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Checklist of cards from Destinies Unite (Blue Dragon RPCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
BD02-EN056 Acornivore Partner Foil
BD02-EN032 Albino Mammoth Partner Common
BD02-EN046 Alvhaim Partner Common
BD02-EN084 Angry Quake Command Common
BD02-EN031 Armored Fish Partner Common
BD02-EN089 Assault Command Foil
BD02-EN007 Atlus Shadow Foil
BD02-EN007* Atlus Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN066 Attack and Recover Skill Foil
BD02-EN016 Azure Abyssal Dragon Partner Common
BD02-EN009 Black Shadow Type One Shadow Common
BD02-EN009* Black Shadow Type One Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN036 Bomber Mecha Crab Partner Common
BD02-EN068 Camouflage Skill Common
BD02-EN014 Centipede Partner Common
BD02-EN051 Chaos Mural Partner Common
BD02-EN062 Collateral Damage Skill Common
BD02-EN067 Conspiracy Skill Common
BD02-EN096 Cover Command Common
BD02-EN058 Critical Skill Common
BD02-EN029 Deathroy Partner Common
BD02-EN041 Delphinum Partner Common
BD02-EN047 Deucalion Partner Common
BD02-EN072 Dizzy Command Common
BD02-EN018 Dragnov Partner Common
BD02-EN006 Dwarf Shadow Common
BD02-EN006* Dwarf Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN100 Eath Bracelet Command Common
BD02-EN090 Eject Command Common
BD02-EN043 Euphir Partner Common
BD02-EN048 Evil Mural Partner Common
BD02-EN071 Fair Exchange Skill Common
BD02-EN061 Finesse Skill Common
BD02-EN057 Flamboyant Dinoram Partner Common
BD02-EN097 Flame Bracelet Command Common
BD02-EN055 Flying Needle Mole Partner Common
BD02-EN074 Friendly Fire Command Common
BD02-EN005 Gnome Shadow Common
BD02-EN005* Gnome Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN065 Great Tidal Wave Skill Common
BD02-EN060 Guard Skill Common
BD02-EN020 Gustov Partner Common
BD02-EN040 Homeron Partner Common
BD02-EN044 Isavel Partner Common
BD02-EN019 Ivanov Partner Common
BD02-EN075 Jibral Bracelet Command Common
BD02-EN076 Jibral Necklace Command Common
BD02-EN024 Jiro Partner Foil
BD02-EN033 Kelolon Defender Partner Common
BD02-EN039 Killer Bat Partner Foil
BD02-EN023 Kluke Partner Common
BD02-EN088 Long-Range Attack Command Common
BD02-EN012 Machine Gun Crab Partner Common
BD02-EN026 Marumaro Partner Foil
BD02-EN086 Meddling Command Common
BD02-EN095 Milk Sop Command Foil
BD02-EN015 Minister Partner Common
BD02-EN081 Miracle Fountain Command Common
BD02-EN085 Mirror Earring Command Common
BD02-EN049 Misfortune Mural Partner Common
BD02-EN054 Missile Mole Partner Common
BD02-EN082 Mother Ocean Command Common
BD02-EN028 Nene Partner Holo Foil
BD02-EN092 Nene's Collar Command Foil
BD02-EN001 Nymph Shadow Common
BD02-EN001* Nymph Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN052 Orange Soldier Partner Common
BD02-EN034 Pelicon Partner Common
BD02-EN091 Petrifying Breath Command Common
BD02-EN077 Phoenix Talon Command Common
BD02-EN017 Pink Soldier Partner Common
BD02-EN037 Poison Helmet Partner Common
BD02-EN050 Poison Mural Partner Common
BD02-EN035 Polar Lazy Bear Partner Common
BD02-EN004 Poseidon Shadow Holo Foil
BD02-EN004* Poseidon Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN083 Quake Command Common
BD02-EN079 Reinforcement Command Common
BD02-EN087 Released Potential Command Common
BD02-EN064 Reload Skill Common
BD02-EN094 Resurrection Command Common
BD02-EN078 Revival Measure Command Common
BD02-EN027 Saber Tiger Partner Foil
BD02-EN042 Salinas Partner Common
BD02-EN011 Scything Skull-Spider Partner Common
BD02-EN010 Security Mecha Robo Partner Common
BD02-EN063 Shadows Unite Skill Holo Foil
BD02-EN022 Shu Partner Holo Foil
BD02-EN002 Siren Shadow Common
BD02-EN002* Siren Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN080 Snitch Command Holo Foil
BD02-EN053 Stone Wolf Ghost Partner Common
BD02-EN070 Sucker Punch Skill Common
BD02-EN059 Surprise Skill Common
BD02-EN073 Switch Command Common
BD02-EN030 Szabo Partner Common
BD02-EN069 Tactical Advantage Skill Common
BD02-EN013 Tailgunner Robo-Scorpion Partner Common
BD02-EN008 Titan Shadow Holo Foil
BD02-EN008* Titan Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN021 Tornado Raptor Partner Common
BD02-EN003 Undine Shadow Foil
BD02-EN003* Undine Shadow Parallel Shadow
BD02-EN093 Wall of Defense Command Common
BD02-EN098 Water Bracelet Command Common
BD02-EN099 Wind Bracelet Command Common
BD02-EN045 Yarovit Partner Common
BD02-EN025 Zola Partner Common
BD02-EN038 Zola Partner Foil