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card review No Secrets From the Magaji: The Perfect Wall Card

Card Review
No Secrets From the Magaji: click to enlarge
No Secrets From the Magaji

Card text:

+1 stealth action. Requires a ready magaji.
Put this card on this magaji and untap him or her. The magaji with this card gets +1 intercept when attempting to block vampires. If this magaji is tapped, he or she may attempt to block a vampire as if untapped. Burn this card if this magaji attempts to block a vampire but is not successful. A vampire may have only one No Secrets From the Magaji.

  • Number: 268
  • Rarity: C
  • Type: Action
  • Artist: Heather Kreiter
No Secrets From the Magaji
The Perfect Wall Card

written by xcver
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General description:
This Card should be an auto-inclusion in any combat-related deck running any magaji. The action has +1 stealth and the vampire even untaps after it. Since the Vampire then can even block when tapped feel free to do something else with him.
It begs to be used in an Akunanse Wall deck. But all other decks that use magaji could be fine with it thanks to the untap the action possesses (so Eze Multiaction is very fine with it too). Against some decks which have problems generating huge stealth or allow to let a block fail this card is downright abusive.
Strategies and game play:
The Card should be put at the first possible moment since it hugely affects your predator's and prey's actions. Normally you should then try building up the Magaji so that he doesn't need to fear to block. When the magaji then has built in damage prevention (flak jacket, guardian angel et al) and further intercept it will get very hard to get past it with any action. Nice targets for No Secrets are Uchenna and Nkule Galadima in an Akunanse deck or Olugbenga in an Assamite deck ( he also has +1 intercept against bleeds). These combine relative low capacity with an excellent discipline spread.
Combos with other cards:
As already mentioned this card combines well with permanent combat options like flak jacket, sniper rifle, .44 magnum, IR goggles and any other equipment and/or retainers that help keeping the vampire able to block everything It's also a nice idea to give him enhanced intercept via Mr. Winthrop, sport bikes, guardian angel or other cards making it most difficult to get rid of the card. Since it's obvious Equipment helps Vast Wealth is huge with No Secrets since you still can block after finding some equipment.
Ways to counteract it:
There are some cards that beat No secrets instantly like elder impersonation, change of target, call of the hungry dead, crocodile tongue and a few not so often played others. So you should be wary of those cards.
The action is at +1 stealth and the vampire untaps after using it enabling yet another action. Since he can then block vampires as if untapped he can stay tapped and act each turn without prejudice.
If this card has a disadvantage it is that you can only block vampires with it...also there can be a problem with trying to block too much. it is nice knowing you can block a lot but some actions just shouldn't be blocked. A shame it can only be played by Magaji but otherwise it would simply be too powerful imo.
Overall rating:
I give it a rating of 7 of 10.


Modified on December 27, 2010 03:17 pm

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Discussion about this Card Review
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Author Message
United States

Avatar for echiang
Subject: Common Misperception   Posted: November 29, 2010 11:28 am Reply with quote Report content icon

Just wanted to point out that a common mistake that players make with No Secrets From the Magaji (and also Open Dossier) is that if the magaji is tapped, he may block as if untapped, but he *cannot* play reaction cards as if untapped. So if you realize you need additional intercept, you need to play a Wake before you can play Enhanced Senses.
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