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card review The TenSwordSaint Starblade-Dragon

Card Review
The TenSwordSaint Starblade-Dragon: click to enlarge
The TenSwordSaint Starblade-Dragon

Card text:

[LV1-LV2-LV3-LV4] (When this Spirit attacks) Destroy 1 opposing spirit with the highest BP. [LV2-LV3-LV4] (When this spirit attacks) This spirit gains +5000BP. [When Braved][LV3-LV4] (When this spirit Brave attacks) Destroy 1 opposing spirit with BP7000 or less, when you destroy a cost 6 or more spirit with this effect, move 1 core from the opponent's life to their reserve.

  • Number: X01
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Red
  • Spirit Type: Astral Dragon, Sword Master
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: RRRRRR
  • Gems: 1
The TenSwordSaint Starblade-Dragon
written by  Premium Member LV14
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General description:
From what I guessed, there was an introduction of the new Family called the Sword Master. Plus there's a new series of cards called The TenSword(s)Saints. This is an "eh" or a good card, if you can play them right. Introducing "Starblade-Dragon"!

Starblade-Dragon's first effect destroys the Spirit with the highest BP. Easily, this card WRECKS The PhantomStarDragon Gai-Asura. It could destroy Darkwurm-Nova.

The second effect is meh at best. +5000 BP? Sieg-Susano-Fried can topple that easy.

The third effect is awesome with a Red Charge deck. Destroying 1 spirit with 7000 BP or less. Naturally, people COULD go for the blockers. What I do is go for a Cost 6 or above Spirit with at least 8000 BP. I'll explain that in a bit.

Strategies and game play:
This deck is best suited for a Red Charge deck because of its 3rd effect. Increasing the BP Destruction Limit is what you would want for a good victory that involves destroying key Spirits.

Combos with other cards:
This is where I can explain about going for a cost 6 or above spirit with at LEAST 8000 BP. This is what I COULD call the "5 life combo".

Brave Starblade with Shine-Blazer. People MIGHT say otherwise. It'll be at least level 3. Going level 4 would not be worth it because of the core requirements for Level 4. When this Brave Spirit attacks, go trigger happy by activating all of its effects. You want to aim for at most 3 lives from its destroying effects.

Destroy the Spirit with the HIGHEST BP, then Shine-Blazer's effect activates, moving 1 life to the Reserve. Shine-Blazer's effect won't work if the destroyed spirit's BP is less than 8000. Then you want to destroy the spirit with a cost of 6 or above using Starblade's level 3 When Brave Attacks effect. If that spirit has at least 8k BP, Shine-Blazer's effect activates. And boom. 3 lives just from destruction effects.

Ways to counteract it:
Since Starblade-Dragon's first effect destroys the Spirit with the highest BP, you might consider lowering your Key Spirit's level and if possible, try to let it destroy a weaker spirit that has more BP than your key spirit. That is, unless Starblade's level 3 effect doesn't come in play.

-Cost 8, 6 red Reductions. That's an okay card in my books.
-Destruction effects are useful when clearing out your opponent's field.
-Level 4 has 20k BP.

-The only ways that it doesn't FEEL like a Sieg-Susano-Fried clone is instead of adding 10k BP, Starblade adds 5k.
-Starblade's level 1-4 effect destroys the spirit with the highest BP. If a key Spirit has lower BP than the others, it might not work out.
-Core Requirements for the levels are not spread out correctly... Level 2 has 3 cores, level 3 has 4 cores, and level 4 has a whopping 8 CORES. Seriously!?

Overall rating:
Honestly, I'm kinda surprised as to WHY I'm still using this thing. I give it a 6.5 out of 10 I guess.


Modified on August 25, 2013 08:51 am

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jurassickaiser Premium Member
LV23 Israel send message

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Member since
April 9, 2013
Subject:    Posted: August 25, 2013 08:51 am Reply with quote Report content icon

out of all the "sword saint spirit this one is probably my favorite good review!!!!!
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