Solemn Warning or Solemn Judgment.

Note that you cannot Solemn Warning the Watthopper if it is summoned by Wattdragonfly. You must "warning" the dragonfly as soon as it is "dead."(Because of inherent summoning restrictions)


If your opponent does not have any "outs" in preventing or destroying the "hopperlock," he or she will eventually lose due to your aggressive direct attackers like Wattcobra, Wattgiraffe, or Wattpheasant. (All having 1000 attack, 1200 for Wattgiraffe respectfully)
This lock can be easily setup within 2-3 turns with many different combos and play styles.
Wattdecks are generally fun to play and this "locking" combo makes the deck more competitive.
Wattdecks that circle around the setup of this lock is generally not known by the whole Yugioh Community and can give your opponent the element of surprise when he or she challenges you.
A good wattdeck can guarantee a win after setting up this infamous lock as well as generally topping locals and can be altered to be "anti-meta."
These types of decks can be rather inexpensive to build.
This deck will likely not be stolen at events.
You can build a Watt Deck without an Extra Deck!


This card only comes in the common rarity. (If you're a person who like to show off his or her "bling").
This card (much like other effect monsters) falls prey to "Skill Drain."
This archetype is generally trolly and your opponent may be left with pulled hair roots, and a bad time. He or she may be yelling at you or accusing you of playing an "auto-pilot" deck which is not true.
A standard Watt deck can get a little boring after a lot of game play. But it will guarantee won duels.
This card and deck is all about stalling and can be quite extraneous during events. It may also take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to win a duel.


This card has print both in Japanese and English. It isn't "reprinted" in any other rarity other than common. [Printed in Starstrike Blast]

Artwork and aesthetics:

The artwork is very appropriate with the Watt Archetype and it looks menacing [enough]!

Overall rating:

I've been using a stable Wattdeck for 2 years and it had brought me great success. This card is my MVP and for that, it receives a 9!


Modified on June 26, 2013 04:13 pm

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Author Message
United States

Avatar for kylemepham
Subject: Solar flare dragon   Posted: June 26, 2013 04:13 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

It has the same effect as watt hopper but also deos damage without attacking its a way better combination and is very useful in a fire or burn deck almost a must
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