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card review In Training

Card Review
In Training: click to enlarge
In Training

Card text:

Consume: 2. (Your opponent places the top two cards of
his or her dilemma pile face up beneath this mission.)

Randomly select a personnel who costs 1 or 2. All other
personnel who cost 1 or 2 are stopped.

“Tighten the back of your tongue. … Keep trying. You’ve almost got it.”

  • Rarity: R
  • Type: Dilemma
  • Number: 18
  • 1st Edition compatible: No
  • Attributes: Planet
In Training
written by ophidian007
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General description:
This card has the ability to slow down speed decks. The consume means that next turn they complete the mission but a many games that was won on the next turn after a timely In Training.

To slow down fast decks. To slow down fast decks. I think you get my point.

Strategies and game play:
You want to play this first. If you play it later during dilemmas it's just not as good. Sometimes getting nothing. Play it first or not at all.

Ways to counteract it:
Play a mixture of costs for your personnel. But don't change your deck just to counteract In Training.

Slows down speed deck. Need I say more?

Against slower decks this card is bad. Usaully they have few cards that cost less then 3.

As with The Dreamer and the Dream this card is reprinted in Reflection 2.0. Great new for player as it makes the card easier to find.

Overall rating:
I give this card a 6 out of 10 becuase sometimes it's just bad. I will always have 2 in my dilemma pile becuase there's too many games I want to draw this card and it's ability to stop your opponent dead if he's play a speed deck.

Next week I'll review some events


Modified on January 10, 2011 11:19 pm

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