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Checklist of cards from Dragonic Wars (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
S4 Aku, Ultimate God Creature Super Rare
20 Albatross, Spirit Wing Treasure Creature Rare
30 Amdul, the Powerful Lightning Flame Creature Uncommon
52 Angler Grape, Brave of the Deep Currant Creature Common
54 Animabelgis, Fuuma Savage Creature Common
46 Antoinette, Beautiful Battle Dragon Princess Creature Common
1 Aqua Wavester Creature Very Rare
S1 Ballom Emperor, Lord of Demons Evolution Creature Super Rare
27 Beautician, Viral Lord of Fear Creature Uncommon
43 Beetleda, Armored Insect Mecha King Creature Common
40 Bega, Decaying Vizier Creature Common
53 Bisecting Skullcedony Creature Common
S2 Bolshack Yamato Dragon Creature Super Rare
10 Chemical, God of Sublimity Creature Rare
22 Concentric Battler, the Great Conductor Creature Uncommon
4 Crimson Mega Dragoon Creature Very Rare
18 Daikazan, Brave King Totem Creature Rare
6 Diamond Sword Spell Rare
24 Drill Rex, Soul Weapon Knight Creature Uncommon
41 Eagle Cargo, Guardian Treasure Creature Common
38 El Kaiou, Spirit Mecha King Creature Common
48 Fuuma Bariel, Armored Insect Creature Common
44 Fuuma Harisenmon Creature Common
11 Great Reversal of Reality and Death Spell Rare
39 Happy-go-lucky Strike Spell Common
17 Hundred Eyes, Secret Spirit Treasure Creature Rare
9 Icaros, Holy Gaia Evolution Creature Rare
13 Jack Valdy, the Everlasting (#13) Evolution Creature Rare
13cc Jack Valdy, the Everlasting (#13cc) Evolution Creature Rare
42 Jet R.E, Brave Vizier Creature Common
23 Kelbirem, the Deathknight Puppet Creature Uncommon
S3 King Alcadeias, Holy Gaia Evolution Creature Super Rare
S5 Kirin Legacy, the Twin Meteor Evolution Creature Super Rare
55 Last Momotaro, Mobile Brave Creature Common
31 Lion Arms, Mobile Cyber-Beast Creature Uncommon
45 Magnas, Electro-Knight Creature Common
16 Mist Gias, Gaia's Swordcerer Creature Rare
21 Murmur, Apostle of the Formation Creature Uncommon
33 Nyokitaris, Viral Tree Spirit Creature Uncommon
14 Orbital, the Supreme God Creature Rare
5 Paradox, Gaia's Abyss Creature Very Rare
34 Persistent Prison of Gaia Spell Uncommon
37 Peru Pere, Viral Guardian Creature Common
50 Present of Curses and Horror Spell Common
8 Protégé, the Finest God Creature Rare
36 Remember, Evil Fortress Treasure Creature Common
12 Reward of Punching and Slapping Spell Rare
19 Rocaperissors, Gaia's Magician Creature Rare
26 Shallot, Knight of Valor Creature Uncommon
28 Soul Dorji, Supreme Lord of the Sea Evolution Creature Uncommon
47 Splashaxe, Electro-Savage Creature Common
7 Surf Totem Creature Rare
49 The Door of Miracle and Mystery Spell Common
29 The Provoking Elder's Flaming Earthquakes Spell Uncommon
25 Toby Gongon, the Guardian Spirit Fairy Creature Uncommon
35 Torierre, Armament Fairy Creature Uncommon
51 Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage Creature Common
32 Turquoise Kraken, Holy Machine Creature Uncommon
15 Underworld, the Greatest God Creature Rare
2 Variable Amon Dragon Creature Very Rare
3 Zen, Transcendent God Creature Very Rare