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Checklist of cards from Violence Creator (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
12 Aloro, War God Creature Rare
44 Aqua Heat Dragoon Creature Common
23 Aqua Super Emeral Creature Uncommon
39 Blade Circle Spell Common
31 Blue Phalion, Spirit Machine King Creature Uncommon
29 Choice of Destiny Spell Uncommon
49 Cloud, Special Investigation Soldier Creature Common
53 Colonel Koala, Forest Commander Creature Common
13 Dimensional Thunder Ball Spell Rare
19 Dokkoi, Fantasy God Creature Rare
1 Elementius Thunderbolt Dragon Creature Very Rare
51 Fire Crystal Bomb Spell Common
3 Fullmetal Lemon, Brave King Mecha Creature Very Rare
41 Fuuma Chameleos Creature Common
42 Fuuma Ralphas, Thunder Shadow Creature Common
46 Fuuma Ronovel Creature Common
22 Gastin, the Patroller Creature Uncommon
25 Ghost Clutch Spell Uncommon
5 Girimegis, Demonic Strike Armor Creature Very Rare
9 God Signal Spell Rare
11 Gort, God of Sealing Creature Rare
14 Gou, Spirit God Creature Rare
47 Hell Chariot Spell Common
50 High Speed Racer Paralira Creature Common
8 Izana, Crime God Creature Rare
S2 Jose Wilbert, Gaia's Justice Creature Super Rare
2 Kingdom Geolg, Super Gaia Evolution Creature Very Rare
35 Kiryu Jilves, Gaia's Roar Creature Uncommon
54 Lariat Bomber Creature Common
36 Linny Raphalo, Woodland Guardian Creature Common
34 Lost Secrets of Gaia Spell Uncommon
26 Metal Claw, Mobile Battle Dragon Creature Uncommon
40 Mirror Egg Creature Common
43 Mobius Cloister Spell Common
30 Olaswan, Knight of Gaia Creature Uncommon
S1 Olzekia, General of Decapitation Creature Super Rare
16 Orphe, Punishment God Creature Rare
6 Otto, Worldly God Creature Rare
20 Paloro, God of the Cycle Creature Rare
38 Photon Clock Spell Common
24 Prism Brain Spell Uncommon
32 Quick Drawing Argonite Creature Uncommon
17 Riki, Thunder God Creature Rare
48 Rinbauscher of the Dark Clouds Creature Common
S4 Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard Creature Super Rare
15 Rose Totem Creature Rare
4 Sir Albides, Noble Deathknight Creature Very Rare
S3 Soul Reaping Sardonyx Creature Super Rare
55 Spiritual Rainbow Spell Common
52 Suisui Spydon Creature Common
37 Sun of Thunder, Artistic Armor Creature Common
7 Super Spark Spell Rare
10 Super Trash Train, Fuuma Devil Creature Rare
45 Swimchappi, the Suicide Puppet Creature Common
18 Tauros, Battle God Creature Rare
27 Tornado Flame Spell Uncommon
33 Tragic Iolite Creature Uncommon
21 Ultimus, Spirit of Divine Law Creature Uncommon
S5 Violence Thunder, Extreme Dragon Wizard Evolution Creature Super Rare
28 Yukigon, Mystical Beast Fairy Creature Uncommon