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card review Infernus the Immolator: Monarch of the Fire Civilization

Card Review
Infernus the Immolator: click to enlarge
Infernus the Immolator

Card text:

Triple Breaker (This Creature breaks 3 shields.)

Inferno Breath — When this Creature enters the battle zone, banish any number of target enemy Creatures that have total power 8000 or less.

Volcanic Temper — Whenever this Creature becomes the target of one of your opponent's spells or abilities, choose 3 of your opponents shields. This Creature breaks those shields.

Fire Monarch — Each of your other Fire Creatures gets +4000 power.

  • Collector Number: S4
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Creature
  • Civilization: Fire
  • Level: 11
  • Race: Monarch / Armored Dragon
  • Power: 17000
  • Mana Value: 1
  • Illustrator: Jesper Ejsing
Infernus the Immolator
Monarch of the Fire Civilization

written by rapidslurker15
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"Send word to all Fire creatures. We go to WAR!" - Infernus the Immolator

Infernus the Immolator, the proud Monarch of the Fire Civilization. He is the owner of the highest power level Kaijudo has ever seen. As a Triple Breaker both on and off the offensive, this guy is a real threat. At 11 mana, it is a threat just to ramp up the mana to summon him before your opponent goes for game. But when he finally gets onto the field, he becomes a monster; even on his card, he puts Tatsurion the Unchained to shame. With the additional Monarch race and ability, he can make all of your other Fire creatures a bigger threat.

The biggest threat is not one Infernus, but two comboed in a row. Both can raise each other's power by 4000, for a total of 21000, which would make it a Quattro Breaker.

Since it can break three of your shields if you target it, such as with Tendril Grasp or Terror Pit, there is no real way to get rid of it without losing shields.

Being a Triple Breaker and 17000 power, this guy is a threat both on and off the offensive. It not being a Blocker was a rather wise choice, since 1) Fire is not a civilization for Blockers like Light, Water, and even Darkness, and 2) It is the most powerful creature in the game. It would kill everything it blocked against.

Infernus's text only mentions that it can't be targeted by your opponent's spells and abilities. This makes it vulnerable to cards like Stormspark Blast or abilities like Slayer since they don't specifically target a creature.

Infernus only has one other variation: Infernus the Awakened from DragonStrike Infernus. This Infernus only had 13000 power as opposed to Immolator's 17000.

As a full art card, like all the Monarchs, the art best represents his abilities as a Monarch. The creature this card represents is truly monstrous both in the card game and the TV show.

Overall, I would give this card an 8, since your opponent will be backed into a corner when it comes onto the field. As stated above, there is no real way to get rid of it without losing shields. However, I have to take two points away since it can't be targeted, and spells and abilities like Stormspark Blast and Slayer don't specifically target.

So, until next time, I'm RapidsLurker15, and I will catch you on the flip-side. Peace.

"Infernus the Immolator, hear me!" -The Choten


Modified on July 12, 2014 11:36 am

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