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card review The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou: Absolute Void Dominator

Card Review
The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou: click to enlarge
The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou

Card text:

[Summon Condition: Your Life must be 3 or Less]

[LV3][LV4] (When Attacks) Soul Drive - By banishing Soul Core(Soul Core) on this Ultimate from the game, for each level this Ultimate has, send two cores from the opponent's Spirits/Ultimates/trash to the void.

[LV4] (When Attacks) Send 3 cores from one opposing Spirit to the reserve.

[LV4] (When Attacks) Treat this Ultimate as having no color.

  • Number: X02
  • Rarity: X Rare
  • Card Type: Ultimate
  • Color: Purple
  • Spirit Type: Next Generation, Ogre Wizard
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: AAAA
  • Gems: 1
The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou
Absolute Void Dominator

written by LV25
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General description:
Hello everyone, i am here to present to you players a review on one of the most OP cards recently published, The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou. Being a X-Rare category Ultimate, it possess a cost of 8 and 4 purple reduction, it only possess 2 levels, starting with 14000 BP at the beginning and 24000 BP at level 4 with 4 core. It lies in the family Next Generation and Ogre Wizard, thus providing multiple options to merge it into a deck. There are 2 things that make this current generation of Ultimate stand out from its previous predecessors, the first is its summon condition and its new ability, Soul Drive. The first ability, its summon condition, only allow players to summon Mudou when their life is at 3 or less. This remove the worry of needing to have a spirit or Ultimate of the same colour on the field to summon it, but also start the trouble of having your life at the precise number you need, since 3 or less life means the battle is moving on to the most important phase of the duel. The second ability, Soul Drive, is connect to the new Soul Core mechanism, rather than sending the opponent's cards to the trash like the usual Ultimate-Trigger, the Soul Core is banished from the game for a one-time effect. While it may only be activate once, it can be use to turn the battle to your advantage, so when compare to Ultimate-Trigger, both have its own advantage.

Mudou's Soul Core characteristics is the evolution of the normal purple effect, instead of sending cores to the reserve or trash, it send 2 cores from the opponent's Spirits/Ultimates/trash to the void based on level this Ultimate is currently at, so the minimum core removal is at 6,while the maximum is at 8, also, when the Soul Drive is activated on Lv4 when this Ultimate has 4 cores on it, since it is an activated effect and not an effect that last for a turn or battle, it would be activated as this Ultimate being in Lv4. Truly a effect to be feared, as it can bring about a overwhelming force on the opponent, causing them to be virtually defenseless and losing the game. You could be wondering, what if the opponent have Ultra Immunity against purple. The 3rd effect of Mudou solve this problem as it allow Mudou to be colourless when attaking, thus bypassing the Ultra Immunity and getting rid of them from the playing field. The 2nd effect is consider to be a common one, as it allow Mudou to send 3 cores from one opposing Spirit to the reserve, combine it with the 3rd effect and it can be devastating for the opponent. Mudou is usable in any type of purple deck because it does not focus on anything, it itself is consider a Omni trump card. It is also usable in a White/Purple deck alongside Griffon. If a player wants to go extreme, any deck is can suit it fine.

Strategies and game play:
The most common strategies that is use with Mudou is its combo with The ScytheOgre Shigan,

which involve discarding Mudou from hand,and drawing another due to Shigan LV 1,2,3 effect, and bringing it back using Shigan Lv 2 and 3, along with the added bonus of sending two cores from any opposing Spirit to the reserve. The 2nd is, if Mudou is sent to the trash, Wolf Ogre,

can bring it back during the player end step. It also possess Spirit Soul: Purple, which is useful when summoning an Ultimate, it gains 1 extra Purple Symbol. Its summoning condition may be a problem as some opponent wont try to attack you, but by adding this Ultimate, The FallenSwordsSaint Moloch,

to the deck, that problem is solve. Lastly, adding the The GalacticStarBlade Zodiacsword,

can be used to brave with Mudou, along with getting rid of the opponent set Burst and gaining and extra 2 cores.

Combos with other cards:
The DragonMaskOgre Biranba - To prevent the opponent gaining cores and wiping out twice the number of the boosted core to the void.

No. 3 Rock Hand - To discard any unwanted Ogre Wizard spirits and increase hand in Draw Step along with bringing back Ogre Wizard spirits by paying Soul Core as cost.

Ways to counteract it:
Method that only counter this card does exist, using white spells like Dream Bubble,

can return it easily to the opponent end.To prevent it from wiping out all your spirits cores, unless using spirits that cant have their cores reduce to 0, or using this spell card, Crystal Field
,to prevent your spirits cores from being completely send to the void. Or, once the opponent use Soul Core, you can use the spell card, Bloody Rondo,

to force the opponent to be in the same situation as you. Try using High-Speed spirits to bypass its core removal, try and keep your cores in the reserve as much as possible by using cards like The Invaded Castle,

or playing The SixAbsoluteDeities Harvest-Thearth,

for core boost to be safe.

Able to lock down the opponent since after Soul Drive, they will not have any chance to turn over the duel. Usable in any deck if go to the extreme, and virtually unbeatable once able to unleash its effect.

Its personal weakness is its own summoning condition, which have to be control because the life may be wipe out up soon after it is brought down to 3 or less, or if the opponent refuse to attack until the last moment, then it wont be able to be summon. Even after fulfilling the reduction, you still need 4 core to summon it and 4 normal core and 1 Soul Core on it to make use of its effect to the fullest.

Artwork and aesthetics:
The artwork represent its descend to the battlefield, eliminating those that stand before it with a single slash. Truly a destructive image.

Overall rating:
I rate this card at 10, because of its Onmi capabilities.
(PS,if you think this is good,pls rate it a 5,if you rate it a 4 or below,pls tell me how to improve,all suggestions are welcome,TQ.)


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