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card review Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol

Card Review
Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol: click to enlarge
Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol

Card text:

During faceoffs involving this card, flip an additional card.

With all of his security experience, Night Watch could have taken a job anywhere, but he secretly loves hospital cafeteria food.

  • Card Number: 35
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Type: Friend
  • Color: Orange
  • Traits: Earth Pony
  • Power: 1
  • Action Token Cost: 2
  • Play Requirements: 2 Orange
Night Watch, Vigilant Patrol
written by LV15
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General description:
Requirements to play: 2 action tokens, 2 orange power in play; Power: 1 orange.

Effect: During faceoffs involving this card, flip an additional card.

He's an earth pony and looks tough like most orange cards seem to be [tough meaning strong and hard working like the Apple Family]

This card is useful in all types of faceoffs - problem, double, AND troublemaker.

Strategies and game play:
As noted above, this card is useful in all three types of faceoffs currently in the game, but it also stacks with similar cards - so if you had two of these ponies involved, you'd be flipping three cards total!

Combos with other cards:
This card's text stacks with similar effects making it that much easier to win faceoffs.

Other combinations would include movement through cards like Wild Fire or Holly Dash. Along with "stack" abilities/effects such as pink's A Vision of the Future or Assault Cake.

Ways to counteract it:
Pink cards will be the most effective means of handling this card with events like Downright Dangerous and Here's Your Invitation. Other means of handling it would be through purple's Back Where You Began, or the new Luna promo. Pink also has other removal that's effective via friend effects such as Pinkie, Pinkie "Responsibility" Pie.

With the effect in mind this card can be very devastating to the opponent, however it's balanced by the cost to play and it's mere one power.

The card's major weakness is it's power, you don't really want to flip a one in a faceoff, and even if you did you'd have to put it on the bottom of the deck. Most players seem to stick to two copies of the card.

this card is a rare from the Premiere set.

Overall rating:
give this card a general rating from 6.5 to 10.

the card is very useful, balanced but it has a color requirement of two orange making it less "splashable" in most decks.


Modified on April 3, 2014 10:27 am

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