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card review King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia: The forsaken angel...

Card Review
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia: click to enlarge
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

Card text:

This card is put into the mana zone tapped.
Evolution - Put on one of your multicolored creatures.
Double Breaker
When your opponent would put a non-multicolored creature into the battle zone, put it into his graveyard instead.

  • Collector Number: S3
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Evolution Creature
  • Race: Angel Command /Lost Crusader
  • Power: 9000
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 7
  • Civilization: Light/Darkness
  • Artist: Norikatsu Miyoshi
King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia
The forsaken angel...

written by LV30
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General description:
Back in the days of God Apex Saga, when the wrath of the gods was extending, only one thing was able to stop their total domination, the freshly new awakened Ballom Emperor and his army of demon commands led by the general Olzekia. The gods haven't been satisfied so they abducted the ancient enemy of darkness, Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits who was still recovering from Dorballom's spell that brought him back to life in a dark corrupted version known as Death Arcadia, Devil Saint .

"In order to defend my brothers I'll leave all my roots behind!"
-Death Arcadia, Devil Saint

But instead of helping him, the gods brought back the curse, and so the lord of grandeur was transformed into a servant of the gods and also their ultimate weapon, King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia.

"No one can reach the purity of the half blood king!" -King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia.

Uses: ,
Starting with the cost, 7 mana may seem big BUT, together with the effect, 9000 Power and Double Breaker, 7 mana in my opinion is too cheap.
King Alcadeias meant the end of all the annoying mono colored creatures. No Olzekia or Aqua Surfer could stand in his way but wait there's more! Compared to Alphadios' effect, which is restricted at summoning, the king stops EVERY CREATURE that has only one civilization from being put into the battle zone.

Strategies and game play:

1. "Nekura Guardian"
Shortly after he was released, the king was added in a deck which focused in Bronze Arm Tribe, Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian, and Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage, in order to bring King Alcadeias faster into play.

2. King Alcadeias (L/D)
As the Sengoku Saga began, Perfect Galaxy and King Alcadeias were used together to force the opponent to use multicolored creatures with a power bigger than 9000 in order to win.

3. Chirico King Alcadeias Lock
Once "The crystal empress" was released the King was sure that he won't miss the opportunity to dominate her, and so with Chirico's creature spamming effect the "Royal Couple" could be brought in the battle zone way more easier.

4. KingQueen Lockdown (LWD)
Based on heavy draw, discard and multicolored colors, "The Royal Couple" managed to build their kingdom over defeated souls which demanded to stand in their way.
Combos with other cards:

Any King needs a Queen...and so the gods picked a Mecha del Sol and used the temptation card on her. In exchange for becoming an angel command she must serve the gods. But what the little "ray of sunshine" didn't know is that her gift will come along with the black magic of darkness. And that's how one of the most well known cards in DM's history was created...

"And now that I've met my husband, all the civilizations will homage our reign!" -Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

As for the bait part...the royal army included creatures like "The ghostly knight"

"I'm not meant to die! My only purpose in this world is to serve my masters!" - Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight

Except for wise and small blockers, there are creatures more gifted.

"Nobody touches my King if they prize their soul!" -Bega, Vizier of Shadow

But what would a kingdom be without a "wise man" ?

"I can't stop thinking at ways to make this kingdom even more powerful than before."Aquan

Everyone needs someone to make him laugh...

After I've seen the miracle with my eyes I left Dorballom's castle and stepped into the light! - Maxval, Electro-Fuuma

And of course, a royal garden...

"My king likes to smell fresh roses every time he wakes up!" -Mother Earth

But we also need someone as a guardian

"No one knows how good it is to be the royal bodyguard...and how good I'm paid. The only thing stronger than my soul is my body!" -Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality

Every guardian needs a watchtower to recover his powers...but this one gives the power to the entire kingdom.

"With this kind of architecture even phoenixes have stopped in front of my castle to admire the beauty!" -King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

But what does the king when his queen is busy with royal stuff?

"I'll never leave you my king! Together we can build a new empire! If there wasn't that Queen..." - Emperor Chirico

Ways to counteract it:
When gods created the Queen they had a good purpose. Without his wife the King is vulnerable even to classic spells from DM history. Terror Pit, sending King's soul in hell, Natural Snare, transforming the king into a huge bush, Spiral Gate, sending him back from where he began, and so on. But that's it! Only spells represent a threat for him.

* Locks down the monocolored creatures
* For such an effect 7 mana is a small cost
* 9000 power is enough for the mighty king to win battles

* Even the small spells like The Strong Spiral can get the king out of battle zone.

Let's not forget from where the story of our king began.

"No wicked spell or blade can pierce my soul! I'll live forever in the souls of those who have seen the light!" - Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits

But while the soul of Alcadeias was resting in Heavens after being destroyed by the power of cross gears, the Cosmo Walkers started to make chemical experiments on his dead armor. And then a miracle happened! The armor gained life and even more power than the old spirit could ever gain. And so the biggest angel of all rose!

"In front of my sword even the gods have submitted! " -Alphadios, Lord of Spirits

DMC-46 Arcadias Knights brought new artworks to "The Royal Couple"

"Those who thought that the king will fall asleep to rest were wrong!" King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

"Now that the successor has been brought to live the royal family will last!" Queen Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

Artwork and aesthetics:
DM 26 - Dragonic Wars
"A human dressed in a fancy armour." This is how I could resume my first thought about King. But then I started to seek for more knowledge. A human? Well...compared to Alcadeias' armor which covered all the human parts and resemble more like a robot, this one shows us that the angel commands have a "flesh" part inside their armor's. In this case King's armor looks more like ancient than new. The shoulder part that contains 2 round stakes with spikes and crystals, cover the upper part of the hands and we can see a little bit of the brown texture that covers them until elbow when some strange kind of long metallic glove begins to cover all the low part of hand. Inside his palm we can see a hole that shoots a laser, the fingers are covered by metallic parts that end up sharp like some claws or nails. The neck is covered by a thick blue scarf that extends at back forming a cape; we can't describe much of his body only some claw like things by the chest. The legs are covered by armor right in the upper part with spikes, then it reveals some bright red texture until it reaches the knees that are covered by a round metallic bar with spikes. And then the lower part of the foot are get on with some strange boots with crystals on the back and a sharp and long top. The head and his eyes are covered by a purple helmet with 3 points, the ones that resemble some golden wings. The position resembles a jumping, and the mouth is telling us that he's screaming, showing us the true power of the King.

DMC 46 - I won't describe again the armor, just tell you that this time the angle is different. We can see the king from side with his hand tense...strangely though the hole in his palm disappeared.

Overall rating:
My final rating for such a masterpiece is 9.5 out of 10. The lockdown effect combined with the cost and the evolution bait make him one of the strongest cards ever seen. But sadly can be easily removed by spells.

I know what you are thinking. Something is missing. Yes it is...the king was B A N N E D

The card that had a major contribution was this little parasite...

"I still remember how we used to play...but now he is away..." -Yata Izuna, Eight-Headed Parasite

Combined with this card, they tormented the players for months...First came the restriction, and anticipating the psychic era, on 15 May 2010 the king was banned. And that's how the story of our folk ends. But now let's see how the actual game would look like if the forsaken angel would still be with us.

Banning: A good idea?

"Now that the menace is gone I can reveal the art of awakening!" -Rumble Lecter, The Terror Awakened

"Who needs to curse the other when you hold the key of time?" -Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush

"I'll just borrow your gift, don't worry I'll use it wisely...against your family!" VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Fighting"

"I had no idea it's so fun to crush all those pesky creatures!" -5000GT, Riot

Good friends:

"Who needs a horse when I have a 2 headed kitty that can eat even the soul of the enemy?" King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

"Don't worry your majesty, your soul is safe with me. No curse can touch you!" -Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper

"If the Queen ever lets you down I'll take her place! I'm gonna be your new queen!"-Codecommand Death Marriage
"No thanks!" - King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia

"I am the shadow that follows you everywhere. Fear no more about spells your majesty!" -Batou Shoulder, Shadow of Fiction

And finally...the combo I dreamed for decades...the 2 rulers of the light and darkness together, or the rulers of "The Evening Star"

"Together we will rule the world! Past will be days when Alphadios and Dorballom used to fight! They will beg for mercy as we crush the civilizations and we build a new world! Blessed be our names! Blessed be the new world order!" -Ballcadeias, Overlord of Demons A.K.A Balthazar

Thanks for watching!


Modified on June 23, 2014 06:37 am

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