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card review Velvet Voice, Raindear: Very Grade 3, Much Bounce

Card Review
Velvet Voice, Raindear: click to enlarge
Velvet Voice, Raindear

Card text:

[AUTO](VC):[Choose one of your «Bermuda Triangle» rear-guards, and return it to your hand] When this unit's drive check reveals a grade 3 «Bermuda Triangle», you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to one «Bermuda Triangle» from your hand, and call it to an open (RC).

The depth of her voice can be compared to the deepest sea trenches.

  • Number: EB02-016
  • Rarity: C
  • Clan: Bermuda Triangle
  • Nation: Magallanica
  • Race: Mermaid
  • Power: 10000
  • Grade / Skill: Grade 3 / Twin Drive!!
  • Trigger: None
Velvet Voice, Raindear
Very Grade 3, Much Bounce

written by LV15
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I suppose I'll just take the liberty of making card reviews for cards that I know enough about and that no one else on the site has done before.

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General description:
Velvet Voice, Raindear
Grade 3 (Twin Drive)
Flavor: The depth of her voice can be compared to the deepest sea trenches.
Skill(s): [AUTO](VC):[Choose one of your «Bermuda Triangle» rear-guards, and return it to your hand] When this unit's drive check reveals a grade 3 «Bermuda Triangle», you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to one «Bermuda Triangle» from your hand, and call it to an open (RC).
Normal Unit
Power: 10000
Critical: 1
Clan: Bermuda Triangle
Race: Mermaid
Artist: なつめえり (Natsumeeri)

Velvet Voice, Raindear is the respective Grade 3 Drive Checker of the Bermuda Triangle clan. Usually these kinds of cards fall by the wayside in the other clans of the game. However, Raindear is one of the few that can still make a splash (ha, ha) in the current metagame and there are many cards within Bermuda Triangle that can combo with her. Before the Prism archetype rose up from the waters, Raindear was the best option of abusing Bermuda's niche of "bouncing" units to your hand and gaining skills when you do this. However, Raindear is not only bouncing units to your hand, but also calling units to the field (even the same one you bounced), which means that called unit comes into play standing and is able to attack. In essence, this can be looked at as checking a Stand Trigger, but without the plus 5000 boost.
Basically, the main idea is to combine your triggers with your Grade 3s, meaning there are more possible results that will happen when you go for the Twin Drive. Drive Checking a Grade 3 actually becomes useful, as you'll bounce a unit, possibly gain a skill with the bounce, and recall the unit or a different one as [Stand] and attack again, even if it's just taking out a Rear Guard.

Strategies and game play:
-Velvet Voice, Raindear has one skill, but that one skill dictates how her deck would be piloted. In a deck using a Grade 3 Drive Checker you'll be running more Grade 3s than usual in order to use this skill as often as possible. You'll want to run at least 8 Grade 3s, although I hear people usually run 8 (I've usually gone for running 7 Grade 3s, myself). If you want to run more, I'd suggest running no more than 10 Grade 3s in your deck.
Having many Grade 3s increases the chances of using this skill, but also increases your chance of being Grade Locked and ALSO decreases the amount of overall shields you'll have in hand and on your field. To compensate for this, you'll definitely want 4 Perfect Guards in the deck, unless you are the one of many that do this anyway (another thing I usually do different is running 3 instead). With 4 Perfect Guards you make up for the lack of shield by stopping an attack entirely and discarding your excess Grade 3s that you'll be drawing.
-To abuse this skill further run many cards that fire off skills that activate when that unit is bounced to the hand or when they're called to the field. You'll attack more often and abuse these skills to gain advantage in battle through many ways. See the "Combos with other cards" section below for more details.
Raindear can be also be pretty flexible with her trigger lineup. You can run a standard 4 heal, 8 critical, 4 draw lineup, or throw in some Stand Triggers. Stand Triggers can combo with Raindear's bouncing and calling a Standing unit, as a Stand Trigger can stand the OTHER unit in the same column as the newly called unit. Basically, with Stands you can Drive Check a Grade 3, bounce a unit and call a standing unit, then second check a Stand Trigger and stand the booster behind the newly called unit, in addition to plussing the power of either unit by 5000. With this combination you can attack with 4 columns in that turn.

Combos with other cards:
This can be a VERY lengthy list, as many Bermuda triangle units with a skill can combo in some way with this card. Therefore, I'll only go over combos that I find the most effective or the ones with the most potential.
If you discover something on your own, try it out and see if it works! You can even suggest for me to add it to this list if I don't already have it and I'll even credit you for it!

Prism-Smile, Coro is pretty much the go-to starter for a Raindear deck as her skill blends quite ideally with what Raindear aims to do. Whenever a Bermuda is bounced to your hand, Coro may automatically bounce to your hand as well, netting you a 10000 shield which could be replaced back down to boost, and then bounced back again through many methods. You could opt to run Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Shizuku (the Grade 3 searcher), but you're already running so many Grade 3s in this deck you more than likely don't need Shizuku, especially since Coro provides such nice synergy.

If you focus heavily on Soul Blasting with your bouncing, then Mermaid Idol, Felucca can be an effective card. You can call her, Soul Charge a card, then bounce her, call her again, and Soul Charge again.

THIS IS MOSTLY FOR BUDGET PLAYERS, but Mermaid Idol, Amur can help pitch extra unneeded Grade 3s in your hand to draw a different card. The only problem is you have to hit to do this, and the later in the game it is, the harder it will be to hit. Perfect Guards should be run instead since they're more reliable, but you can run 1 Amur for each Perfect Guard you don't have.

Sweets Harmony, Mona and Prism-Duo Slaney are nice if you don't Counter Blast much as they'll bounce a unit and kick off another skill. They can be bounced from another skill and recalled to the field, then bounce something else again.

Prism-Image, Clear and Prism-Promise, Celtic both have the same skill in which when they are bounced you may Soul Blast a card and give a Bermuda +4000 power. These can be run to give a unit's power just enough to cross a Magic Number threshold (usually 21000) for more pressure. If you find yourself building a soul and not using it much, try Clear and/or Celtic.

Apprentice Idol, Karen and Duo, Fall in Heart Quincy are great units to bounce to your hand, as they only have to Counter Blast 1 and Soul Blast 1 card to draw you 1 card (+1).

If your Raindear deck is more Counter Blast-oriented than Soul Blast-oriented then Duo Clear Parasol, Kura is a pretty nice option. She can Soul Blast 2 cards and unflip 2 face down damage face up so you can abuse more Counter Blast skills. She can even be bounced to your hand and recalled to the field whenever you need to and reuse the skill again.

Duo Pretty Horn, Ural is a similar idea to Kura above, but this time you'll Soul Blast 2 cards to draw 1 card (+1). I would choose which of the two to use and not use both. Otherwise, you're stuck with too many 5000 boosters, which generally don't swing very good numbers. Pick Ural if you want to plus more, or pick Kura if you want to Counter Blast more. You could also experiment with 1 of each of these 2 and see how that works.

Duo Happy Diary, Sheryl and Girls' Rock, Rio both have the same skill which activates when they're bounced to your hand. When they are you can Counter Blast 1, Soul Charge 1, and draw 1 card. Similar idea as Karen, but these units would be best complimented with units that need to Soul Blast to use their skills. Regardless, just some more +1s for you. A 6000 boost from Sheryl 'is' generally more useful than Rio's weak 8000 power, however.
NOTE there's a Grade 3 version of these cards: Rainbow Light, Carine, but she's a Grade 3 with 10000 power and Vert is an overall better option as a Grade 3 than Carine, since Vert can Break Ride and is 11000. Vert also acts similar when you Break Ride on her, as she automatically draws a card while also bouncing 2 units. Finally, Carine is a mere 10000 power vanilla if she is your Vanguard.

Prism-Duo Yarmuk and Prism-Duo Avon both get plus 3000 power when a Bermuda bounces to your hand. If you bounce something at any point, while also having Coro on field auto-bounce, these units will gain 6000 power total (3000 for each). If you bounce Clear or Celtic you could also give these units the +4000, while they also gain the +3000 from their own skills or give the +4000 elsewhere, while they get the +3000 for more power all around. This strategy is best used late game to push for the win or to dispose of more opposing shields.

Pearl Sisters, Perla can Soul Blast a card to bounce a Bermuda, which adds pressure to your opponent and can fire off more bounce skills.
Perla, honestly, operates alone in this build without Pearl Sisters, Perle nowadays, as she can function on her own without Perle (who, in contrast, is COMPLETELY relied on Perla being on the field). With so many and better Grade 1 options for Raindear nowadays, Perle is just too situational in comparison. While her skill given to Perla can Soul Charge a card and draw a card is nice, it's a 2-card combo which becomes less useful as the game goes on since it must hit a Vanguard. Also, as already mentioned, Perle is JUST a 7000 vanilla booster without Perla. In addition, there are now more Grade 2 options as well, so running 4 Perla may not even be a great idea, making Perle's chances at going off even MORE unlikely.

While she doesn't directly combo with Raindear, Pretty Celeb, Charlotte offers more bouncing with pressure, similar to Perla, but with a bit of a difference. Instead of Soul Blasting upon a Vanguard hit to bounce, she Counter Blasts 1 card upon hitting the Vanguard, returns herself to the hand and calls a different unit in her place. This can trigger other skills and provide you another attack the turn you do this. Charlotte is best used early game since the opponent is less likely to guard then.

Duo White Crystal, Ricca, when bounced, can Soul Charge a card AND unflip a face down damage. If you're in need of BOTH Soul Blast AND Counter Blast skills you could fit Ricca into your deck and she can aid you in both of those needs.

Bermuda Princess, Lena doesn't directly combo with Raindear and she may be a bit dated compared to the newer Bermudas, but she is still a good option since you have to run more Grade 3s and if you want to run more than 8 (as I highly suggest 4 Raindear and 4 Vert). When you ride her, all of your Bermuda Triangle units bounce to your hand, so many bounce skills can go off at the same time. On the Vanguard Circle she could also compliment a 5000 booster Ural, Kura, or Coro with a +3000 power boost for having 4 or more Bermuda Rear Guards (swinging 18000 against Cross-rides)

Almost everyone Break Rides nowadays and since you're running many Grade 3s, you may as well run 4 Verts to Break Ride as much as possible. Also, even while Break Riding, in addition to the staple +10000 power, you draw 1 card and bounce 2 Bermudas to your hand. In addition to Break Riding, you're activating more skills.
Also, it's NOT a bad thing if you have to ride Vert as your Grade 3 before Raindear since you're about as likely to drive check a Grade 3 on turn 3 as you are on turn 4, depending entirely on your shuffle.
Also, each time you Break Ride you'll be adding 1 more card to your soul to make use for Soul Blasts.
Vert also has the skill where she gets +2000 as your Vanguard for having 4 or more Bermuda Rear Guards, helping Ural, Kura, and Coro swing better numbers when boosting.

-Another Break Ride option for this deck is Duo True Sister, Meer, as Break Riding on her bounces all of your Bermudas to your hand, triggering skills.
-Consider Meer ONLY if you're NOT running Avon, Yarmuk, or Stand Triggers. Upon Break Riding, Meer Counter Blasts 1 and bounces all Bermudas to your hand, then calls 2 Bermudas to the field from hand. If Avon or Yarmuk is bounced, then played down again, they don't get their boosts as they left the field as the bouncing took place. If you Drive Check a Stand Trigger when you do this, you'll also have no target to stand.
-Break Riding on Meer can enable you to attack 4 times. Swing with both of your Rear Guard columns first, then your Vanguard, which can then call a new column.
-Meer also gets the +2000 for having 4 or more Bermuda Rear Guards and therefore is the same as Vert in terms of this.

Planet Idol, Pacifica can also be a Break Ride option, but ONLY if you have some way of bouncing something that same turn you Break Ride and NOT relying on just Raindear to bounce since you won't always Drive Check a Grade 3. When you Break Ride, once that turn, when a Bermuda is bounced, you can search your deck for a Bermuda and call it. Break Riding Raindear onto Pacifica and then drive checking a Grade 3 can result in a new standing column, ready to initiate another attack that turn.
-If you do this, you can make sure to leave a Rear Guard circle empty for the new unit from the deck to be called onto if you don't want to minus a unit out.

Ways to counteract it:
-Raindear has an unfortunate present-day curse of being a Vanguard with 10000 power. Because of this, preparing 15000, 20000, and 25000 columns will make life hard for Raindear, unlike the usual 11000 Vanguards seen today. Watch out, though, as the opponent MAY ride Vert first and Vert is an 11000 power Vanguard.
-Raindear's effectiveness relies on chance more so than other strategies, but if you want to decrease her chances of bouncing, you can target Rear Guards, especially those that fire off nice skills when they're bounced or when others are bounced. If the opponent really wants to keep the target there, they may guard more than they otherwise would. Raindear also runs more Grade 3s than other decks, so this causes further trouble for her.

-There are countless ways to combo with Raindear's skill and many alternative ways to build a deck revolving around Raindear's skill, due to so many Bermudas that gain skills when they or other units are bounced.
-There are many things that can happen with the simple check of a Grade 3.
-Since Grade 3s trigger a happening, it is all the more likely something good will happen when you go for the Twin Drive.

-Being a 10000 power Vanguard makes you more vulnerable to columns that normally wouldn't trouble you as much. (15000, 20000, etc.)
-You have to run more Grade 3s in your deck than usual decks to abuse Raindear's skill as much as possible to get the advantage in the game. Because of this, Grade Locks are more likely and your overall shielding potential is decreased.
-It's possible to draw or damage too many Grade 3s, which could decrease the usefulness of Raindear's skill drastically.
-Raindear's strategy also requires a decent amount of a setup on your field to best take advantage of the bouncing. If your field is on the weaker side, Raindear also becomes very ineffective.

-Velvet Voice, Raindear is printed as a Common (C) in Extra Booster 2, Banquet of Divas.
-She was also reprinted in Fighter's Collection 2013 as a RRR.

Artwork and aesthetics:
My favorite thing to see in art are females. That being said, Velvet Voice, Raindear is a pretty visually appealing female in my eyes. The girl, herself, is quite pretty and she reminds me of Miku Hatsune, who happens to be one of my favorite fictional females. The bluish color scheme is also a treat to my eye as blue is my favorite color.

Overall rating:
This is a very tough card to rate, as there are so many combos with her, but some serious downfalls should you draw the wrong cards. However, even if you don't ride Raindear as your Grade 3, you're not entirely dead in the water. (ha, ha) Also, if you do get the right set ups you'll be in quite an advantageous spot, with many skills firing off and some nice pluses. I shall estimate Raindear's score to be 7.5/10.


Modified on May 16, 2014 09:49 pm

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