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card review Chappie the Ghostie: The Keys to the Toolbox

Card Review
Chappie the Ghostie: click to enlarge
Chappie the Ghostie

Card text:

[AUTO]: When this unit is placed on (GC), search your deck for up to one «Granblue», put it into your drop zone, and shuffle your deck.

Yo ho ho, I will take you along to hell.

  • Number: BT02-026
  • Rarity: R
  • Clan: Granblue
  • Nation: Magallanica
  • Race: Ghost
  • Power: 5000
  • Shield: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 0 / Boost
  • Trigger: None
Chappie the Ghostie
The Keys to the Toolbox

written by LV17
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General description:
Granblue is a clan that utilizes the drop zone for its skills. How does stuff get into the drop zone? You can guard with the stuff in your hand, which would get it to the drop zone while saving yourself from damage. But what if there was a better way to get stuff to the drop zone while stopping attacks? Chappie the Ghostie says it can be done.

As soon as Chappie enters the guardian circle, you can search your deck for any Granblue you want and send it to the drop zone. There are no grade limits, no limits on how deep into your deck you can look, just drop a 10k shield and send anything you want to the drop zone. This allows you to set up resurrection targets and reduce the amount of "dead guards" (cards with no shield value) that you can drive check into.

Strategies and game play:
Chappie lets you set up resurrection targets and lower the chance of drive checking into Grade Three units (who have no shield value, therefore they can't guard except as a sentinel cost). As an interesting trick, Chappie can be used to target a non-trigger from the deck and send it to the drop zone where it can't be drive checked into. This slightly increases the chance of getting a trigger, especially if you're desparately searching the last dozen cards of your deck for the last heal trigger to save yourself. Additionally, while using a low Chappie count can allow you to set up for the smaller gambits, there is an entire deck type involving using four Chappies and the four resurrecting Grade Threes. This deck type means that you can superior ride your choice of four vanguards and have a really low chance of getting a dead guard during drive checks. Less dead guards means more cards that can act as shields, which in turn means more total shield in your deck. Coupled with the superior ride options, this Chappie deck makes Granblue great for early rush players.

Combos with other cards:
Chappie mainly combines with three types of cards: Self Revivers, Revive Targets, and Superior Riders. Self Revivers can bring themselves back from the drop zone. These include Deadly Nightmare, Deadly Spirit, Samurai Spirit, Captain Nightmist, and Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon. Skull Dragon moving to the drop zone is good if the deck's winning image is to get Grade Threes out of the deck, but remember that if Skull Dragon attacks it automatically gets more power and has to retire itself during the end phase. Captain Nightmist and Deadly Spirit are recommended because they can intercept. Nightmist also has a vanguard skill that will give it more power if there is another Nightmist in the drop zone.

Revive Targets are cards that you would want to bring back with skills like Thanatos, Cocytus, and Negromarl. Nightstorm and/or Zombie Shark (+2k attacking a vanguard and +2k when boosted by a Granblue) make good targets, as will anything that you happen to need on your side of the field (I prefer Evil Shade). The best target for Thanatos would probably be Stormride Ghost Ship, which is Granblue's version of Genocide Jack and releases its restraint for the turn whenever you revive anything from the drop zone (including itself). This means that if Thanatos hits and you have a Ghost Ship that you got to the drop zone via Chappie, you can revive an 11k attacker who releases his restraint immediately.

Superior Riders are units like Skeleton Demon World Knight, Cocytus, Deadly Swordmaster, Spirit Exceed, and Monster Frank. They can use their skills to ride from the drop zone, allowing you to have a Grade Three vanguard when your opponent is still at Grade One. As mentioned in "Strategies", there is a deck that specializes in using Chappie to set these up.

Ways to counteract it:
If Chappie is meant to set up self-revivers, smash them repeatedly. Every time a self-reviver wants to rejoin the fight, it has to pay either a soulblast or a counterblast. Exhaust these resources and there won't be any more reviving. Revive targets are easier to deal with, as they only need to be smashed once (though it should be noted that grade one revive targets like Evil Shade will only be vulnerable to card effects). As for superior ride targets, there is a major problem in the deck construction itself regarding that. Look up at Deadly Swordmaster, and you'll see that it needs to retire two units (self-reviving units, so not as bad as it could be), meaning that resources will need to be spent replacing them. Superior Ride Chappie decks are incredibly inefficient if they can't superior ride (except for Cocytus, but he can only superior ride on top of Skeleton Demon World Night). The best counter here is to hope the other side can't immediately superior ride. Alternatively, if they do manage to superior ride, the best thing to do is to endure. Except for Cocytus, none of the superior ride targets have any skills that make them a threatening vanguard. Also, Granblue is getting support in the next booster set. This likely means a break ride, which will make the Chappie Superior Ride deck most likely unable to break ride (a superior riding Break Ride? Keep dreaming).

Sets up for multiple scenarios and can be used at the maximum amount without threatening deck balance.

Chappie Superior Ride decks are inefficient if they can't superior ride early enough. Anything Chappie sends to the drop zone with intent to revive can be knocked back down after it's revived, meaning a waste of CB or SB.

Only one variation, a single-rare from the second booster pack.

Artwork and aesthetics:
Chappie is a cartoon ghost in a pirate uniform. His flavor text mentions taking someone "along to hell." Granblue is an undead-pirate-themed clan that gets great benefit from taking its units to "Hell" (the drop zone).

Overall rating:
Chappie is a 10k guard (5) that thins out the deck (+1) to get you whatever you need (+2) if you can pay to revive it (-1) without messing with grade ratios (+2). This ghost is worth 9 out of 10.


Modified on January 13, 2014 05:37 pm

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