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card review Tangath Toborn, OverWorld General: Best of the Generals

Card Review
Tangath Toborn, OverWorld General: click to enlarge
Tangath Toborn, OverWorld General

Card text:

C:55 P:75 W:95 S:35


On an opponent's turn, Tangath Toborn has

• "Fire 5" if you control an UnderWorlder.

• "Disarm" if you control a Mipedian.

• "Elementproof all Elemental Types 5" if you control a Danian.


  • Number: 7
  • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Card Type: Creature
  • Tribe: OverWorld
  • Energy: 60
Tangath Toborn, OverWorld General
Best of the Generals

written by LV7
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General description:
Of the four Legendary Super Rare Generals released in the Turn of the Tide expansion pack, Tangath Toborn, Overworld General is undeniably the best. Most cards with Defender are average if not weaker, but Tangath Toborn has great stats and a very effective ability, especially in a mixed tribe deck.

He should be placed adjacent to vulnerable cards that are in the back of your army.

Strategies and game play:
He is most effective in an army with the four tribes, putting the opposing engaged creature at a severe disadvantage during your opponent's turn.

Combos with other cards:
Equipping Burithean Axe to him makes him even more formidable. Even in an all Overworld Deck, his ability can be made use of using, General's Standard, The Northrange, and Vidav, Master Strategist.

Ways to counteract it:
The only ways to counteract his ability are using Pouril Forest, which removes Defender, so you can take out the vulnerable cards in his deck, or by using Trills of Diminution, which removes all his abilities directly, making him at least somewhat possible to defeat.

Great stats, awesome ability, good elemental types common in Overworlders.

Not as effective in an all overworld deck, ability is only active on the opponent's turn.

This card was released as a promotion, but it was no different from the final version.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork is fantastic. Tangath looks much bigger than he did in Beyond the Doors. His signature asymmetrical armor on his arm looks even cooler with those wicked-looking spikes. He appears to be about to beat the tar out of a fluidmorpher. Judging by the scenery, he is in glacier plains, coming to stop the M'arrillians from melting the Glaciers and flooding Perim. You can also see Rothar (an underworlder) and a Mipedian (whose identity I don't know) in the background, which ties in to his ability very well.

Overall rating:
This incredible card gets a rating of 10 out of 10.


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