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Checklist of cards from Episode 5 (Deadlands Doomtown)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
20 Benjamin Nightsinger Dude C
1 Bounty Hunter Action R
43 Bow and Arrow Goods C
48 Calming Spirits Spirit R
21 Charlie Flatbush Dude C
45 Corporeal Twist Hex R
22 Crazy Quilt Dude R
49 Curse Spirit C
23 Danny Hamilton Dude R
12 Deadland Deed R
2 Double Time Action C
24 Elizabeth King Dude C
25 Feather-In-His-Hair Dude C
13 Fish Ridge Mine Deed R
26 Harold Longfellow Dude C
3 Hat Gun Action R
4 Hot Lead Flyin' Action C
5 Human Shield Action C
27 Ian Spencer-Whitney Dude R
14 Icehouse Deed R
28 John Bloody Knife Dude R
29 Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain Dude F
39 Labor Dispute Event R
30 Lawrence Goodman Dude C
50 Lightning Strike Spirit R
31 Little Running Bear Dude R
51 Medicine Spirit C
15 Miss Coutreau's Deed C
40 New Science Magazine Event C
16 On the Side Strike Deed C
44 Pembroke's Analysis of Hoyle Goods R
6 Reserves Action R
7 Rumors Action C
46 Shadow Man Hex R
32 Singing Feather Dude C
47 Sioux Union Outfit F
8 Snakebite Action C
52 Strength of the bear Spirit C
9 Take Ya With Me Action C
41 The 1st Bank is Robbed! Event R
33 The Amazing Xemo Dude C
10 Throw Down Action R
17 Thunder Gulch Strike Deed C
34 Tioga Joe Dude R
42 Total Eclipse Event R
35 Walkin' Dead Dude C
36 Walks-in-Footprints Dude R
11 War Paint Action R
18 Water's Edge Strike Deed C
19 Weaponsmith Deed R
37 Whiskey Nick Dude R
38 Wise Cloud Dude C