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Checklist of cards from Episode 6 (Deadlands Doomtown)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
43 Air Gun Goods R
20 Becky Henrick Dude R
44 Buffalo Rifle Goods C
1 Bum Rush Action C
2 Burn 'Em Down Action C
21 Buster Madison Dude C
22 Captain Sim Yut-San Dude F
23 Chin Wei-Lun Dude R
3 Chinese Day Laborers Action R
4 Church Raisin' Action R
39 Coleman is Killed! Event C
5 Crippled Action C
40 Election Day Event R
24 Finnegan O`Malley Dude C
13 Green-Eye Saloon Deed C
25 Gyonshee Dude R
26 Hank Gallagher Dude C
14 Harlot's Haven Strike Deed C
15 Howlin' Hollow Deed R
48 Hunch Hex R
16 Ike's Strike Deed C
27 Jebediah Whateley Dude R
6 Kidnapping Action C
17 Library Deed R
28 Little Mountain Dude R
41 Long Arm of the Law Event R
7 Luck of the Draw Action C
29 Marko Muscovich Dude C
30 Maze Dragon Dude R
45 Maze Runner Goods R
31 Mitobu Dude C
32 Mortimer Jones Dude C
46 Mustang Goods C
33 Nelson Roberts Dude R
8 Night Haunt Action R
9 No Funny Stuff Action C
49 Phantom Fingers Hex C
34 Po Yu Dude R
51 Rain Dance Spirit R
10 Red Spade Action R
35 Richard Boothe Dude C
47 Sacred Tomahawk Goods R
18 Smiling Lizard Lode Deed R
52 Speed of the Wolf Spirit C
42 Stampede Event R
36 Sun Shu-Jen Dude R
11 Tattoo Action R
12 The Fear Action C
19 The Lucky Dog Lode Deed C
50 The Maze Rats Outfit F
37 Wall Crawler Dude C
38 Xiong "Wendy" Cheng Dude C