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Checklist of cards from Perfect Angel (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
30 El Kaiou, Spirit Mecha King Creature Common
28 Energy Stream Spell Common
12 Alshia, Spirit of the New Star Creature Rare
15 Aqua Surfer Creature Rare
16 Aquan Creature Rare
13 Heaven's Gate Spell Rare
14 Super Spark Spell Rare
11 Syforce, Aurora Elemental Creature Rare
17 Triple Brain Spell Rare
2 Ailfreet, Spirit of the Holy Gates Creature Super Rare
8 Milzam, Spirit of Miracles Creature Super Rare
7 Syrius, Firmament Elemental Creature Super Rare
1 Ulcelios, Spirit of the Holy Core Creature Super Rare
24-30 Cyber Brain Spell Uncommon
23 Ultimus, Spirit of Divine Law Creature Uncommon