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Checklist of cards from Light Shadow Wielder Starter Deck (Blue Dragon RPCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
BDS1-EN031 Absolute Counterattack Skill Starter
BDS1-EN032 Back In The Game Command Starter
BDS1-EN017 Blazing Jelly Partner Starter
BDS1-EN003 Blue Dragon Shadow Starter
BDS1-EN021 Boreal Raptor Partner Starter
BDS1-EN011 Bouquet Partner Starter
BDS1-EN025 Cease-Fire Skill Starter
BDS1-EN013 Conrad Partner Starter
BDS1-EN030 Counterattack Boost Skill Starter
BDS1-EN023 Endure Skill Starter
BDS1-EN019 Fat Rat Partner Starter
BDS1-EN034 Field Barrier Command Starter
BDS1-EN015 Flame Wolf Ghost Partner Starter
BDS1-EN024 Foot Sweep Skill Starter
BDS1-EN022 Gale Wolf Ghost Partner Starter
BDS1-EN037 Granted Audience With A King Command Starter
BDS1-EN020 Hot Hot Hydra Partner Starter
BDS1-EN016 Icefire Wolf Ghost Partner Starter
BDS1-EN038 Invisibility Command Starter
BDS1-EN008 Jiro Partner Starter
BDS1-EN005 Killer Bat Shadow Starter
BDS1-EN007 Kluke Partner Starter
BDS1-EN026 Kluke's Frying Pan Skill Starter
BDS1-EN012 Legalas Partner Starter
BDS1-EN028 Magic Sword Lv. 2 Skill Starter
BDS1-EN010 Marumaro Partner Starter
BDS1-EN035 Mechat Command Starter
BDS1-EN018 Midnight Ghost Partner Starter
BDS1-EN002 Minotaur Shadow Starter
BDS1-EN027 Mischief Skill Starter
BDS1-EN001 Phoenix Shadow Starter
BDS1-EN036 Phoenix Wing Command Starter
BDS1-EN004 Saber Tiger Shadow Starter
BDS1-EN033 Sahlia's Cookies Command Starter
BDS1-EN006 Shu Partner Starter
BDS1-EN014 Snow Wolf Ghost Partner Starter
BDS1-EN029 The Honorable Shield Skill Starter
BDS1-EN009 Zola Partner Starter