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Checklist of cards from Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic (Magic: The Gathering)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
24 Abyssal Gatekeeper Creature C
25 Abyssal Specter Creature U
1 Akroma, Angel of Wrath Legendary Creature R
2 Angel of Mercy Creature U
53 Angel's Feather Artifact U
3 Angelic Benediction Enchantment U
4 Angelic Page Creature C
5 Angelic Protector Creature U
6 Angelsong Instant C
56 Barren Moor Land C
26 Barter in Blood Sorcery U
27 Breeding Pit Enchantment U
28 Cackling Imp Creature C
7 Charging Paladin Creature C
29 Consume Spirit Sorcery C
30 Corrupt Sorcery C
31 Cruel Edict Sorcery U
32 Daggerclaw Imp Creature U
33 Dark Banishing Instant C
34 Dark Ritual Instant C
51 Demon Creature C
54 Demon's Horn Artifact U
36 Demon's Jester Creature C
35 Demonic Tutor Sorcery U
37 Duress Sorcery C
38 Dusk Imp Creature C
8 Faith's Fetters Enchantment C
39 Fallen Angel Creature R
40 Foul Imp Creature C
9 Healing Salve Instant C
10 Icatian Priest Creature U
41 Kuro, Pitlord Legendary Creature R
42 Lord of the Pit Creature R
11 Luminous Angel Creature R
55 Marble Diamond Artifact U
43 Oni Possession Enchantment U
12 Otherworldly Journey Instant U
44 Overeager Apprentice Creature C
13 Pacifism Enchantment C
62 Plains Basic Land L
63 Plains Basic Land L
64 Plains Basic Land L
65 Plains Basic Land L
45 Promise of Power Sorcery R
46 Reiver Demon Creature R
14 Reya Dawnbringer Legendary Creature R
15 Righteous Cause Enchantment U
57 Secluded Steppe Land C
17 Serra Advocate Creature U
16 Serra Angel Creature R
18 Serra's Boon Enchantment U
19 Serra's Embrace Enchantment U
47 Soot Imp Creature U
48 Souldrinker Creature U
23 Spirit [Token] Creature Token C
49 Stinkweed Imp Creature C
20 Sustainer of the Realm Creature U
58 Swamp Basic Land L
59 Swamp Basic Land L
60 Swamp Basic Land L
61 Swamp Basic Land L
52 Thrull Creature C
21 Twilight Shepherd Creature R
50 Unholy Strength Enchantment C
22 Venerable Monk Creature C