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card review The PrimitiveKing Gigano-Rex: 'The Clash King' of Terra Dragon!

Card Review
The PrimitiveKing Gigano-Rex: click to enlarge
The PrimitiveKing Gigano-Rex

Card text:

[LV1][LV2] Clash (When Attacks) Your opponent must block if possible.
[Rush(Condition:Green Symbol)] The effect below remains active while you have a Green Symbol.
Green: Once per turn, refresh all Terra Dragon spirits you control.
[LV2] (When Attacks) For each Terra Dragon spirit you control, this spirit gets +5000BP.

  • Number: 85
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: Terra Dragon
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: RRRRRE
  • Gems: 1
The PrimitiveKing Gigano-Rex
"The Clash King" of Terra Dragon!

written by dragonlance
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Thanks to BS22, the Terra Dragon has dramatically powered-up as the spirit family! Possessing a great number of powerful nexus, spirit and spell card to support the Terra Dino, combined with the terrifying “Rush” effect, the Terra Dragon deck is just dangerously powerful if you organize your deck pretty well.

Just like Astral Dragon, “Clash” has also became one of the key feature of Terra Dragon. So far Clash deck is one of my favorite style, I decided to introduce the “King of Clash” in Terra Dragon! Okay, here comes my key spirit! The Red X-Rare from BS 22!

Card Description

The PrimitiveKing Gigano-Rex is definitely the most powerful red spirit in Terra Dragon. Let’s examine his cost first. His great cost reduction has became one of his advantage – 5 red + 1 green reduction, pretty easy to summon if you already have quite a number of spirits / nexus on the field. At level 1, he have 7000 BP which might be average considering the cost, but he have Clash effect which activate at any LV.

By just place 3 cores upon him , he is 12000 BP spirit at Lv 2. Now comes the frightening part. His lv 2 effect, power +5000 for each of your Terra Dragon on your field! So even you have him alone, already 17000 BP when attack! Most of the spirits, even braved, could hardly reach such powerful BP. Not count that when you have other Terra Dragon, BP +5000 for each of them on the field! And combined with your brave….Imagine it, how tremendous BP he possess! Almost not a single spirit in the world of BS could counter him in BP matches during your attack step!

With Clash effect, he is just like giant hammer that crush your opponent’s spirit one by one.

And even more terrified, is his LV 2 “Rush” effect when attack, refresh all your Terra Dragon once per turn when this spirit attack! Aware of this, refresh in “your attack step” ! In other words, your Terra Dino Legion could launch another full attack! Your attack times doubled! (suppose your opponent cannot obstruct you with spell / burst / swift)

And with that wave-by-wave attack, you could finish your opponent soundly at once!

Suggested deck component : Terra Dragon + Clash + Rush

Combo with Nexus

To fully maximize his strength, the nexus “The Dark Galaxy of Dusk” is indispensable. Not only providing the nice cost reduction (1 green + 1 red), but set up your “Rush” so early if you already deploy him at beginning. Moreover, you power-up all your Terra Dragon during your attack step! A strong backup already with this nexus at lv 1.

and when raise this nexus to lv 2, you could even refresh 3 Terra Dragon at max in your end step! So you might just attack many times as you like to shatter your opponent’s spirit by clash and dominate the field advantage without fear of having no blockers at the end.

Combo with Brave

There’re great number of brave pretty match with him, especially those “compare by BP effect” / “refresh” type.

One of the best brave suited with him is the SpearBird Spineed-Hayato (which I strongly recommend). Such clash + refresh combo might eliminate all your opponent’s spirit at once! If this success (pray that your opponent would not counter with spell / burst card), your opponent will be totally vulnerable for you to struck him as you wish. With “Rush” effect, you could send out the extra attack as well even your opponent don’t block, such devastating combo is the main reason you must use him for the ‘King of Clash”!

Other brave cards could be put to good use might be Bladewolf Beo-Wulf which diminish your opponent 2 life at once with clash!

Note that both brave have 2 red and 2 green reduction, make them really good for Terra Dragon’s “Rush” deck (Since you would put many cards with green symbol). And since they’re green brave, you have “rush” standby!

As the low cost brave, I recommend Gornic Eagle which is 3 cost only with 2 red reduction, and his brave condition is really low (cost 3 or above). Though no symbol, he have the nice summon eff – destroy nexus. Though BP +5000 when attack eff is not necessary for Gigano Rex since his attack BP is already terrifying enough at lv 2. But you might use him to suit with other Terra Dragon instead. The best might be suit him with the PiercingDragon Styragon (cost 5).

Other low cost brave like Bal Gunner, also work well, Clear your opponent’s field while increase your hand, that’s a nice combo.

Combo with Other Spirits

Make sure your put a great number of Terra Dragon and at least 7-8 cards with “green” symbol to the deck, otherwise Gigano Rex is pretty ineffective without other Terra Dragon as support, and “Rush” as backup.

Also, if you focus on “Clash”, then put a lot of “clash” spirit and use them as your main strike force. There’re numerous spirits really work well, such as :

Alphataceratops (cost 2), ViolentDragon Ranbeos (cost 4), PiercingDragon Styragon (cost 5), Dark Tyranoosaura (Cost 6, no clash eff, but definitely a great backup)

After you dispose numerous of them, combined with your Gigano Rex’s lv 2 “refresh” effect, your “Terra Dino Legion” shall dominate the field completely!

Combo with Spell Cards

You might mainly focus on the destroy-type magic and use them as powerful support to cut down your opponents’ spirit / nexus.

Tactics Tips by using Gigano Rex as your key spirit

Early Stage : Try to ensure the undisputed advantage on the field (strong BP + destroy opponent’s spirit by clash). Try to increase your hands as you could. You may even try Mega Neura (green swift spirit) from BS 22 to increase your core

Mid Stage : Keep control of the field advantage by the strong spirit / spell. And deploy the brave spirit as your main strike force, pressing your opponent heavily . Also, you might use the Burst card as backup for your ferocious offensive.

Late Stage : Let your Terra Dino Legion prepare the full-out attack. Launch two-wave attack by activating Gigano Rex’s lv 2 “Rush” effect! Use any powerful spell you still have as support for this all-out strike.

Tips of counter this spirit

Though have powerful BP, but only in your opponent’s turn (During your turn, he’s just normally 12000 BP spirit). You might use this as your advantage.

Since Gigano Rex have no armor, just prepare every sort of deplete / exhaust / return hand skill and any type of magic / effect come out at your brain to get rid of him, and torture him brutally as you like. Burst effect like return him to bottom of deck would be a great help. If you use yellow, and this spirit attack you, you might fight him by the match of level, instead of BP. Since Gigano Rex have only 2 levels, this would leave him vulnerable to you! If you use white, then simpily use armor to prevent his Clash effect, and using a large number of defense spells to take care his troublesome “refresh” effect.

Rating : 9

This Clash red spirit is just awesome, I certainly give him a high score.
Please rate and comment, and share any opinion / idea if you have.


Modified on August 25, 2013 08:54 am

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LV21 Israel send message

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April 9, 2013
Subject:    Posted: August 25, 2013 08:54 am Reply with quote Report content icon

good review this is a really good card!!!!!
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