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Checklist of cards from Core Set (2008) (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
166 A Lannister Pays His Debts Event L
102 Aegon's Blade Attachment T
95 Aegon's Garden Location B
96 Aegon's Garden Location B
97 Aegon's Garden Location B
85 Army of the Faithful Character B
7 Arya Stark Character S
87 Bastard of Robert Character B
135 Benjen Stark Character S
193 Blockade Plot L
100 Blood of the Dragon Attachment T
150 Bodyguard Attachment T
104 Bones of a Child Attachment T
13 Bran Stark Character S
159 Bran the Builder's Legacy Event S
76 Brienne of Tarth Character B
44 Bronn Character L
118 Brown Ben Plumm Character T
195 Building Season Plot S
164 Call Their Bluff Event L
198 Calm Over Westeros Plot S
105 Captain Groleo Character T
6 Catelyn Stark Character S
39 Cersei Lannister Character L
50 Cersei's Attendant Character L
43 Chella, Daughter of Cheyk Character L
202 Condemned by the Realm Plot T
203 Counting Favors Plot T
138 Crossroads Location S
143 Crossroads Location L
148 Crossroads Location B
153 Crossroads Location T
154 Crossroads Location T
114 Daario Naharis Character T
106 Daenerys Targaryen Character T
173 Dance With Dragons Event T
121 Dany's Handmaiden Character T
80 Devan Seaworth Character B
19 Direwolf Pup Character S
177 Distinct Mastery Event S
179 Distinct Mastery Event B
155 Distraction Event S
119 Dothraki Honor Guard Character T
91 Dragonstone Port Location B
111 Drogon Character T
188 Drunken Allegations Plot L
127 Eastern Fiefdoms Location T
128 Eastern Fiefdoms Location T
129 Eastern Fiefdoms Location T
5 Eddard Stark Character S
79 Edric Storm Character B
48 Enemy Informer Character L
103 Flame-Kissed Attachment T
187 Fleeing to the Wall Plot B
174 Forever Burning Event T
137 Ghost Character S
35 Gilded Plate Attachment L
32 Godswood Location S
57 Golden Tooth Mines Location L
185 Good for the Gander Plot B
45 Grand Maester Pycelle Character L
98 Great Hall Location B
29 Great Keep Location S
30 Great Keep Location S
31 Great Keep Location S
133 Great Pyramid Location T
10 Greatjon Umber Character S
14 Grey Wind Character S
160 Guilty! Event S
34 Gutter Rat's Cunning Attachment L
64 Hall of Heroes Location L
192 Hear Me Roar Plot L
208 Herding the Masses Plot T
83 Highgarden Honor Guard Character B
12 Hodor Character S
197 Holding the Trident Plot S
89 Host of Storm's End Character B
H1 House Baratheon House F
H2 House Greyjoy House F
H3 House Lannister House F
H4 House Martell House F
H5 House Stark House F
H6 House Targaryen House F
21 House Tully Recruiter Character S
88 House Tyrell Guard Character B
161 I Never Bet Against My Family Event L
165 I'm You Writ Small Event L
1 Ice Attachment S
125 Illyrio's Man Character T
163 Insidious Ways Event L
117 Jhogo Character T
36 Joffrey Baratheon Character L
136 Jon Snow Character S
20 Kennel Master Character S
107 Khal Drogo Character T
130 Khal Drogo's Tent Location T
94 King Robert's Chambers Location B
157 Kings in the North Event S
147 Knight of Flowers Character B
81 Knight of the Rainwood Character B
18 Knight of the Tumblestone Character S
15 Lady Character S
180 Lady Daenerys's Chambers Location T
55 Lannisport Location L
56 Lannisport Brothel Location L
54 Lannisport Honor Guard Character L
52 Lannisport Steward Character L
53 Lannisport Weaponsmith Character L
158 Lethal Counterattack Event S
68 Lightbringer Attachment B
141 Littlefinger Character L
28 Lord Eddard's Chambers Location S
170 Lords of the Narrow Sea Event B
140 Lordship Attachment L
51 Lurkers at Harrenhal Character L
205 Mad King's Legacy Plot T
151 Maester Aemon Character T
77 Maester Cressen Character B
152 Magister Illyrio Character T
74 Melisandre Character B
145 Milk of the Poppy Attachment B
67 Motley Attachment B
168 Muster Event B
189 Mutual Blackmail Plot L
182 Mutual Cause Plot B
196 Mutual Enemies Plot S
33 Narrow Sea Location S
99 Narrow Sea Location B
207 Noose and Swordpoint Plot T
26 Northern Fiefdoms Location S
27 Northern Fiefdoms Location S
2 Nymeria Attachment S
84 Old Red Priest Character B
124 Pentoshi Guildmaster Character T
190 Planning Ahead Plot L
101 Poisoned Wine Attachment T
204 Power and Wealth Plot T
169 Prosperity and Plenty Event B
123 Qartheen Fanatic Character T
115 Quaithe of the Shadow Character T
60 Queen Cersei's Chambers Location L
49 Qyburn's Informers Character L
46 Raff the Sweetling Character L
184 Rains of Autumn Plot B
73 Renly Baratheon Character B
86 Renly's Courtier Character B
171 Retreat Event B
109 Rhaegal Character T
110 Rhaegal Character T
8 Robb Stark Character S
71 Robert Baratheon Character B
206 Rule by Decree Plot T
9 Sansa Stark Character S
175 Seductive Promise Event T
70 Selyse Baratheon Character B
78 Ser Axel Florent Character B
146 Ser Barristan Selmy Character B
75 Ser Davos Seaworth Character B
41 Ser Ilyn Payne Character L
47 Ser Jacelyn Bywater Character L
37 Ser Jaime Lannister Character L
4 Ser Rodrik Cassel Character S
66 Shadow's Blessing Attachment B
144 Shadowblack Lane Location L
178 Shae Character L
11 Shaggydog Character S
199 Snowed Under Plot S
72 Stannis Baratheon Character B
82 Stannis's Northern Cavalry Character B
69 Stinking Drunk Attachment B
92 Stormlands Fiefdoms Location B
93 Stormlands Fiefdoms Location B
149 Street of Sisters Location B
139 Street of Steel Location S
113 Strong Belwas Character T
3 Summer Attachment S
134 Summer Sea Location T
181 Summoning Season Plot B
65 Sunset Sea Location L
172 Support of the Kingdom Event B
131 Temple of the Graces Location T
132 Temple of the Graces Location T
61 The Goldroad Location L
62 The Goldroad Location L
63 The Goldroad Location L
42 The Hound Character L
162 The Lion's Will Event L
200 The Power of Arms Plot S
194 The Power of Blood Plot L
120 The Titan's Bastard Character T
186 Tourney for the Hand Plot B
22 Trident Reinforcements Character S
38 Tyrion Lannister Character L
40 Tywin Lannister Character L
183 Uneasy Truce Plot B
201 Valar Morghulis Plot S
142 Varys Character L
112 Viserion Character T
108 Viserys Targaryen Character T
16 War Host of the North Character S
122 Warlock's Servitors Character T
58 Western Fiefdoms Location L
59 Western Fiefdoms Location L
176 Westeros Bleeds Event T
191 Wildfire Assault Plot L
156 Winter is Coming Event S
25 Winterfell Castle Location S
17 Winterfell Honor Guard Character S
24 Winterfell Kennels Location S
23 Winterfell Reserves Character S
116 Xaro Xoan Daxos Character T
126 Xaro's Home Location T
167 You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf! Event L