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card review Top Idol, Pacifica: The Original Bermuda Boss

Card Review
Top Idol, Pacifica: click to enlarge
Top Idol, Pacifica

Card text:

[CONT](VC):During your turn, if the number of «Bermuda Triangle» rear-guards you have is four or more, this unit gets [Power]+3000.
[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), draw a card, choose a card from your hand, and put it on the bottom of your deck.
[AUTO](VC/RC):[Soul Blast (8) & Counter Blast (5)] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck up to three «Bermuda Triangle», call them to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.

Bringing happiness to you!

  • Number: FC02-S07
  • Rarity: SP
  • Clan: Bermuda Triangle
  • Nation: Magallanica
  • Race: Mermaid
  • Power: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!!
  • Trigger: None
Top Idol, Pacifica
The Original Bermuda Boss

written by LV15
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General description:
Name: Top Idol, Pacifica
Grade: 3 (Twin Drive)
Flavor Texts:
(EB02 RRR): Everyone sing along! It will make you all super happy!
(FC02 SP): The best happiness for you!
Skill: [CONT](VC): During your turn, if the number of «Bermuda Triangle» rear-guards you have is four or more, this unit gets [Power]+3000.
[AUTO](VC):At the beginning of your main phase, Soul Charge (1), draw a card, choose a card from your hand, and put it on the bottom of your deck.
[AUTO](VC/RC):[Soul Blast 8 & Counter Blast (5)] When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck up to three «Bermuda Triangle», call them to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.
Normal Unit
Power: 10000
Critical: 1
Clan: Bermuda Triangle
Race: Mermaid
Art by: 藤真拓哉 (Fujima Takuya)

As I see it, Top Idol, Pacifica was the beginning age of the Bermuda Triangle clan. She was also one of the first units to have three skills. Because of this, she has a number of tricks to play while she's sitting on the Vanguard Circle.

Skill 1: During your turn, if you have four or more Bermuda units on Rear Guard circles, Pacifica as your Vanguard gets power +3000. This is a fairly staple skill for a lot of boss Grade 3 units and it's proven to be a useful one, since this game revolves around hitting "magic numbers" to force the opponent to guard as much as possible or take the hit. With an 8000 power booster behind Vanguard Pacifica, and when this skill is active, Pacifica hits 21000, effectively pressuring every 11000 or weaker Vanguard in the game to guard at least 15000 powers-worth of shield. If facing Majesty Lord Blaster, or a cross-ridden unit, This Power +3000 can merely aid in hitting a good enough number to pressure those units into guarding at least 10000 shield. With just your 5000 power starting Vanguard behind Pacifica, while this skill is active, Pacifica is swinging 18000, hitting EVERY Vanguard hard enough, bar the rare Agravain.

Skill 2: At the beginning of the Main Phase, you soul charge 1 card from the top of your deck, draw 1 card from your deck, and place a unit from your hand to the bottom of your deck. Even nowadays in this crazy high offensive/defensive metagame, this skill is still rather good. It allows you to, each turn, fix up your hand a little, while also building up your soul for any soul blasts you may be attempting.
-After drawing a card, you can get rid of extra Grade 3s or draw triggers from clogging up your hand. By putting them at the bottom of the deck, you won't really have to deal with drawing them again, since this skill is not causing you to shuffle the sent card into the deck.
-Let's not forget the additional drawing you're doing each turn with this as well. By drawing extra cards, you're increasing the chance of getting handy cards, like Perfect Guards/Quintet Walls, and may also get a chance at getting the extra attacker or booster you need to improve your formation on the field. Note too that, as with any skill allowing you to draw more cards, or remove cards from your deck via Soul Charge, Milling, or Self-damage, you DO increase your chances of losing out on triggers or other handy cards.

Skill 3: A Mega Blast, as it is commonly known. At the cost of Soul Blasting 8 cards, Counter Blasting 5 cards, and hitting the opponent's Vanguard with Pacifica on EITHER the Vanguard Circle OR Rear Guard Circle you are allowed to search your deck for up to three of any Bermuda unit, call them to Rear Guard Circles, and shuffle.
Let's look at the pros of this skill first:
-If you get this off, you're effectively attacking TWO more times that turn, assuming your opponent didn't get too many triggers on the Damage Check, or you did, for some reason, Superior Call two boosters, instead of two attackers. If you attacked with two units before hitting and Mega Blasting with Pacifica, you would be making FIVE total attacks that turn.
-This skill allows you to form a column you specifically need to face your opponent, assuming you still have the cards left in the deck.
-If your field had a little amount of units on it, this skill will fill up your field.
-Note how you do not need to call the new units on EMPTY Rear Guard Circles. You can attack with both of your full columns first, then hit with Pacifica, and replace units on the field for new ones.
-Grabbing two Grade 2's is a good idea as well, to make sure you have 10000 more shield to defend with.
-Getting this off then allows you to shuffle your deck which allows you a second shot at any triggers you may have placed at the bottom with Pacifica's second skill.
-Run 3-4 Pacificas in the deck to not only increase the chance of riding her, but also having her on the Rear Guard if the Mega Blast is ready, since you'll then have TWO attempts at it, as Pacifica on Rear Guard can also trigger the Mega Blast.
Now for the cons:
-First and foremost, this skill has the problem with being a Mega Blast. Mega Blast skills are the most expensive in the game, so they are also the most difficult skills to pull off. Soul Blasting 8 cards and Counter Blasting 5 cards means you have to restrict yourself from using ANY other Couter Blast or Soul Blast-based skills if you really intend to fire this off. You could always Counter Blast one card and hope for a heal, but heals don't always happen. With some newer Bermuda cards there are also options to un-flip damage, but once again, it won't always happen. It's best just to gear towards this skill or ignore it completely.
-The other issue is you MUST hit the Vanguard to activate this skill. If the opponent is at four or more damage, they're practically always going to guard you and prevent you from hitting at all, for fear of a Critical Trigger at four damage or losing the game at five.

Strategies and game play:
Like I mentioned before, Pacifica has a lot of skills, so there's a lot to do with her during the game:
-With the power +3000 as your Vanguard, she's able to hit ANY Vanguard with enough pressure, bar the rare Agravain. Just fill up the field with Bermudas and pressure, but be sure to have a good enough defense in your hand. If the opponent is at four or less damage, or their hand size is too big, you can hold back one booster (5000 shield) just to be safe, as you only need FOUR Bermuda Rear Guards to activate this skill. Grade 2s can attack AND intercept for 5000 shield, so throwing them down isn't using up shield for defense. Grade 3s don't even have shield, so playing them allows you to attack more and not use up shield, but Grade 3s ARE fodder for Perfect Guards, so you can afford to have 1 Grade 3 in your hand for each Perfect Guard you have in your hand.
-She Soul Charges every turn as your Vanguard, building her soul for other Soul Blast skills or to attempt her own Mega Blast. If you don't care for her Mega Blast, then you can add cards that give off handy skills for the cost of Soul Blasting. If you DO aim to Mega Blast, then add more cards that Soul Charge with their skills to build up the soul quicker. Riding another copy of Pacifica over Pacifica also adds 1 more soul.
-She draws an extra card each turn and has you put a less-needed one at the bottom of your deck. Good for cleaning up your hand during the game as you draw extra Grade 3s and used-up Draw Triggers. Can also aid in building your field formation.
-If your Mega Blast is ready to fire at any time, the opponent will usually feel huge pressure and will not want it to go off, as you'll attack him/her with more units. As said before, if they're at four or more damage, they'll almost always guard you. You'll have to play the game a little differently if you're REALLY aiming to fire off this Mega Blast:
(a). You can try to aim to keep the opponent at 3 damage. This could prolong the game and help you build up your soul, because you'll be attacking the opponent's Rear Guards more often to keep their damage low. This also prevents the opponent from Limit Breaking AND Break Riding, since they won't have 4 damage. They would have to use a Self-damaging unit if they really wanted to Limit Break, but they wouldn't be able to do this if they wanted to Break Ride since one damaged card goes back to their deck at the end of the turn and calling a unit to the field happens after you can ride. By also attacking more Rear Guards then usual, you'll either be decreasing your opponent's overall field presence, or forcing more shields out of their hand, which either prolongs the game or makes your Mega Blast all the more effective and more likely to hit.
(b). You can run a lot of Stand Triggers in your deck to throw off your opponent. If the opponent sees a lot of Stand Triggers, they may assume you are either running a smaller amount of Critical Triggers or none at all. If they assume this, they MAY call No Guard at 4 damage, because they won't think you'll Drive Check a Critical Trigger. With this in mind, you can potentially hit with Pacifica's Mega Blast when the opponent is at 4 damage. With this strat, you'll want to hide that you have ANY Critical Triggers at all as much as possible to help this opportunity happen, unless you decide to run NO Criticals at all. You could also turn this strategy on its side, run a few Critical Triggers, hide them as much as possible, the opponent assumes you'll get a Stand Trigger, will call No Guard when they're at 4 damage to help maintain defense, but then potentially be hit with a surprise Critical Trigger on the Drive Check. The Stand Triggers can also combo effectively with Pacifica's Mega Blast and ALSO provide more opportunities to hit opponent's Rear Guards and drop their defenses. You can run units of 10000 power and units that can swing 11000 or greater by themselves to maximize the effectiveness of the Stand Triggers. These units will stand with 15000 power or greater. Finally, you can attack with both Rear columns, swing with Pacifica, hit with the Mega Blast, Drive Check a Stand Trigger and Stand one rested unit that attacked before, and then replace the remaining 3 rested Rear Guards in the two columns for 3 units from the deck. You'll then have 4 units standing and ready, instead of just 3, and at least one of them will have a power boost of 5000.

Combos with other cards:

Weddell is probably over-looked, but for Pacifica she has a pretty nice niche. Most starters that forerunner require a Counter Blast to use their skill. Weddell does not. Weddell's skill has her go to the soul and bounce a Bermuda unit to your hand. This adds 1 card to your soul for Pacifica's Mega Blast and DOES NOT require you to Counter Blast, so you can maintain 5 face up damage. Since there's no cost you're also able to use this skill ANYTIME as long as you have something to bounce.

Having Duo Treasure Hunter, Swany as your starter instead has the same purpose as Weddell would, but would instead go to the soul for no Counter Blast cost and give 3000 power to a Bermuda. In some cases, this could help provide extra pressure if you're less interested in bouncing and going for Pacifica's Mega Blast. Just be weary that Swany is 1000 less power than Weddell, so if you plan to keep her around, then make sure she's making a good enough column. This could, however, make the opponent guard since the power of your attack is weaker and he/she feels it easier to just guard, setting you up for a possible Mega Blast.

Dolphin Friend, Plage may mess with your Grade lineup by being an extra Grade 0 in your deck, but she can serve as a 10000 power shield and after she guards, she goes into your soul, giving 1 more soul for Pacifica's Mega Blast. If you don't care about the Mega Blast, though, I wouldn't recommend running this card in the deck at all as she has little purpose otherwise. She would harm more than help since she'll only really mess with your Grade lineup and increase chances of Grade Lock.

Fundy is a great trigger to include to a Pacifica deck that focuses on Mega Blasting. Pop Fundy in the soul to add 1 more soul for the Mega Blast, while also giving a unit on the field an additional +3000 to help hit a better number. The only thing you'll lose is one 5000 shield.

Add 3-4 copies of Mermaid Idol, Sedna to your deck to make Pacifica on the Vanguard Circle swing 21000 when her +3000 skill is active. This is not only forcing more guard out of the opponent's hand if they're a Vanguard of 11000 or less, but also increases the chances of Pacifica's Mega Blast of hitting, should you go that route. In dire situations, when you're unable to have 4 or more Rear Guards, Sedna will allow Pacifica to swing 18000 against 12000 or greater Vanguards.

Add 4 copies of Mermaid Idol, Felucca to your deck for the Mega Blast. Every time you ride her or call her, she Soul Charges you 1 card. This will add cards to your soul quickly for Pacifica's Mega Blast or if you aim to Soul Blast for other skills. Once again, no Counter Blast necessary. If your opponent's Vanguard is 10000 or less, Felucca will also allow Vanguard Pacifica to swing 20000 when her +3000 skill is active.

Navy Dolphin, Amur is an option to compliment Pacifica's card cycling Skill 2. Pacifica will draw 1 card and throw a card to the bottom each turn. If you boost with Amur and hit you can discard a card and draw a card. With this, you can further help fix your hand during the game. With Amur behind Vanguard Pacifica and Pacifica's +3000 is active you're swinging 19000, which still hits all Cross-ridden or weaker units hard enough. Additionally, when boosting a Vanguard, Amur is more likely to hit, since guarding the Vanguard is harder than guarding a Rear Guard, due to Drive Checks.

Duo Dream Idol, Myne is a 7000 booster AND can be a 10000 attacker if you have a Pacifica Vanguard, which you should in any Pacifica-based build. Myne can be a booster or an attacker, so she's a great versatile tool for Pacifica.

Duo Pretty Horn, Ural is great if you're ignoring Pacifica's Mega Blast. Since you're generating a soul, you can use it to draw extra cards with Ural's skill and +1.

Pearl Sisters, Perle is a vanilla 7000 booster if Pearl Sisters, Perla is not on the field, so we'll talk about both together. When Perle is called, and Perla is on the field, you can give Perla this skill: "[AUTO](VC/RC):When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, Soul Charge (1), and draw a card." This is another case of Soul Charging a card without Counter Blasting, but the selected Perla MUST hit the Vanguard to activate this skill. Perla also has a skill in which if she hits the Vanguard you can Soul Blast 1 card and bounce a Bermuda unit to your hand. If you aim for Pacifica's Mega Blast, don't use this skill, unless you know you'll have at least 8 soul ready or if Perle's given skill will activate, since Perle soul charges a card, evening out your soul to what it was before the Pearl Sisters' skills activated.
-Of course, you'll also +1 by drawing a card while not losing a card from hand or field should the combo go off.
-If Perla hits and Perle's given skill activates, you can use Perla's natural skill to bounce Perle to your hand and repeat the process next turn, since Perle's skill activates upon calling her.
-Perla's natural on-hit skill also provides pressure for the opponent if they don't want you bouncing, especially when Perle's given skill is active. This may force extra cards out of the opponent's hand or units off the field to help Pacifica's Mega Blast go off later.
-Calling 2 Perles and selecting 1 Perla also STACKS the skills on Perla, allowing you to use Perle's give skill TWICE. The downside is the more you stack these skills, the more likely the opponent will guard, but this COULD also play in your favor.
-You can also call 2 Perla, then call 2 Perle and give each Perle skill to each Perla, creating 2 pressuring attacks, rather than 1.
-Run 4 of each Pearl Sister to maximize the chance of getting this combo off, and try to do it as early as possible since the opponent is less likely to guard earlier than later.
-Riding Perla and calling Perle to give the skill increases your chances FURTHER of pulling off the combo, since the Vanguard is harder to block than a Rear Guard and the opponent may not want to bother guarding or if they really don't want you to do it, they'll guard more than they normally would.
-Additional mind games for the opponent is always good.

Diva of Clear Water, Izumi is a special intercepter that adds +5000 power when she intercepts, guarding 10000 when she does this. If you feel confident in getting off Pacifica's Mega Blast, throw in a copy or two of Izumi, as you can superior call her from the deck, and if the opponent survives your attacks, you have a 10000 intercept shield ready on the field. Not a great trick, but I feel it worthy of a mention.

Mermaid Idol, Flute swings 11000 by herself if you have 3 or more other Bermuda Rear Guards. If Pacifica's +3000 skill is active, then Flute's skill is active as well. Flute not only helps you hit the numbers you need, but she can also be Superior Called with Pacifica's Mega Blast and swing 11000 by herself, so she can be called from the deck and not absolutely need a booster behind her. If you're going the Stand Trigger route, 3-4 Flutes are very effective as they can Stand with 16000 power.

Duo Dream Idol, Sana is a 12000 attacker if you have a Pacifica Vanguard, so she can threaten the opponent with her power alone, like Flute can. If the opponent has a 10000 or less Vanguard, throw Sedna behind Sana for a 20000 attack. Otherwise, Sana just helps hit better numbers. Like Flute, as well, Stand Triggers can compliment Sana and make her stand with 17000 power.

Duo White Crystal, Ricca can be great if you aim for Pacifica's Mega Blast. If she's returned to your hand you can Soul Charge 1 and unflip 1 face down damage. That's 1 more card in soul for the Mega Blast and you can turn over a damage for the later Counter Blast of 5. Ricca can be returned to your hand by Weddell, Perla, and others should you use them and you can effectively afford 1 Counter Blast with another skill if using Ricca as well. The 8000 power may seem to be a turn off, but with a Sedna in your deck, she'll at least swing 16000. An effective, but situational combo would be to run Sweets Harmony, Mona and Prism-Duo Slaney to Counter Blast 1 and bounce Ricca to your hand. Then Ricca will unflip the damage you just flipped and Soul Charge a card. Mona is also a 7000 booster and Slaney a 9000 attacker, so your offense wouldn't be harmed too much.

Eternal Idol, Pacifica is Pacifica's Cross Ride, so she obviously goes well with the original Pacifica. If running Eternal Idol, then you shouldn't be focusing on Pacifica's Mega Blast, though, and should aim to Cross Ride and use Eternal Idol, Pacifica's skill instead. Eternal Pacifica may be a Cross Ride, but like Amaterau's Cross Ride, Eternal Idol is arguably much less effective than the original. Original Pacifica has the +3000 skill, the card-cycling Skill 2, and the Mega Blast, but all Eternal Pacifica has is a skill when she attacks a Vanguard she Counter Blasts 3 cards, bounces up to 2 Bermudas to your hand and Superior Calls 1 Bermuda from your deck. The skill, itself is pretty handy, but the Counter Blast of 3 is too expensive, honestly. If you miss the Cross Ride, you also lose out on the +2000 offense and defense, while original Pacifica will always get +3000 offense if you keep your field up, rendering Eternal Pacifica to being only 11000 and not swinging as great a number as her original.
That being said, Eternal Pacifica is NOT a bad card, per-say. Since you won't be aiming for Pacifica's Mega Blast, you can utilize cards that get skills from bouncing and can guarantee aim for funny little superior calls like Izumi and units that swing 10000 or greater without boosters. Eternal Pacifica also enables 4-5 attacks in a single turn with her skill. Also with original Pacifica's skill of drawing and returning cards to the bottom, you increase your chances of drawing Eternal Pacifica and cross-riding later on.

Pacifica also receives a Break Ride to help her further. If you're running Pacifica, Eternal Pacifica, AND this in your deck, you'll always have a Pacifica Vanguard and have various strategies and game plans if you're worried your opponent may catch on. By Break Riding on this card your Vanguard gets the usual plus 10000 power and gets the skill: "[AUTO](VC):When your «Bermuda Triangle» is returned to your hand from (RC), search your deck for up to one «Bermuda Triangle», call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck. This ability cannot be used for the rest of that turn." This is a great boost to Pacifica's arsenal, and creates a nice combo with Eternal Idol, Pacifica if you Break Ride her on Planet Pacifica. You can use Eternal Pacifica's skill to return 2 units and Superior Call a Bermuda, and THEN use Planet Pacifica's skill to Superior Call ANOTHER Bermuda from your deck. With this combination you get a whole new column to attack with.
If that wasn't enough, Planet Pacifica has another skill. From the SOUL you can Counter Blast 1, send a normal Pacifica to your soul (instant Cross Ride for Eternal Pacifica) and then bounce a Bermuda to your hand. This allows for so many combos and advantages to take place, from easy Cross Ride to gaining the benefit of bounce skills/fixing field. Both of her skills even combo with each other, as when you bounce with her Act skill, you'll trigger her Auto one.

Ways to counteract it:
Unfortunately, countering Pacifica is rather easy:
-As mentioned before, Mega Blast skills are usually easy to play against. If the opponent's Pacifica has a Mega Blast ready to go off, a Perfect Guard or Quintet Wall will put a halt to Pacifica's attack while you guard a minimal amount of cards from your hand.
-If you see your opponent running Stand Triggers, you're at 4 damage, and the Mega Blast is not ready, you could chance it and call No Guard to help keep defense in your hand.
-Pacifica has the unfortunate present-day curse of being a 10000 power Vanguard, making it easier to rush her down. 15000, 20000, and 25000 attacks are much more devastating to her than the usual 11000 power Vanguards, so preparing these columns will make life hard for Pacifica. However, use caution if you know the opponent runs Pacifica's Crossride, as that unit will be at least base 11000 power, like usual present-day Vanguards.
-If you fear Pacifica's Mega Blast will go off soon, attacking Rear Guards will weaken the overall output of Pacifica's Mega Blast, lessening the number of attacks she'll make.

-With the +3000 skill, hitting good numbers becomes easier.
-With the skill of each turn drawing a card and sending an unneeded one back you'll be able to clean up your hand to get better guards or help fix your field formation.
-Pacifica brings pressure to the table with the threat of the on-hit Mega Blast on either Vanguard Circle OR Rear Guard Circle, along with some complimenting units that also have on-hit skills.
-She has a Cross Ride, allowing for an alternate game plan.
-Also has her own Break Ride which makes for nice combos.

-Being a 10000 power Vanguard is Pacifica's greatest downfall present day. With this weakness, she falls prey to 15000, 20000, and 25000 attacks, unlike 11000 or greater Vanguards, forcing you to guard more than you would normally need to.
-With the extra drawing and the Soul Charging, you run a risk of losing out on Triggers or possibly other cards you may need.
-Having a Mega Blast and focusing on using it requires a complete change in play style, making the game difficult for you from the start.
-Most of the cards that compliment her best in the TCG, currently, are old cards from the first Bermuda set, so they are arguably less effective than newer Bermuda cards.

-Top Idol, Pacifica has an SP (Special Rare) counter part in the same set she was released in, Extra Booster 2, Banquet of Divas.
-She was also reprinted in Fighter's Collection 2014 as an SP.

Artwork and aesthetics:
My favorite thing to see in art are females, although usually ones that are more developed. That being said, Pacifica is cute, but not in a sexual way for me. She reminds me of Lucia while in her mermaid form from Mermaid Melody because she's a mermaid idol with blonde hair which is styled similarly to Pacifica's, wears pink clothes, and has penguins accompanying her; not to mention those huge eyes.

Overall rating:
Overall, Top Idol, Pacifica has some nasty short-comings, but she is far from unusable.
I estimate her rating to be: 7.5/10


Modified on May 16, 2014 09:48 pm

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