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Checklist of cards from Realms of the Elf-lords (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
52 A Fell Voice On The Air Condition R
4 A Royal Welcome Condition U
49 Abandoning Reason For Madness Event C
37 Answering The Cries Condition C
38 Aragorn, Heir To The White City Companion R
7 Arwen, Elven Rider Companion U
8 Arwen, Lady Undómiel Companion R
39 Banner Of The White Tree Event R
9 Beren And Lúthien Condition U
29 Betrayal Of Isengard Condition R
106 Bill The Pony Possession U
1 Book Of Mazarbul Possession R
122 Boromir, Defender Of Minas Tirith Companion P
10 Calaglin, Elf Of Lórien Ally . Home 6 U
50 Can You Protect Me From Yourself? Event R
115 Caras Galadhon Site 6 U
11 Cast It Into The Fire! Event C
40 Citadel Of Minas Tirith Condition R
51 Coming For The Ring Event C
76 Dangerous Gamble Event C
30 Deep In Thought Event C
31 Depart Silently Event C
77 Depths Of Moria Condition R
12 Dínendal, Silent Scout Ally . Home 6 U
13 Elrond, Herald To Gil-galad Ally . Home 3 R
116 Eregion Hills Site 4 U
14 Erestor, Chief Advisor To Elrond Ally . Home 3 C
32 Fireworks Event C
15 Forests Of Lothlórien Condition R
16 Friends Of Old Event C
107 Frodo's Pipe Possession U
108 Frying Pan Possession C
17 Galadriel, Lady Of The Golden Wood Ally . Home 6 R
18 Galdor, Councilor From The West Ally . Home 3 U
117 Gates Of Argonath Site 8 C
81 Gates Of The Dead City Condition R
88 Get Off The Road! Event U
19 Gift Of The Evenstar Condition R
2 Gimli's Pipe Possession U
89 Gleaming In The Snow Event U
20 Golradir, Councilor Of Imladris Ally . Home 3 U
41 Gondor Bowmen Condition R
90 Hand Of Sauron Event C
53 Hate And Anger Event U
78 Hide And Seek Event C
91 His Cruelty And Malice Condition R
33 His First Serious Check Event C
54 Hollowing Of Isengard Condition R
42 Horn Of Boromir Possession R
119 House Of Elrond Site 3 U
55 Isengard Axe Possession C
56 Isengard Forger Minion C
57 Isengard Retainer Minion U
58 Isengard Servant Minion U
59 Isengard Shaman Minion C
60 Isengard Smith Minion U
61 Isengard Warrior Minion U
62 Isengard Worker Minion C
121 Legolas, Son Of Thranduil Companion P
21 Long-knives Of Legolas Possession R
79 Malice Event U
92 Massing In The East Event U
22 Master Of Healing Event C
109 Meant To Be Alone Event C
110 Melilot Brandybuck, Merry Dancer Ally . Home 1 R
43 Might Of Númenor Event C
3 Mines Of Khazad-dûm Condition R
93 Morgul Slayer Minion R
34 Narya Artifact R
23 Nenya Artifact R
82 News Of Mordor Event U
111 Old Noakes, Purveyor Of Wisdoms Ally . Home 1 C
63 One Of You Must Do This Event C
94 Orc Butcher Minion C
64 Orc Commander Minion R
95 Orc Guard Minion C
65 Orc Overseer Minion R
96 Orc Pillager Minion U
97 Orc Slayer Minion U
98 Orc Swordsman Minion C
99 Orc Trooper Minion R
100 Orc Veteran Minion U
101 Orc Warrior Minion C
66 Orthanc Berserker Minion R
102 Our List Of Allies Grows Thin Condition R
24 Phial Of Galadriel Possession U
25 Saelbeth, Elven Councilor Ally . Home 3 U
68 Saruman, Keeper Of Isengard Minion R
69 Saruman, Servant Of The Eye Minion C
112 Seek And Hide Event C
70 Servants To Saruman Event C
45 Some Who Resisted Event U
26 Something Draws Near Event U
5 Song Of Durin Condition U
46 Still Sharp Event U
6 Storm Of Argument Event C
80 Such A Little Thing Event R
103 Terrible As The Dawn Event R
87 The Dark Lord Advances Event C
118 The Great River Site 7 C
67 The Palantír Of Orthanc Artifact R
83 The Ring Draws Them Condition U
44 The Shards Of Narsil Artifact R
113 The Shire Countryside Condition R
73 The Trees Are Strong Event U
84 They Will Never Stop Hunting You Event C
114 Three Monstrous Trolls Condition C
85 Too Great And Terrible Event R
104 Tower Of Barad-dûr Condition R
71 Tower Of Orthanc Condition R
72 Trapped And Alone Condition U
35 Trust Me As You Once Did Condition U
86 úlairë Otsëa, Ringwraith In Twilight Minion U
36 Unknown Perils Condition C
74 Uruk Raider Minion C
75 Uruk Ravager Minion U
27 Vilya Artifact R
28 Voice Of Nimrodel Event C
47 Voice Of Rauros Event U
120 Wastes Of Emyn Muil Site 9 U
48 We Must Go Warily Event C
105 Why Shouldn't I Keep It? Event R