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card review Ursis

Card Review
Ursis: click to enlarge

Card text:

C:60 P:85 W:45 S:45

Though Ursis appears ferocious, in realty, he is much fiercer than you can imagine.

  • Number: 4
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Card Type: Creature
  • Tribe: Generic
  • Energy: 80
written by LV6
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Ursis is one of the best creatures in the game. Positives include the followings 1. He has an average of 80 health, an extremely high amount. Ursis has fairly high power, at 85. His courage is decent. He has the earth element. He has three mugic counters, the most a creature can start off with. Ursis's creature types provide for some flexibility. He's a past creature, as well as a warrior and a muge.

There are plenty of good combos with Ursis. Location wise there are a number of places to use him. Rock River Canyon would give him a 10 energy boost because of his earth element. Likewise, Kiru Village would give him a 10 energy boost due to him being a past creature. The Darken Dunes would give him Range and swift. Silchaw's mine is perhaps the best. Reducing damage to only 20 max a turn, combined with his large energy gives him the edge against most creatures.

Ursis could only use generic Mugic, but there are some that would work well. Geo Florish is a decent one, and Caster's warsong is fairly good.

Battlegear wise one could give him the sword of Khyat as he is a warrior, or a levitaar. Xerium Armor, Stonemail and Drilldozer are all great options.

As a muge, Ursis would work great with Ankanin. Ajara would give him an extra 5 attack against most creatures. With the sword of Khyat, many 1 build point cards like Earth Pulse and Dry Liquid can do 25 damage. Tarin could also boost his health. As a muge, he could use Muge's edge to great effect, boosting all his disciplines and dealing 10 damage. Likewise as a generic creature he can always use Xenocrentric Wrath as he is tribe-less. Due to his high health he is ideal for using Retaliatory Strike as he can survive massive attacks.

There are some setbacks. As a generic he can't use any tribal mugic without gear. He also can't be in with any loyal creatures. While his power is good, it's not overpowered like other creatures. He only has one element. His courage is decent, but not good. His speed and wisedom are both lower.

The artwork is excellent, and even with season one animation his design is great.



Modified on April 24, 2018 08:46 pm

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