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Checklist of cards from Darkstalkers (UFS (Universal Fighting System))
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 *B.B. Hood* Character Rare
10 *Bishamon* Character Rare
19 *Demitri* Character Rare
37 *Felicia* Character Rare
46 *J. Talbain* Character Rare
55 *Lilith* Character Rare
64 *Lord Raptor* Character Rare
73 *Morrigan* Character Rare
82 *Pyron* Character Rare
91 *Q-Bee* Character Rare
100 *Rikuo* Character Rare
118 *Victor* Character Rare
94 +B Attack Rare
66 A Chapter of Tolgaido Asset Uncommon
16 A Moment Too Late Foundation Common
43 A Singing and Dancing Musical Sister Foundation Uncommon
84 Army of Huitzil Asset Rare
39 Ball of Yarn Asset Super Rare
3 Basket of Tricks Asset Rare
22 Bat Spin Attack Uncommon
112 Big Cyclone Attack Uncommon
113 Big Gulp Attack Uncommon
115 Bigfoot Tribe Foundation / Action Uncommon
25 Blood of the Innocent Foundation Common
7 Born to Hunt Foundation / Action Uncommon
106 Bounty of the Sea Foundation / Action Uncommon
34 Buddhist Devotion Foundation Common
116 Bunches of Bananas Foundation Uncommon
95 C R Attack Common
23 Chaos Fire Attack Common
4 Cheer and Fire Attack Super Rare
61 Cheerful Foundation Common
49 Chijo Beast Rush Attack Common
88 Consumer of Planets Foundation Common
35 Containing the Power Foundation / Action Uncommon
17 Contemplation Foundation Common
5 Cool Hunting Attack Super Rare
89 Cosmic Being Foundation Uncommon
18 Countless Days of Killing Foundation / Action Uncommon
76 Cryptic Needle Attack Uncommon
36 Cursed Blood Foundation Common
8 Cute and Innocent Foundation Uncommon
2 Dark Heart Action Rare
92 Deadly Swarm Action Super Rare
67 Death Phrase Attack Uncommon
96 Delta A Attack Uncommon
24 Demon Blast Attack Super Rare
119 Dense Mass Action Super Rare
30 Dhylec Asset Super Rare
28 Donovan Character Rare
50 Dragon Cannon Attack / Action Super Rare
102 Egg Clutch Asset Rare
107 Empire's Ruin Foundation Common
114 ES Super Whirlwind Kick Attack Super Rare
68 Evil Scream Attack Common
65 Final Performance Action Super Rare
62 Free Will Foundation Common
47 Full Moon Action Uncommon
13 Gedan Kassobaki Attack Common
120 Gerdenheim's Research Notes Asset Rare
70 God of Metal Foundation Common
121 Graviton Knuckle Attack Common
122 Gyro Crush Attack Common
14 Hane Ha Attack Common
12 Hannya and Kien Asset Super Rare
40 Hellcat Attack Rare
31 Ifreet Sword Attack Uncommon
71 Instant Success Foundation Common
29 Into the Iron Maiden Action Uncommon
110 Jumping In Action Rare
32 Katana O Rakurai Attack Uncommon
103 Killer Vortex Attack Common
108 King of the Sea Foundation Common
15 Kirisute Gomen Attack Uncommon
85 Kuchu Soul Smasher Attack Common
52 Loner Foundation Common
74 Look into Dreams Action Super Rare
58 Luminous Illusion Attack Common
56 Lure the Enemy Action Uncommon
83 Lying in Wait Action Uncommon
9 Mercenary Foundation Common
20 Midnight Bliss Action Super Rare
124 Mockery of Life Foundation Uncommon
51 Moment Slice Attack Uncommon
59 Mystic Arrow Attack Common
26 No Weakness Foundation Uncommon
53 Nobility and Pride Foundation / Attack Uncommon
72 Oral Dead Foundation Common
86 Orbital Blaze Attack Super Rare
48 Phases of the Moon Asset Super Rare
90 Pillar of Flame Foundation Common
38 Please Help Me Action Rare
27 Power Hungry Foundation / Attack Uncommon
79 Powers Torn Foundation Uncommon
97 Predator's Instincts Foundation / Action Uncommon
33 Press of Death Attack Uncommon
57 Primitive Instinct Asset / Attack Uncommon
101 Pull of the Tides Action Common
44 Purity Foundation / Attack Uncommon
98 Queen of the Hive Foundation Common
41 Rolling Buckler Attack Rare
11 Roppodo Action Uncommon
80 S Class Noble Foundation Common
42 Sand Splash Attack Common
109 Sasquatch Character Rare
104 Sea Rage Attack Super Rare
125 Search for Acceptance Foundation Common
75 Seductive Beauty Asset Rare
63 Self Aware Foundation Common
60 Shining Blade Attack Super Rare
117 Signs of Friendship Foundation Uncommon
105 Sonic Wave Attack Uncommon
93 Soul Hive Asset Super Rare
45 Star Power Foundation Common
126 Stitched Together Foundation / Action Uncommon
111 Stone Mail Asset Common
81 Successor to the Throne Foundation Common
99 Sustained by Souls Foundation Common
54 The Beast Within Foundation Uncommon
123 Thunder Break Attack Super Rare
6 Tricky Basket Attack Common
69 Ultimate Undead Attack Super Rare
77 Valkyrie Turn Attack Uncommon
78 Vector Drain Attack Uncommon
21 Zeltzereich Castle Asset Super Rare
87 Zodiac Fire Attack Common