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Checklist of cards from Deckmasters: Garfield vs. Finkel (Magic: The Gathering)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
22 Balduvian Bears Creature C
34 Barbed Sextant Artifact C
3 Dark Banishing Instant C
4 Dark Ritual Instant C
25 Folk of the Pines Creature C
5 Foul Familiar Creature C
26 Fyndhorn Elves Creature C
27 Giant Growth Instant C
13a Guerrilla Tactics Instant C
13b Guerrilla Tactics Instant C
14 Incinerate Instant C
16 Lava Burst Sorcery C
6a Lim-Dûl's High Guard Creature C
6b Lim-Dûl's High Guard Creature C
8a Phantasmal Fiend Creature C
8b Phantasmal Fiend Creature C
37a Phyrexian War Beast Artifact Creature C
37b Phyrexian War Beast Artifact Creature C
20 Shatter Instant C
9 Soul Burn Sorcery C
21a Storm Shaman Creature C
21b Storm Shaman Creature C
30 Woolly Spider Creature C
31a Yavimaya Ancients Creature C
31b Yavimaya Ancients Creature C
48 Forest Basic Land L
49 Forest Basic Land L
50 Forest Basic Land L
45 Mountain Basic Land L
46 Mountain Basic Land L
47 Mountain Basic Land L
42 Swamp Basic Land L
43 Swamp Basic Land L
44 Swamp Basic Land L
10 Balduvian Horde Creature R
35 Elkin Bottle Artifact R
15 Jokulhaups Sorcery R
39 Karplusan Forest Land R
29 Lhurgoyf Creature R
7 Necropotence Enchantment R
40 Sulfurous Springs Land R
41 Underground River Land R
1 Abyssal Specter Creature U
23 Bounty of the Hunt Instant U
2 Contagion Instant U
11 Death Spark Instant U
24 Elvish Bard Creature U
33 Giant Trap Door Spider Creature U
12 Goblin Mutant Creature U
28 Hurricane Sorcery U
36 Icy Manipulator Artifact U
17 Orcish Cannoneers Creature U
18 Pillage Sorcery U
19 Pyroclasm Sorcery U
38 Walking Wall Artifact Creature U
32 Yavimaya Ants Creature U