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Checklist of cards from Lock-on Heroes (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
9 Al Babylon, Divine Blue Dragon Creature Rare
S3 Alexander the 3rd, Emperor of the Demonic Eye Creature Super Rare
13 Aowgust the 3rd, Emperor of the Demonic Eye Creature Rare
25 Aqua Swallow Counter Creature Uncommon
34 Auto-equip Sword - Leo Impact Cross Gear Uncommon
21 Ba Keen, Super-electric Engineer Creature Uncommon
S2 Baiken, Blue Dragon of the Hidden Blade Creature Super Rare
S4 Bazagaberg "Hayate" Dragon Creature Super Rare
44 Big Wave Man Creature Common
51 Boiling Blade - Dual Stinger Cross Gear Common
16 Bullet "Shirou" Barrett Creature Uncommon
53 Cloud Giant Creature Common
4 Crimson Lion God, the Roaring Flame Creature Very Rare
45 Darkwind Dragoon, Darkfang Ninja Creature Common
41 Deepsea Babirodem Creature Common
12 Demotory the 5th, Demonic Eyed Death Dragon Creature Rare
18 Diamond Fall Evolution Creature Uncommon
S5 Diruga Vejida, Green Divine Dragon Creature Super Rare
5 Dolrugan Murasame, Divine Green Dragon Creature Very Rare
46 Don Kinoff, Mystic Light Doll Creature Common
37 Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Creature Common
24 Fuuma Rassets Colonzon Creature Uncommon
49 Fuuta Dragoon, the Untamed Flame Creature Common
27 Gal Volf, Dark Wolfblade Creature Uncommon
43 Genius Disaster Spell Common
42 Genius Janit, of the Hidden Blade Creature Common
30 Grenmar, the Untamed Flame Creature Uncommon
3 Hanzou, Menacing Phantom Creature Very Rare
52 Javier Nature Creature Common
28 Jinnai, Darkfang Ninja Creature Uncommon
14 JK Darkness Rockderian Creature Rare
20 Kite Totem Creature Uncommon
38 La Tayu, the Prophet Creature Common
47 Magic Shot - Bullet Vice Spell Common
29 Magic Shot - Romanov Strike Spell Uncommon
15 Maximum Boom, Savage Soldier Creature Rare
8 Memories of the Planetary Dragon Spell Rare
S1 Milzam, Spirit of Miracles Creature Super Rare
54 Munemitsu, Poetic Ronin Creature Common
50 Ninja Typhoon Spell Common
2 Orochi, of the Hidden Blade Creature Very Rare
35 Paper Para Benkei, JK Helmet Cross Gear Uncommon
11 Pastel Jelly Creature Rare
36 Pure White, Thunder Beast Creature Common
33 Rage Buckle, Strong-armed Fairy Creature Uncommon
1 Ral Absorber, Light Divine Dragon Creature Very Rare
40 Reactive Crawler Creature Common
23 Rio Lentis, Ruby Guardian Creature Uncommon
32 Rumble Blade - Raging Zacks Cross Gear Uncommon
19 Ryoma Giant Creature Uncommon
7 Sarvarti, Thunder Spirit Knight Creature Rare
31 Scissorspan, JK Sergeant Creature Uncommon
10 Sir Bubble Helma, the Ice Fang Creature Rare
22 Sir De Ashis, Mystic Light Mecha King Creature Uncommon
26 Unryu, Sumo Doctor Creature Uncommon
39 Vacuum Ray Spell Common
17 Whirlwind Tailspin Spell Uncommon
48 White, Blastflame Crimson Lord Creature Common
55 Yunagi, Hidden Earth Fairy Creature Common
6 Zerokage, Lightfang Lord Creature Rare