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Checklist of cards from GX Duelist Pack 8 - Yusei Fudo (YuGiOh!)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DP08-EN016 Armory Arm Monster / Effect / Synchro Ultra Rare
DP08-EN025 Battle Mania Trap Card Rare
DP08-EN020 Card Rotator Spell/Magic Card Common
DP08-EN026 Confusion Chaff Trap Card Common
DP08-EN023 Defense Draw Trap Card Common
DP08-EN018 Domino Effect Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
DP08-EN021 Equip Shot Trap Card Common
DP08-EN017 Fighting Spirit Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
DP08-EN010 Fortress Warrior Monster / Effect Super Rare
DP08-EN006 Ghost Gardna Monster / Effect Common
DP08-EN029 Give And Take Trap Card Super Rare
DP08-EN022 Graceful Revival Trap Card / Continuous Common
DP08-EN008 Healing Wave Generator Monster / Effect Common
DP08-EN019 Junk Barrage Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
DP08-EN001 Junk Synchron Monster / Tuner Common
DP08-EN012 Junk Warrior Monster / Effect / Synchro Rare
DP08-EN030 Limiter Overload Trap Card Super Rare
DP08-EN004 Nitro Synchron Monster / Tuner Common
DP08-EN013 Nitro Warrior Monster / Effect / Synchro Rare
DP08-EN005 Quillbolt Hedgehog Monster / Effect Common
DP08-EN024 Remote Revenge Trap Card Common
DP08-EN007 Shield Warrior Monster / Effect Common
DP08-EN002 Speed Warrior Monster / Effect Common
DP08-EN014 Stardust Dragon Monster / Effect / Synchro Super Rare
DP08-EN028 Synchro Strike Trap Card Common
DP08-EN011 Tuningware Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
DP08-EN003 Turbo Booster Monster / Effect Common
DP08-EN009 Turbo Synchron Monster / Tuner Rare
DP08-EN015 Turbo Warrior Monster / Effect / Synchro Rare
DP08-EN027 Urgent Tuning Trap Card Rare