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Checklist of cards from Deadly Ground - Street Fighter Set 8 (UFS (Universal Fighting System))
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
10 ********Cammy******** Character Rare
91 *****Vega***** Character Rare
1 ****Adon**** Character Rare
19 ****Charlie**** Character Rare
28 ****E. Honda**** Character Rare
37 ****Fei Long**** Character Rare
46 ****Ibuki**** Character Rare
82 ****Rose**** Character Rare
55 **Juli** Character Rare
64 **Juni** Character Rare
73 *Makato* Character Rare
70 Abducted Foundation Common
43 Action Hero Foundation Common
4 Adon's Roundhouse Attack Uncommon
39 Ancient Battle Ground Asset / Attack Rare
75 Ancient Training Ground Asset Rare
85 Aura Soul Throw Attack Uncommon
92 Backslash Action Super Rare
30 Bath House Asset Super Rare
71 Blind Loyalty Foundation Uncommon
47 Blinding Speed Attack / Action Rare
7 Brash Confidence Foundation / Action Common
93 Cage Arena Asset Rare
13 Cammy's Flying Frankensteiner Attack Super Rare
12 Cathedral Overlook Asset / Action Super Rare
34 Celebrity Foundation Uncommon
22 Charlie's Fierce Punch Attack Common
61 Completely Dominated Foundation Common
16 Conditioned Reflexes Foundation Uncommon
20 Crippling Strike Attack / Action Super Rare
23 Crossfire Blitz Attack Uncommon
56 Death Cross Dancing Action Rare
11 Deceptive Acrobatics Action Uncommon
88 Destiny Foundation Common
52 Duty to the Clan Foundation Common
2 Enough Trash Talk Action Uncommon
62 Enslaved Foundation Common
35 Explosive Power Foundation Common
44 Feet of Fury Foundation Common
40 Fei Long's Forward Kick Attack Common
41 Fei Long's Roundhouse Attack Super Rare
66 Field of Storms Asset Rare
79 Financial Distress Foundation Common
38 Fist of Rage Action Super Rare
48 Forest Clearing Asset Uncommon
76 Hayate Attack Common
53 Immature Foundation Uncommon
8 Impulsive Foundation Common
17 Independent Operative Foundation Common
5 Jaguar Carry Attack Common
6 Jaguar Thousand Attack Super Rare
58 Juli's Spin Drive Smasher Attack Uncommon
67 Juni's Cannon Drill Attack Common
68 Juni's Cannon Spike Attack Common
69 Juni's Spiral Arrow Attack Super Rare
14 Killer Bee Assault Attack Common
24 Knee Gatling Attack Common
83 Light as a Feather Action Super Rare
84 Magic Shop Asset Rare
45 Make a Difference Foundation Uncommon
97 Mentally Unstable Foundation Uncommon
25 Mentor and a Friend Foundation Uncommon
89 Motivated Foundation / Attack Uncommon
98 Narcissistic Foundation Common
77 Naruto Attack Uncommon
31 Oni Muso Attack / Action Super Rare
32 Orochi Crush Attack Common
18 Professional Soldier Foundation Common
65 Psycho Rolling Action Super Rare
72 Psycho Style Foundation / Action Uncommon
29 Purification Action Uncommon
94 Red Impact Attack Common
42 Rekka Shin Ken Attack Uncommon
63 Reprogrammed Foundation / Action Uncommon
80 Responsibility Foundation Uncommon
59 Reverse Drive Shaft Break Attack Uncommon
81 Rindokan Foundation Common
95 Rolling Barcelona Attack Attack Uncommon
74 Rush Down Attack / Action Super Rare
33 Saba Ori Attack Common
3 Sacred Temple Asset Rare
99 Sadistic Glee Foundation / Attack Uncommon
49 Sazan Attack Uncommon
96 Scarlet Terror Attack Rare
78 Seichusen-Godanzuki Attack Super Rare
54 Slim and Athletic Foundation Common
60 Sniping Arrow Attack Super Rare
86 Soul Spiral Attack Super Rare
87 Soul-Piette Attack Uncommon
9 Speed and Strength Foundation / Attack Uncommon
15 Spinning Back Fist Attack Rare
57 Twilight Field Asset Common
26 Undercover Agent Foundation Uncommon
50 Ura Maki Geri Attack Uncommon
21 US Air Base Asset Super Rare
27 US Intelligence Training Foundation Common
36 Voracious Appetite Foundation Uncommon
90 Web of Fate Foundation Common
51 Yoroi-Doshi Attack Super Rare