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Checklist of cards from Episode 9 (Deadlands Doomtown)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Any One of Ya! Action R
44 Babble On Miracle C
18 Barthalomew Prospectus Dude R
19 Black Jack Exp. Dude R
2 Blueprints Action R
43 Bolts O' Doom Hex C
39 Bowie Knife Goods C
10 Buffalo Chip Saloon Deed C
20 Camille Sinclair Dude C
40 Coleman's Badge Goods R
45 Confession Miracle C
35 Dealer's Choice Event C
3 Dumb Luck Action C
21 Elijah Dude F
36 Eureka?!? Event C
46 Exorcism Miracle R
22 Flam Dude C
23 Flim Dude C
24 Gluttony Dude R
4 I Got the Pistols… Action C
25 Idleness Dude R
47 Inspiration Miracle R
26 J.P. Coleman Exp. Dude R
41 Jack's Right Shooter Goods R
5 Jackelope Stampede Action C
27 Lechery Dude C
11 Legal Offices of ______ Deed R
12 Lonesome Willow Strike Deed C
13 Look Homeward Mine Deed R
37 Los Diablos Stampede Event R
28 Mordecai Whateley Dude R
29 Mr. Slate Dude C
30 Pox Walker Dude C
31 Pride Dude C
38 Revival Comes to Town Event R
48 Sanctify Miracle C
6 Seductress Action R
32 Skin Shifter Dude C
49 Smite Miracle R
50 Snake Handlin' Miracle R
42 Sonic Destabilization Ray Goods C
14 Stagecoach Office Deed R
7 Supplies From Back East Action R
15 Surveyor's Office Deed C
33 SUZY 309 Dude R
8 Tastes Like Chicken Action C
51 The Flock Outfit F
16 The Gaping Maw Strike Deed C
17 The Intelligence Shop Deed R
9 We've Got Ya Surrounded Action C
34 Wrath Dude R