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card review Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality: THE MOST TROUBLESOME ANGEL COMMAND FOR YOUR OPPONENT

Card Review
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality: click to enlarge
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality

Card text:

*  Shield Force (When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may choose one of your shields. While the chosen shield remains in the shield zone, this creature gains the following Shieldforce.gif abilities.)

Shieldforce.gif This creature gains "Blocker".
Shieldforce.gif When this creature would leave the battle zone, it stays in the battle zone instead.

*  Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

An unbreakable body and unbreakable heart leads him to victory in every battle. 砕けぬ身体と折れぬ心が、あらゆる戦を勝利へと導く. (DM-28)

  • Collector Number: P29-Y10
  • Rarity: Very Rare
  • Type: Creature
  • Race: Angel Command
  • Power: 9000
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Light
  • Artist: Daisuke Izuka
Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality

written by sainandan
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General description:
The name of this card itself sends chills down your opponent's spines,a card that is difficult to remove from the battle field,a card that is quite strong and can save you from tight situations is something that no player wants to miss.A perfect example of such a card is my favorite angel command of all time,perfect galaxy,spirit of immortality.
The effects are simple and complicated as well.First of all it introduces a card mechanic called 'shield force',something which not many cards have,something that will make your creature have some temporary abilities as long as the shield is present in the shield zone.Now,such an ability,can only be used once,that is when the said creature is put in the battle zone.Only then can you chose a shield,and that is your last chance, chose wisely!
While that shield is in play,perfect galaxy gets the chance to be a blocker for you with power 9000,which proves precious,and the most spectacular and unique ability under the 'shield force condition' is its ability to stay in the battle zone,even if it is removed from it in any way,whether it be,losing a battle against a stronger creature,whether it be sent to the hand,grave,the mana or the shield zone by ANY spell or creature,it still persists in the battle zone as long as the chosen shield is in play,NOW HOW COOL IS THAT??!!!No worries about terror pits,natural snares,spiral gate,a daidalos of your own or any 10000+ powered creatures which will force perfect galaxy to leave the battle zone!No matter what your opponent does,it stays and gives him/her a headache

Perfect galaxy is a card that can change the mindset of the game by a 180.The best way to play it is to reduce its cost to 6 or 5 instead of a patience-demanding 7 and wreak havoc on your opponent's strategy from the beginning!Once the card comes into play,chose a shield,make every attempt to protect that shield,and sit back and enjoy while perfect galaxy and his team does the work.Though you can't expect others to just sit back,even they can be perfect galaxy controllers,if they summon it before you,it is you who should get serious.

Strategies and game play:
When this card comes into play,
1)It acts as a blocker until the chosen shield is in play
2)It is a 9000 powered double breaker
3)Nothing in the universe can remove it from play until the chosen shield is in play
Perfect galaxy though is rarely used for offence,as it has better uses as a blocker which can withstand any attack and remain unscratched.And besides,it has to protect its 'father shield' too,which your opponent wants so badly!!

Combos with other cards:
Perfect galaxy,like any other good card,cannot work on its needs teammates too,...first of all perfect galaxy should be brought in an environment where you have your blockers settled well into the game,so your opponent doesn't outnumber your blockers and breaks the 'father shield'.Remember,perfect galaxy,no matter how awesome its ability is,can only defend one attack per block tap.So if your opponent has two attacking creatures,and you have only perfect galaxy,you can kiss your sweet strategies goodbye.
But first you gotta bring it quick against control decks,you just cannot afford to wait until turn 7 to play it,so use 'ASHLIGER' to reduce the cost by 2,so you can play it on the next turn itself.Now,...To protect your shields,you gotta make a good combo work,...from my experience,perhaps the best card which combines with perfect galaxy AND amplifies its abilities,is the most notorious of all shield fortresses...yes you guessed it right,..SILVER GLORY,INVINCIBLE FORTRESS.When that fortress is in play,your creatures win all battles AND you get to chose the shields your opponent breaks.Hence,the obvious choice is to keep silver glory on top of the 'father shield' and you can stop worrying about not having enough blockers to defend it..
The other combos include perfect galaxy+2x Murmur,apostle of formation+bloody shadow or perfect galaxy+Auzesu,demonic holy spirit/or queen alcadieas(to stop your opponent from casting fire/darkness spells which remove the shield from play and put it into the grave)+2x berlin bell grave keeper...or any combo with perfect galaxy teamed up with two or more other blockers with good abilites will do...another combo can be done at the start of your second turn,by playing emeral,and exchanging one shield for a card in your hand,and deliberately placing a shield trigger at the empty space,and then chosing it as the 'father shield' when perfect galaxy comes!
Use daidalos with this card,and you won't even need to actually pay the 'attacking fee' of daidalos,as you officially ARE DESTROYING one of your creatures,but its not daidalos' fault that perfect galaxy is so stubborn ;)

Ways to counteract it:
If your opponent DOES NOT have a queen alcadieas in play,then you can use the 'shield goes to graveyard' spells to dismiss your opponent's perfect galaxy's abilities.For example BOLSHACK ULPHEUS+INVINCIBLE CATACLYSM combo which will force your opponent to put the 'father shield' into the grave and no blocker can save that,which only means one thing,not only have you taken away 3 of your opponent's shields,but you also have terminated perfect galaxy's special abilites,making it no better than a death liger,lion of chaos which rarely does jack in the game,I personally call it a 'galaxy to liger' breakdown.
Another way which is already stated is to use speed attackers and outnumber your opponent's blockers.Use 'Genji double cross blastdragon" which will not only force one of your opponent's blockers out of the field,but also be a speed attacker,which can outnumber your opponent's blockers....but be careful,you may have to sacrifice genji against your opponent's perfect galaxy!

Already stated:Its a heavy blocker when the chosen shield is in play,typical of the light civilization cards,with 9000 power and 7 mana,it has a shield force card mechanic,which causes the 'blocker' ability and the 'don't leave the battle zone ability' to come into picture,really causing a headache for your opponent ;) AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,don't evolve it at any cost,even if it is the only angel command in the battle zone.

Heavy reliance on fellow blockers to protect the 'father shield',which when lost will make it lose most of its abilities and make it a lame card for 7 mana.Silver glory is an exception,but you can't rely always on shield fortresses(which are not more than 2 copies in a deck) to support it....also HIGH MANA,if no ashliger,then probably have to wait for 7 turns to play it....
One more thing,..unfortunately,this card is restricted to only one copy in a OCG deck,so you won't have TOO much of an advantage,but its still fair enough.

Perfect galaxy has 4 different and unique card versions and one of them is in foil which can be found in DMX-12.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork is just like a classic angel command,it resembles somewhat like a blue 'sirius filament elemental',its swords are immortal and invincible,but obviously rely on the 'father shield' for power ;)..but overall it is great,though it could have been better

Overall rating:


Modified on April 16, 2014 12:56 pm

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