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card review The ValkyrieVirgoDeity Vielje

Card Review
The ValkyrieVirgoDeity Vielje: click to enlarge
The ValkyrieVirgoDeity Vielje

Card text:

[LV1][LV2][LV3] (When Summoned) If your life equal or less than 5, move one core from the void to your life. [LV1][LV2][LV3] (During Opponent's Attack Phase) Your opponent's cost 2,3,5,7 and 11 spirits can't attack. [LV2][LV3] When your "Galaxian" or "Divine Spirit" spirits are destroyed, they return to your hand.

  • Number: x5
  • Rarity: Zodiac X Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit
  • Color: Yellow
  • Spirit Type: Galaxian, Divine Spirit
  • Cost: 6
  • Reduction: TTT
  • Gems: 1
The ValkyrieVirgoDeity Vielje
written by LV24
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General Description:
Released on BS12 was the only fully support-oriented member of the Zodiac X-Rares, The ValkyrieVirgoDeity Vielje.
This Spirit's cost is 6, which make it somewhat easy to summon comparing to many other X-Rares and even its fellow Zodiacs. Vielje also possesses 3 Yellow Reduction Symbols, making it even easier to summon it. Since Yellow Decks nowadays contain a lot of Low Cost Spirits with good effects, it should not be too much difficult to summon this spirit and still set up a decent field.
It has a very low BP at LV.1, with 4000 BP. At LV.2, it has 6000 BP for 2 cores. Finally, at LV.3, it has 8000 BP for 4 cores. Despite having a very low BP for a cost 6 you should keep in mind that it is a supporting spirit, so there isn't many motives for a tremendous high one.

As usual with Yellow Spirits, Vielje possesses an effect that can increase your life. However, differently from those with Holy Life, Vielje's one is activated when Summoned and you have 5 or less lives. Despite apparently less effective, there is a motive to be like this. It's second effect is the main motive why I said this is a support-oriented spirit; at all levels, Vielje prevents opposing spirits with Cost 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11 from attacking. This is an amazing effect that can stall much of an opponent deck and make it easier to keep a steady defense.
Not satisfied just with that? No problem! Vielje gains a new effect at Level 2 and 3. When your Spirits in the family "Galaxian" or "Divine Spirit" are destroyed, instead of going to the Trash they're sent back to the hand instead. This is an excellent effect, especially if combined with The PirateDeity Piscegalleon, The ScorpioKnight Scor-Spear, or spirits like The Angelia Aester to abuse of their 'When Summoned' effects. It can also be used with Vielje itself, and so use it to replenish your own life when in a pinch.

Strategies and Game-Play:
While both of her Level 1's effects can be used in pretty much any deck, her LV.2 and 3 effect can only be used alongside either "Galaxian" or "Divine Spirit" Spirits, so it would be a good idea to focus on either of these two families. If you want to use Divine Spirits, a Charge deck might be a good idea since it will protect her from being easily destroyed.

Combos with other cards:
If you still want to play with a Galaxian Deck you might first take a look at Vielje's fellow Zodiac X-Rare; The ScorpioKnight Scor-Spear and place a lot of Braves in your deck. As Scor-Spear will give all of your Braves in spirit condition the Galaxian family you can easily launch a great destruction combo with it's LV. 2 effect and have a way to get your braves back in the case they're destroyed. Brave Draw will be a good card in this case. Depending of the Brave Colors you may even add one or two other Zodiacs to the Deck to give it even more power. The UltimateStar Ultimate-Zodiac is also a very good complement.
In a Divine Spirit deck this card will be more a support than anything else. If you want to attack with it, however, you may want to use some cards like The ArcAngelia Raraphael, The ArcAngeila Saint D'Arc, The LightWingsDivineBlade Angelicfeather and Elemental Burn to make sure it won't be destroyed easily - of course, if it is not that what you are aiming for. Another good card to combine with Vielje is The Angelia of Olimpics Bethor. As it is a counter for most of the Brave Spirits and, at level 2, can recover your lives when Divine Spirits are destroyed you can make an almost eternal stock of lives with these two.
In booth cases, if you're looking to counter Ultimates also, then it's Brave counterpart, The VirgoAstralArmored VirgoBrave, can be a good card for your deck.

Ways to counteract it:
Let's face it, while Vielje is a good card, her BP is very frail. If not Braved, it can be easily destroyed by a Red Deck. Its also suffers greatly against Core Removal oriented Purple Decks, but it can be stopped by The SephirothicSheepDeity Sephiro-Aries. White Decks are also problematic, since they can easily send Vielje to the bottom of the deck. Finally, The MasterSwordsmanDragon Samurai-Dragon-Amatsu is can be very problematic thanks to it's LV. 3 BP and its Infinite Blade.

- Great defensive effects;
- Great support to any deck;
- Life Recovery effect;

- Frail to Purple Decks;
- Easy to be sent back to the top/bottom of the deck;
- Can be defeated very easily by The MasterSwordsmanDragon Samurai-Dragon-Amatsu;
- Frail to Ultimates;

Overall rating:
9/10. It's a great card with some few drawbacks and can be a great support to your deck if played right.


Modified on January 29, 2016 03:57 pm

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