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Checklist of cards from Unglued (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
69 Ashnod's Coupon Artifact R
28 B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster) [Left] Creature R
29 B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster) [Right] Creature R
70 Blacker Lotus Artifact R
71 Bronze Calendar Artifact U
14 Bureaucracy Enchantment R
40 Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire Enchantment R
54 Cardboard Carapace Enchantment R
15 Censorship Enchantment U
72 Chaos Confetti Artifact C
1 Charm School Enchantment U
16 Checks and Balances Enchantment U
17 Chicken a la King Creature R
41 Chicken Egg Creature C
18 Clam Session Creature C
19 Clam-I-Am Creature C
20 Clambassadors Creature C
73 Clay Pigeon Artifact Creature U
21 Common Courtesy Enchantment U
30 Deadhead Creature C
22 Denied! Instant C
31 Double Cross Sorcery C
42 Double Deal Sorcery C
2 Double Dip Instant C
55 Double Play Sorcery C
23 Double Take Instant C
56 Elvish Impersonators Creature C
57 Flock of Rabid Sheep Sorcery U
88 Forest Basic Land L
24 Fowl Play Enchantment C
25 Free-for-All Enchantment R
58 Free-Range Chicken Creature C
59 Gerrymandering Sorcery U
3 Get a Life Instant U
60 Ghazban Ogress Creature C
74 Giant Fan Artifact R
43 Goblin Bookie Creature C
44 Goblin Bowling Team Creature C
45 Goblin Tutor Instant U
92 Goblin [Token] Token Creature T
61 Growth Spurt Instant C
62 Gus Creature C
32 Handcuffs Enchantment U
63 Hungry Hungry Heifer Creature U
46 Hurloon Wrangler Creature C
4 I'm Rubber, You're Glue Enchantment R
64 Incoming! Sorcery R
33 Infernal Spawn of Evil Creature R
85 Island Basic Land L
75 Jack-in-the-Mox Artifact R
47 Jalum Grifter Legendary Creature R
76 Jester's Sombrero Artifact R
34 Jumbo Imp Creature U
5 Knight of the Hokey Pokey Creature C
48 Krazy Kow Creature C
49 Landfill Sorcery R
6 Lexivore Creature U
7 Look at Me, I'm the DCI Sorcery R
8 Mesa Chicken Creature C
65 Mine, Mine, Mine! Enchantment R
77 Mirror Mirror Artifact R
9 Miss Demeanor Creature U
87 Mountain Basic Land L
10 Once More with Feeling Sorcery R
35 Organ Harvest Sorcery C
36 Ow Enchantment R
78 Paper Tiger Artifact Creature C
89 Pegasus [Token] Token Creature T
84 Plains Basic Land L
37 Poultrygeist Creature C
11 Prismatic Wardrobe Sorcery C
26 Psychic Network Enchantment R
50 Ricochet Enchantment U
79 Rock Lobster Artifact Creature C
80 Scissors Lizard Artifact Creature C
12 Sex Appeal Instant C
93 Sheep [Token] Token Creature T
90 Soldier [Token] Token Creature T
27 Sorry Enchantment U
51 Spark Fiend Creature R
81 Spatula of the Ages Artifact U
66 Squirrel Farm Enchantment R
94 Squirrel [Token] Token Creature T
52 Strategy, Schmategy Sorcery R
86 Swamp Basic Land L
67 Team Spirit Instant C
38 Temp of the Damned Creature C
13 The Cheese Stands Alone Enchantment R
53 The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast(R) Customer Service Sorcery U
68 Timmy, Power Gamer Legendary Creature R
82 Urza's Contact Lenses Artifact U
83 Urza's Science Fair Project Artifact Creature U
39 Volrath's Motion Sensor Enchantment U
91 Zombie [Token] Token Creature T