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card review Nourishing Nocturne

Card Review
Nourishing Nocturne: click to enlarge
Nourishing Nocturne

Card text:

Sacrifice a Minion Creature. If you do, target engaged Creature gains Energy equal to the Scanned Energy of the sacrificed Creature.

I know you think you gave it your all, but I bet I can coax out a little more.

  • Number: 167
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Type: Mugic
  • Tribe: Generic
Nourishing Nocturne
written by LV11
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Likes and dislikes

I love this card! The positives being that at max you can get a 75 energy boost (Magmon Engulfed) that being the highest energy minion. The draw backs are you lose a creature,it takes a mugic slot and it cost 2 Mugic counters. The good no doubt outways the bad though. If you're in a rough enough spot to need the boost then it's likely that the creature you're faceing is one of their toughest. This being a generic mugic it can be played at locations like Runic Grove,Dranakis Threshold Portal to the Past,After Iron balls is used and can be played by any creature with 2 mugic counters! Very useful in any deck.

How it should be used.

Well generally when someone uses this card 99 times out of 100 people combine this Mugic with another Mugic. The Ultra rare Psionic Serenade! The card is mostly used with Tartareck Psi overloader (70energy) or Magmon Engulfed (75 energy) You can use any minion but it'd be a waste to use it with a low energy minion sacrafice.

Although another good way to use this card would to have 2 and use the move Psi-Maggedon making the move much stronger, or to combined the card with Xerium armor or Melody of the meek. High energy gain with solid defence and high energy almost gaurantee's victory.

A fun way to use this card is to use the mentioned locations and attac (runic,dranakis,Iron balls) then play this card so that it cannot get refrained from use. You can also use the creature Zamool or the attack whirling wails to stop them from using the mugic however if Zamool is used it can only be played on him if you want that effect.


For good reason Psionic is used, For the cost of 2 Generic mugic counters you can discard a Minion in your discard pile from the game and deal damage according to that creatures scanned energy.(again max 75 with Magmon Engulfed) although many people use Tartareck Psi overloader because he has 2 mugic counters and is only 5 less energy as well as not having reckless 5. The choice of th minion is on you but Magmon and Tartareck are the main 2 used. Nourishing+Psionic=Death for the opponents top 2 creatures.

How to counter this card

The only way to counteract this Mugic would be like all Mugics is to use refrain of Denial,Dranakis threshold,Whirling wails,Zamool Lord van Bloot's enforcer, Certain abilities like Siri'lean the mugic theif, or Candence clash. Candence clash being the least effective being it just brings the mugic back to your hand.


The artwork is very nice. Im sure the Mugic would sound great however I have never heard it.

I'd give this card a solid 8.5 out of 10 for how much it can turn the tide of a match


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