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card review Aivenna

Card Review
Aivenna: click to enlarge

Card text:

C:70 P:60 W:80 S:50

Outperform Courage 5 

Outperform Wisdom 5 

While you control a Muge, Aivenna has "Support All Disciplines 5."

Unique, Loyal

  • Number: 1
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Creature
  • Tribe: OverWorld
  • Energy: 70
written by kingkehnsep
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Aivenna is a very good card if used properly. tough she doesn't have any elements she makes up for it with very good courage and wisdom and since she's an overworlder that help's because most overworlder's excel in those 2 discipline's. and on top of that she has outperform courage and wisdom 5 making her attacks even more fierce. and if you control a muge she get's support all discipline's 5 so she has more chance of putting her outperform to use. but the thing is it's kind of hard to find an except-able overworld muge and she's loyal so you can only use an overworld muge. but Lystone, Karraba or maybe Drabe should do. And

Aivenna would be able to survive in a 1v1 but she's much more affective in a group.

good strategies with her could be giving her an evergreen tunic, van bloot's sickle, xerium armor aspect amplifier: wit/bravery, armbands of Lore and Aichily's whisp's making her extra powerful especially if you have a muge. you should always start her of in the middle of your deck (middle of the front row) because then you can get the most out of her support.

to counteract Aivenna it's pretty much just like any other card: beat her with pure brute force. but if your using a mipedian deck you could use armament adagio.

i find that the artwork really describes Aivenna but in a picture . it make's her look ferocious, very tough and a worthy opponent and that is most certainly what she is.

I'd give Aivenna 9/10.


Modified on June 4, 2014 07:41 pm

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Avatar for abdallaha92
Member since
January 4, 2017
Subject:    Posted: February 18, 2017 08:37 pm Reply with quote Report content icon

Aivenna is one of the toughest overworld creatures I've ever seen. She's got 70 health, which is one of the highest scanned energy in the game. Her wisdom and Courage are both extremely high. If you control a muge Aivenna's disciplines will all be boosted. Aivenna is the definition of a front line center creature. She only really has two avenues of attacks, Courage and Wisdom. With Outperform Wisedom and Outperform Courage, however, those 2 avenues are all one needs. While she doesn't have any elements. one could use that to their advantage. Locations like Azzia Mind Chamber wipes out elements, giving her an advantage against most decks in that scenario. As an overworlder, she can be used in tandem with other Overworld exclusives like Hune Paltanin. Add Ikkotosh the Ich King and give Aivenna Xerium Amour or Evergreen Tunic and she's practically unbeatable

There are some problems. She's loyal, so she can't be used with non overworlders. She has zero Mugic counters. Her biggest vulnerability is other High Courage/Wisedom creatures like Tartarek, who she doesn't have enough of a lead to challange. She has no elements as well.
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