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card review Slash Charger: Shorter life, Better living

Card Review
Slash Charger: click to enlarge
Slash Charger

Card text:

Search a player's deck. You may take a card from that deck and put it into that player's graveyard. Then the player shuffles his deck.
Charger (After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.)

"Life is short. And now it's shorter." -Azaghast, Tyrant of Shadows

  • Collector Number: 32
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Spell
  • Mana Number: 1
  • Cost: 3
  • Civilization: Darkness
  • Artist: Katsuya
Slash Charger
Shorter life, Better living

written by reverence
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First of all, I have no idea about the OCG so this review is for the TCG. At first, I would really like to make reviews about big creatures like the 5 avatars but I changed my mind when I found that there's already a big review about them so thinking all over, I decided to make reviews about small cards that needs more attention, Fortunately, I started with this card. At last! I'd finished it! Comments, ratings and suggestions are now open and would be appreciated.

What is this?
Slash charger, a pretty nice card. Read its effects. A 3 mana-powered, early game trump, and might have the potential to destroy the biggest threat your opponent hides. It cannot be wasted, 'cause it goes directly to the mana zone after benefiting from it. With this sweet card, life is shorter now, adding insult to the irony.

What can you do with it?
The better question will be "What more can you do with it?". What most people do with this card is that they use it to eliminate what they think is a threat from the opponent's deck. But for your information that to a wise player, he knows that Slash charger holds a lot more potential than that. One can learn his/her opponent's deck construction, as well as strategies and techniques, anticipate the opponent's moves and plans thus allowing for a perfect counter-moves, and, if you're really that good, you can predict what's in your opponents hand and shields.

Detective Lessons:
A person with a mad detective and reasoning ability will find this card quite amusing. Sherlock will deffo love this. For a plenty of good reasons. Don't believe me? Oh you will.

Situation: It was your 6th turn when you use Slash Charger, here's what what you see in your opponent's deck:

2 Supersonic Jetpack
1 Obsidian Scarab
3 Shaman Brocoli
3 Cavern Raider
2 Mini Titan Gett
2 Quixotic Hero Swine Snout
1 Magmadragon Ogrist Vhal
1 Twin-Cannon Skyterror
2 Faerie Life
1 Flame tropus
2 Comet Missile
1 Charmilla, the Enticer
1 Dimension gate
2 Gonta, the Warrior Savage
....Etcetera etcetera....

Mana Zone
1 Mini Titan Gett
1 Bombersaur
1 Natural snare
1 Tornado Flame
1 Flametropus

That'll just have to do. Anyway, with these cards given, disregarding whatever card you discard, what can you conclude? You can take your time guessing if you want to.

Detective lesson #1: Anticipating
Obviously, the deck is a Fire/Nature variant. But you can pretty have more to know. One thing is that it had 3 Cavern Raiders, Charmilla, and a Dimension Gate (guessing its the deck technique). He won't stop there, look, a Comet Missile its there to prevent you into blocking his Cavern Raider, Charmilla's there don't let it use it's tap ability, we can surely expect a whole lotsa backup creatures from this deck. Gonta can be an early threat, and you must have already faced one already.

Detective lesson #2: Count
Expect that the deck has 4 Cavern Raiders, more Dimension Gates, Charmilla's abilty, since it's the deck's specialty. Also, there must be more Natural Snares in there like, in the shields. And, THERE WILL BE another Obsidian Scarab I can tell you that. And even after your moment at the opponent's deck (which is after shuffling), you can count the no. of cards left for that card, how many CR's, Charmillas left. So you know what to expect and prepare for counter-moves.

The art of Countering (part 1)
What do you think is the best counter for this kind of deck? Since you must have a darkness in your deck you will have some discarding cards like 'Ghost Touch' or 'Trox'
and wait for the perfect moment. So when he searches a cool creature and shows it to you that it's a 'Twin Cannon', show it to him that you don't care 'cause it's a goner anyway.

Slash Targets
Can't decide which card to slash? fret not, I'll give you some tips to choose well and it all depends oftentimes on the situation.
1. Don't worry when your opponent have 2 or more of the same card. At least his chances of drawing it will be slight.
2. If it's a darkness deck, chances are he'll have reviving capabilities. Choose spells like 'Terror pit', 'Cranium Clamp' or something.
3.If it's a light deck, target the creatures like 'Petrova' or 'Alcadeias'. They have spell salvaging abilities.
4. The best cards to slash are: 'Bolmeteus Steel Dragon', 'Soulswap', Evolution Creatures, Cranium Clamp', 'Terror Pit', 'Petrova', 'Holy Awe', or Energy Stream'. Yes, that last one's right.

Tips and Strategies:
*First and foremost, use this card as early as possible you can get to study more cards your opponent have in his deck and therefore, more accurate conclusions and by that instantly leads you straight to 4 mana! NEVER ignore this card. When you draw this card, USE IT! (Unless you have a better plan... wait, there's a plan better than this?)

*One strategy it implies is the obvious strategy. The "search-your-opponent's-deck-and-kill-the-threat" strategy. Anyone knows that so I won't tell much about this except for this small tip: Do Not destroy a card just because it's taunting and powerful". If its cost is very high, chances are you may not encounter that creature at all! Only destroy the card that has the potential to show up and ruin your game! Like Emeral, Trixo, etc. But sure, on the contrary, it can never hurt to go for the big guns.

*Slash Charger can be more versatile than anyone thinks. One mostly uses this card to slash it to his opponent's face. Though the card is originally for that purpose, did you know that you can actually Slash your own face as well!? The effects says that you may do it to a player's deck, that means its either yours or your opponent. It works exceedingly well, to the "Cloned" cards like 'Cloned Spike-Horn' or 'Cloned Nightmare'. Just pick that card and put it to your graveyard, and if you have another "Cloned" in your hand, use it for 'heightened' effects.

*Other than that, abuse it's 'charger' ability. Which makes this card still perfect for the long run. Making your power creatures wait less. Yup, everything is powerful with enough mana.

Combo slash
Not much cards are compatible with this baby to create a wholesome combo (wait, it does? tell me.) but here are some few that blends well to the card.
1. Future Slash- If you aim to deplete your opponent's deck, this might go well.
2. Cloned Variants- See Strategies.
3-4. 'Scheming Hands' and 'Tekorax'- Along with Slash Charger, you study your opponent's deck, hands, and shields! No more secrets!
5. 'Logic Sphere'- If you feel like loving the environment. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
6-7. 'Necrodragon Izorist Vhal' and 'Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba' - Slash your face and give these guys a power to be reckoned with.
8. Why not come up your own Combo Slash?

The art of Countering (part 2)
Okay, now this time, for the art of countering, we head for the other side. We're gonna take down this mighty spell. Below are fellow tactics that might help you to counter against this card.
1. 'Slash Charger'- Slash it before it slash you. The best card to counter a Slash Charger is another Slash Charger itself. Your deck isn't studied, no card will be lost and your opponent have no mana bonus. "Am I right" >
2. Have more than one copy of a card so that a single slash charger won't be threatening (okay, what if he got 3 of them?) proceed to another plan.
3-4. cards like 'Dark Reversal' or 'Phal Eaga, Dawn Guardian' which returns either a creature or spell from your graveyard- Another best way is to take back what's rightfully yours (And thank your opponent for bringing up your favorite card early).
5. Ice Vapor, Shadow of Anguish' - Prevention is better than cure (Well, it doesn't really prevent the spell but at least your opponent will have to pay).
6. Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits - Now, this time, prevention is better than cure (Watch out though, Alcadeias is prone to be subjected by the power of the Slash charger).
7. You can think of your own anti-'Slash Charger' techniques right?

*3 mana only!?
*It lets you study the deck of the enemy.
*Plus, you get to finish off a threat first hand.
*It's a Charger!
*Your opponent lose something (the card you discard), and yet you gain something (mana)
*Has more Pros than Cons.

*Can be a dead draw.
*When your opponent specializes in grave recovery.
*Here's a thing that's awkward: You use Slash Charger, and noticed that if you hadn't used it, your opponent would have an ugly draw. You remove a card, shuffled the deck, and then when your opponent makes a draw, he draw a card that could suddenly make him win.

It had been printed thrice in its lifetime. One is this English Vers. Next is the Japanese vers. and the other, an English promotional with a different flavor text:

"The words of darkness sound sweet when whispered in the ear."

State of the Art
I don't really get it but I guess it's okay. At first glance it looked liked an evil Sudowoodo surrounded with ghosts. But given the effect of the card, I admit that coming up a good image out of it is hard. It's pretty well-drawn and cool though.

Overall rating:
9.5 out of 10. It's not really a big 'tide-changing' card but the fact that reaps the future turns makes it 9.5. Seriously, this card is WICKED!!


Modified on May 30, 2014 04:24 am

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message

Avatar for madromanoff
Subject:    Posted: March 15, 2014 04:58 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Flawless formatting! This is how a review should 'look' like, instead of ruining it with pics. I'm holding on to my vote (A 5).

Now my criticism.
You can include a Holy Lot more, even in a Tcg background, believe me. For combos, there are two certain Necrodragons. Expand on how to abuse chargers (hint: Mana recovery). Expand on what are usual threats out there and the best period in a game to use this. Expand on which decktype this should be in and why not at 4x in a Bolmeteus rub(hint2: Give a sample decklist of Future slash deckout decktype). Go deep in counters, and how will it become useless for your opponent(hint3: Grave recovery, both spell and creature). Mention anti Slash cards, eg., Dimension splitter, etc. Spell banners? Ice ghost?

Too bad you don't know OCG, this card is godly for my Romanoff sign and other grave reanimation decks. And will always be the most hated card out there.

(Don't worry, I will delete my comment after you perfect/finish this review.)
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